» Fair Use Agreement

Shipbucket is a fair-use organization, paying respect to the assumed copyright laws of intellectual property. Any party may use, alter, or reproduce the images and products located on the Shipbucket Photobucket account, or forums, or main site so long as they offer proper credit to the drawing's original author(s).

Shipbucket recognises a strict system of templates and crediting, and the image authors may always be found in the upper right-hand corner of the image template along with, and directly below, the ship nation and class name.

Any alteration or reproduction must give proper credit to the original author. In traditional Shipbucket style this is done for alterations by placing you (the alterer) after the contributing authors in the following style; (Author & Author). For every additional author (alterer) the credit is expanded by adding "& Author" following the last author in the original credits.

In the instance of reproductions for websites, magazines, radio or television broadcasts, or any other form of media or assembly in which a Shipbucket image will be displayed, the original credits must be maintained on the image in their original font style, font size, and font color. Shipbucket recognises the need in some reproduction instances for the image to be cropped or otherwise altered in size, however the author credits must remain on the image in a clear and easily discernible fashion maintaining their font size, font style, and font color.

Failure to provide proper credit in any alteration or reproduction of a Shipbucket image or product may result in legal investigations and charges under the rights provided by international law relevant to intellectual property and fair-use.