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 Forum: Non-Shipbucket Drawings  Topic: HDMS Tordenskjold Type 14E frigate R/C model

 Post subject: Re: HDMS Tordenskjold Type 14E frigate R/C model Posted: August 1st, 2020, 9:33 am 

Replies: 102
Views: 67087

Lovely to see this progressing into the detailed stage now, looking great.

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Antara 2.5

 Post subject: Re: Antara 2.5 Posted: July 26th, 2020, 9:44 am 

Replies: 254
Views: 199701

Two very nice additions, the Leopard looks very good and sailing ships in AUs are quite rare!

 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: Small ships of PLAN

 Post subject: Re: Small ships of PLAN Posted: July 26th, 2020, 9:42 am 

Replies: 15
Views: 12886

Lovely additions.

 Forum: FD Scale Drawings  Topic: FD Aircraft 17

 Post subject: Re: FD Aircraft 17 Posted: July 21st, 2020, 12:37 pm 

Replies: 74
Views: 11693

Nice to see so many airline liveries reproduced here lately.

 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: Lion Class Battlecruiser

 Post subject: Re: Lion Class Battlecruiser Posted: July 21st, 2020, 12:33 pm 

Replies: 4
Views: 1653

Looks good, not had time to go over this with a magnifying glass but it looks very good.

 Forum: Personal Designs  Topic: Second World War Aircraft Carrier Challenge

 Post subject: Re: Second World War Aircraft Carrier Challenge Posted: July 18th, 2020, 10:06 am 

Replies: 69
Views: 19119

My entry, the Insuperable Class. HMS Insuperable, May 1941 The successor to the Ark Royal completed in 1938 were two similar ships built as replacements for HMS Eagle and HMS Hermes. They were modified from the basic Ark Royal design with a longer hull, revised hangar...

 Forum: FD Scale Drawings  Topic: FD Submarines

 Post subject: Re: FD Submarines Posted: July 18th, 2020, 9:21 am 

Replies: 287
Views: 109056

Looks even better in FD scale.

 Forum: FD Scale Drawings  Topic: FD AU 4

 Post subject: Re: FD AU 4 Posted: July 18th, 2020, 9:19 am 

Replies: 233
Views: 187197

Some nice AU colour schemes here, especially the USN Sunderland.

 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: Submarine 2

 Post subject: Re: Submarine 2 Posted: July 18th, 2020, 8:50 am 

Replies: 52
Views: 31908

I've heard of this little pioneering submarine before, lovely to see it in SB scale.

 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: Coast Guard/patrol ships

 Post subject: Re: Coast Guard/patrol ships Posted: July 18th, 2020, 8:49 am 

Replies: 59
Views: 45910

That's a very nice addition, a good looking ship and a lesser known vessel too, good to see Mauritania joining SB!
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