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Post subject: The banning of MitcheLL300.Posted: June 27th, 2011, 5:18 pm
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Allright, here's the deal.

MitcheLL300 has long been one of the, if not the, people to cause the most drama on this board. He's without a doubt the leading cause for infighting in our rather extensive Dutch faction.
He's recieved several temp bans for numerous offenses. He's called some of our mods things that would have gotten him permabanned immediately on almost any other board.
The administration has had quite a bit of patience with MitcheLL300.

However, two weeks ago Mitch was rather severely rebuked when he tried his hand at backseat moderating. He was told that he had better not try his hand at it again. At no time has Mitch ever been a mod here, and as a result he, nor anyone else not a moderator, gets to tell people how to behave. Complaints go to Us. Late last week we caught Mitch at it again.

Since he cannot seem to learn from previous warnings, and considering his long and... colorful... history on this board, we have decided to say goodbye to MitcheLL300. The decision to make his ban permanent was unanimous.

His worklist is hereby declared forfeit. First come, first serve.

Please do not contact us in the hopes of having his ban lifted. Mitch has had plenty of chances on this board, and has repeatedly spit in the eye of the moderators and the other denizens.

Thank you for your attention.

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