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 Forum: FD Scale Drawings  Topic: FD scale vehicles 12

 Post subject: Re: FD scale vehicles 12 Posted: October 24th, 2021, 8:38 am 

Replies: 385
Views: 306708

An interesting addition, nice work.

 Forum: FD Scale Drawings  Topic: Fuerza Aerea Argentina, All time aircraft

 Post subject: Re: Fuerza Aerea Argentina, All time aircraft Posted: October 24th, 2021, 8:38 am 

Replies: 57
Views: 25821

Another very nice addition.

 Forum: Drawing Challenges  Topic: Anti-Submarine Task Force Flagship Challenge

 Post subject: Re: Anti-Submarine Task Force Flagship Challenge Posted: October 19th, 2021, 1:36 pm 

Replies: 42
Views: 15349

My entry for the challenge, a modified version of this: . I've added some torpedo tubes and additional RBUs to make this much closer to an ASW cruiser than a carrier. Kiev, 1973 To counter the...

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Soviet Alternative Navy

 Post subject: Re: Soviet Alternative Navy Posted: October 19th, 2021, 1:31 pm 

Replies: 75
Views: 79740 Kiev, 1973 To counter the Polaris-armed SSBN fleets of NATO, the Soviet Union required more organic ASW aircraft support for the fleet, especially to assist in the defence of the bastions then being created for the Soviets 'boomer' fleet in the arctic. Following on f...

 Forum: Non-Shipbucket Drawings  Topic: SUSA

 Post subject: Re: SUSA Posted: October 16th, 2021, 9:25 am 

Replies: 98
Views: 97802

I love seeing you space creations, keep em' coming.

 Forum: Personal Designs  Topic: Semi-AU USN Spruance'

 Post subject: Re: Semi-AU USN Spruance' Posted: October 16th, 2021, 9:17 am 

Replies: 8
Views: 3654

I like it, sure three Otobredas looks a little like overkill but it makes an interesting what-if. I love enclosed masts, if only to avoid the pain of drawing latticework! I've been thinking of tarting up my old Mississippi class concept (a productionised USN Kidd) recently and this is good inspirati...

 Forum: Personal Designs  Topic: maomatics Personal Designs

 Post subject: Re: maomatics Personal Designs Posted: October 16th, 2021, 9:14 am 

Replies: 9
Views: 8920

Looks great, the sort of proper light cruiser that the Germans should have worked on.

 Forum: Alternate Universe Designs  Topic: Dominion of Nusantara (the East Indies) 1822-1950:

 Post subject: Re: Dominion of Nusantara (the East Indies) 1822-1950: Posted: October 16th, 2021, 9:13 am 

Replies: 16
Views: 7455

Nice work on those sailing ships.
Good to see you back in action and equally good that you have recovered from your bout of Covid too.

 Forum: Off Topic  Topic: Springsharp Updated

 Post subject: Springsharp Updated Posted: October 12th, 2021, 2:56 pm 

Replies: 2
Views: 950

Just by chance I came across the Springshap site and found that on 29 September a new beta version (3.0b4) has been launched which runs on Windows 10 and 11! Looks to have some new funky options for the engines tab (the high endurance vs high performance engine slider does not work yet). http://spri...

 Forum: FD Scale Drawings  Topic: FD Aircraft 18

 Post subject: Re: FD Aircraft 18 Posted: October 9th, 2021, 8:02 am 

Replies: 435
Views: 258333

Very nice additions with the He 116, an aircraft which is relatively unknown today.
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