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The Shipbucket Project aims to create a unified archive of ship and aircraft drawings in a single uniform scale and style. Our raster pixel art is easy to edit and remix, meaning new authors can easily contribute to the project with tools as simple as MSPaint (or as advanced as Photoshop).

Shipbucket aims to be a premier learning tool for naval design (both civilian and military), and our format is suited for amateur hobbyists and serious professionals alike.

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Note on forum registration

Please note that the Shipbucket email account is no longer monitored, which means that forum registrations are not able to be activated by users. To register for the Shipbucket Forum, please create an account and then use our Discord server to request forum account activation in the appropriate channel.
Posted by Ian Roberts on 2020-05-05

All FD Scale drawings now uploaded and available

We are happy to announce that all FD Scale drawings have been uploaded to the site archive! Our thanks go to our Archivist eswube who has spent the last several months uploading the entire library of FD Scale work.

Search the FD Scale archive here - note that some fields are currently not working as expected. Please use the "drawing name" field to search.
Posted by Ian Roberts on 2020-03-17

FD Scale upload to begin shortly

Work on our FD Scale organization system has recently been completed. Our archivist eswube is beginning to categorize, sort, and finally upload all FD Scale work in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned!
Posted by Ian Roberts on 2019-08-23

Forum registration closed

Due to a massive influx of spam account creation, we have temporarily closed forum account registration. In the meantime, please feel free to join our Discord server if you are interested in actively participating in the Shipbucket project/community. We will post an update once forum registration is reopened. Thanks for your patience!
Posted by Ian Roberts on 2019-06-18

All Shipbucket drawings have now been reuploaded

We are happy to announce that our upload team (led by eswube from our forum) has completed re-uploading all Shipbucket-scale drawings! We are now in the process of revisiting the FD Scale categorization system and will post an update once it has been completed and uploading of FD Scale work begins. Thanks all for your patience during this time.
Posted by Ian Roberts on 2019-01-27