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 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: USS Newport News (CA-148)

 Post subject: Re: USS Newport News (CA-148) Posted: November 28th, 2019, 12:00 am 

Replies: 6
Views: 7951

Didn't @RaspingLeech already draw this?

 Forum: FD Scale Drawings  Topic: FD scale Pz.Sfl.IVc (aka "Toaster" and "Flak bus")

 Post subject: Re: FD scale Pz.Sfl.IVc (aka "Toaster" and "Flak bus") Posted: September 7th, 2019, 12:28 am 

Replies: 2
Views: 3876

nice toast

 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: Small Ships

 Post subject: Re: Small Ships Posted: August 29th, 2019, 9:50 pm 

Replies: 298
Views: 188714

Albert, nice work man.

 Forum: Personal Designs  Topic: Soviet guided missile destroyers project 21956

 Post subject: Re: Soviet guided missile destroyers project 21956 Posted: August 14th, 2019, 6:17 pm 

Replies: 3
Views: 7435

Excellent work!

 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: American Dreadnoughts - Redux

 Post subject: Re: American Dreadnoughts - Redux Posted: May 10th, 2019, 3:17 pm 

Replies: 78
Views: 43697


 Forum: Never-Built Designs  Topic: Sigma Fast Attack

 Post subject: Re: Sigma Fast Attack Posted: April 9th, 2019, 11:18 pm 

Replies: 7
Views: 8869

Very very nice. Hope to see more from you.

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Commonwealth of Recherche

 Post subject: Re: Commonwealth of Recherche Posted: April 4th, 2019, 3:19 pm 

Replies: 552
Views: 219244

I think this is my fave AU. Everything is so gorgeous.

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Islamic Republic of Zahedan

 Post subject: Re: Islamic Republic of Zahedan Posted: March 19th, 2019, 12:34 am 

Replies: 12
Views: 7516

that camo is lovely.

 Forum: Real Designs  Topic: Project 1143 Saga begins

 Post subject: Re: Project 1143 Saga begins Posted: March 18th, 2019, 8:35 pm 

Replies: 12
Views: 9550

well, holy shit. Nice to see the master at work.

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Ukrainian Navy (AU)Topic is closed

 Post subject: Re: Ukrainian Navy (AU)Topic is closed Posted: March 13th, 2019, 6:08 pm 

Replies: 132
Views: 66409

Really my favorite AU.
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