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Post subject: Main Site File Rename ProjectPosted: April 12th, 2013, 10:55 pm
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A while back Charybdis asked about updating the main site files to make them easier to use for the general population. To be direct, he was correct. The file names where all over the place. For example, here are the first few files from the old Great Britian Folder:
55 Foot CMB.png
A133 Hecla.png
AC DRAKE 1.gif
AC Drake 2.gif
AGS Bulldog.gif
AGS Hecla Class Herald.gif
Ant Class HMS Kite.png
AOR Wave Knight Class A390 Wave Ruler.gif
AV ArkRoyal.png
AV Engadine 1914.png
BB Admiral.png
BB Agincourt Class AGINCOURT.gif
BB Howe 1942.png
BB Howe 1944.png
BB Howe 1946.png
Queen Elizabeth Class 00 QUEEN ELIZABETH 1.png
BB Queen Elizabeth Class 00 QUEEN ELIZABETH 1924.png
BB Queen Elizabeth Class 00 QUEEN ELIZABETH 1937.png
As you can see, the names are all over the map, and not at all grouped in any logical manner.

As a staff member, I had known about this for some time, and had been trying to find a solution, but it was a big job, and I'm only one guy.

Several of the members of the site (who are named bellow) jumped in with offers of help, and now, after two and a half months, the fruits of our (mostly their) labor are live on the main site. For example the following is a list of the first two dozen files from the new Great Britian folder:
AF A386 Fort Austin.png
AGS A133 Hecla.png
AGS A317 Bulldog.png
AOR A389 Wave Knight.png
AR A132 Diligence 2007.png
AV Ark Royal.png
AV Engadine.png
AVC Empire Faith.png
AX A135 Argus 1988.png
AX A135 Argus 2010.png
BB 00 Queen Elizabeth 1913.png
BB 00 Queen Elizabeth 1924.png
BB 00 Queen Elizabeth 1942.png
BB 01 Malaya 1937.png
BB 01 Malaya 1945.png
BB 02 Valiant 1941.png
BB 05 Royal Sovereign.png
BB 06 Revenge 1943.png
BB 08 Royal Oak 1937.png
BB 09 Resolution.png
BB 23 Vanguard 1946.png
BB 23 Vanguard 1947.png
BB 32 Howe 1942.png
BB 32 Howe 1944.png
You may also note that older, and depreciated/replaced drawings have been moved out of the archive. Do not dispair, for they are not gone, just moved to the Museum. The Museum will house our legacy, so we can always look back on where we came from.

It's nice, it's neat, and it's organized better than the old folders were. The actual organization system can be found posted in this thread here. If there are any questions about this feel free to ask.

Now, there are some folders that were not adjusted by this project: Denmark (which just didn't get done in time, it will be updated to modern standards going forward), The USA and CSA folders (these had already been kept up to date for some time), Russia & Finland (These have been left in the fine hands of Golly), & the Royal Navy in WW2 folder (which is kept as a living museum).

My team in this project has consisted of acelanceloet, heuhen, eswube, Charybdis, & DG_Alpha. The work and dedication they have shown is exemplary.

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