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Post subject: Re: Merchant ShipsPosted: July 28th, 2021, 4:47 pm
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eswube wrote: *
Another good work.

Just one thing: I didn't wanted to make an issue of it, as sometimes such things are deliberately ignored if used as mere exception to the rule when there are no good alternatives, but it starts to look like a habit with Your works: non-black outlines of windows are fundamentally NOT preferred in SB style (esp. when we talk about outline that happens to be also a window frame in the wall).
It's not a habit or the rules braking. Most of modern river ships has aluminium window or door frames. And depicting them in black will make that scetches far from real appearence of the ship.
And I have already tried to explain it some about year ago or so )

But, of course, rules should not be broken ))

(I have one more river ship in plans. But she's american: no aluminium window frames ;) )

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Post subject: Re: Merchant ShipsPosted: July 30th, 2021, 12:20 am
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Next up Cunard Adventurer and Cunard Ambassador.

Originally part of an eight ship order by Overseas National Airways, however the company soon ran into financial difficulties.Cunard saw the opportunity and quickly took the project on, soon reducing the order to two ships, which it christened Cunard Adventurer (1971) and Cunard Ambassador (1972). Both ships were intended for seven-day cruises, including New York City to Bermuda, San Juan to other Caribbean ports, and Vancouver to Alaska during the summer seasons. Cunard Ambassador was withdrawn from Cunard service on September 12, 1974 after a fire on a positioning trip. There were no passengers on board and no fatalities but, after being towed to Key West, the ship was declared a total loss. She was bought as a gutted hull and refitted to become the Danish sheep carrier, Linda Clausen later the same year. In 1980, she was sold again and became Procyon. In April 1981 she again caught fire, whilst bunkering in Singapore. The ship was again repaired and, in 1983, renamed Raslan. In 1983, only a year after being rechristened Raslan, she suffered another devastating fire in the Indian Ocean. The former Cunard Ambassador was beyond economic repair and, after only thirteen years of service, she was sold to Taiwanese ship breakers and scrapped.

Cunard Ambassador as built
[ img ]

Unlike her sister, Cunard Adventurer had a much longer career. During 1976 refit, her funnel was repainted from grey to traditional Cunard red. However, she was sold in 1977 to Norwegian Cruise Line becoming Sunward II. She was sold again in 1991 to Epirotiki Line, and renamed Triton. She would be sold one final time to Louis Cruises as Coral and was sold for scrap in 2013.

Cunard Adventurer in 1976
[ img ]

US Navy auxiliaries
Canadian Pacific Steamships Empress of Britain (post war)
Cunard Line Ascania (final 1950s configuration)
Cunard Line RMS Aquitania

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Post subject: Re: Merchant ShipsPosted: July 30th, 2021, 2:07 pm
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Very nice additions, good to see you back in action Cunardfan.

Hood's Worklist
English Electric Canberra FD
Interwar RN Capital Ships
Never-Were British Aircraft

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Post subject: Re: Merchant ShipsPosted: July 31st, 2021, 5:22 am
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Those are sumptuous! ;)

Worklist (practically all are French sail ships)

Working on currently:
  • French, Bretagne, 1855 → Laying the Keel (FD Scale)
Planned works:
  • French, Royal Louis, 1692 → TBD
  • French, Magenta, 1861 → Set on Hold
Completed recently works:

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Post subject: Re: Merchant ShipsPosted: July 31st, 2021, 8:49 pm
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Great additions.

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