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 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Zipang ocean liners and other civilian vessels

 Post subject: Re: Yūdachi class Trans-Pacific ocean liner Posted: January 19th, 2021, 3:26 pm 

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Class and type: Hamakaze class ocean liner Tonnage: Hamakaze - 40,715 gross tons as built 1910, Amatsukaze - 42,910 gross tons as decommissioned 1939 Displacement: Hamakaze 50,281 tons as built 1910, Amatsukaze 52,281 tons as decommissioned 1939 Length: 851.5 ft (259m) Beam: 87 ft (26m) Draft: 29 ft...

 Forum: Non-Shipbucket Drawings  Topic: thread for 10 pixels : 1 foot (AM scale) trains

 Post subject: thread for 10 pixels : 1 foot (AM scale) trains Posted: January 1st, 2021, 3:28 am 

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this thread will be dedicated for my trains, which are drawn in 10 pixels : 1 foot, or as it has been nicknamed by some people on the discord AM scale, anyway please enjoy some of the trains I have a drawn. The D5 class, was a class of heavy freight 2-4-4-2 articulat...

 Forum: Drawing Challenges  Topic: Soldierbucket Infantry Challenge

 Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry Challenge Posted: December 30th, 2020, 6:44 am 

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76th mechanised rifle company, paranormal intervention division 6, Saderan imperial army, 1973 The paranormal intervention division, is a special division in each mechanised company dedicated towards the elimination of enemy combatants employing anomalous elements in ground combat, the individuals ...

 Forum: Non-Shipbucket Drawings  Topic: Spacebucket

 Post subject: Re: Spacebucket Posted: December 13th, 2020, 6:36 pm 

Replies: 295
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I have a couple things for all of you today, the first is a fan SBY ship Cleveland class heavy cruiser Originally developed in conjunction with the izumo plan, what would become the Cleveland class heavy Cruisers, was originally developed as part of the Escort fleet, for the ships to be built under ...

 Forum: General Discussion  Topic: "Outside the pre-established stylistic rules"

 Post subject: Re: "Outside the pre-established stylistic rules" Posted: December 11th, 2020, 2:39 am 

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well the biggest reason why I personally have a problem with RO PO's style, is because in my opinion the method he uses for shading ultimately makes the finished product not very easy to edit/modify, which goes against one of the very core fundamental ideas of what SB is all about, at the end of th...

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Absolute Republic of Central Caribbia (ARCC)

 Post subject: Re: Autonomous Republic of Central Caribia (ARCC) Posted: December 10th, 2020, 6:04 pm 

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Pretty passive aggressive comment dude. If adenady say that FOR HIM those are the best drawings he saw he have all the rights to speak so. Your argument that he do a "disservice" to others expressing his opinion is... calling it an absurd would be like saying nothing. What, you feel sad and underap...

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Absolute Republic of Central Caribbia (ARCC)

 Post subject: Re: Autonomous Republic of Central Caribia (ARCC) Posted: December 10th, 2020, 12:20 pm 

Replies: 236
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FANTASTIC drawings Max! Simply some of the BEST drawings I've EVER seen on shipbucket... WELL DONE my friend. Long may they continue not to be rude but I think calling RO PO's stuff the best on the entire website, is a bit of a disservice to the many talented artists we have here, the main reason I...

 Forum: Drawing Challenges  Topic: Future challenge ideas/suggestions

 Post subject: Re: Future challenge ideas/suggestions Posted: December 6th, 2020, 12:53 am 

Replies: 139
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I've got a couple suggestions for future challenges SB: cold war nuclear carrier challenge BBG conversion challenge cold war missile cruiser challenge 1940s battleship challenge Last battleship (1943-1950) challenge FD: 1960s high altitude reconnaissance aircraft challenge late 1930s heavy bomber c...

 Forum: Personal Designs  Topic:  random ship drawings 

 Post subject: Re:  random ship drawings  Posted: December 5th, 2020, 3:22 pm 

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been doing some more stuff for my up-and-coming Saderan AU, I recently decided to do a 1942 refit of one of the 1920's Saderan battleships
[ img ]

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Zipang Republic

 Post subject: Re: The Kingdom of Zipang Posted: November 24th, 2020, 3:33 pm 

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Nayoro class Scout Cruiser Displacement: 4,950 tonnes standard Dimensions: 428ft x 45ft x 14ft Machinery: 2 geared Parsons steam turbines, 10 high pressure water tube boilers, 21,000 shp Speed: 24 knots Endurance: 6000 nautical miles at 10 knots Armor: Deck 1.5-5.6cm, Conning Tower 10cm Armament: N...
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