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David Latuch
Post subject: USS South Carolina-Class ReBootPosted: June 6th, 2017, 7:57 pm
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USS South Carolina (BB-26), the lead ship of her class of dreadnought battleships, was the fourth ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the eighth state. She was also the first American dreadnought; though she did not incorporate turbine propulsion like HMS Dreadnought, South Carolina's design included revolutionary aspects as well, primarily the superfiring arrangement of her main battery. The ship was laid down in December 1906 and launched in July 1908 before being commissioned into the US Atlantic Fleet in March 1910.

South Carolina spent much of her career in the Atlantic and Caribbean patrolling the eastern coast of the United States. She made two trips to Europe in 1910 and 1911 and participated in a visit by a German cruiser squadron in 1912. In 1913–14, she frequently patrolled the coast of Mexico to protect American interests during the Mexican Revolution, and in April 1914 she took part in the United States occupation of Veracruz. After the United States entered World War I in April 1917, South Carolina trained sailors for the rapidly expanding wartime navy, and in late 1918, she was assigned to convoy escort duty. An accident with her propellers in September kept her from active service for the remainder of the conflict. In 1919, she made four trips to bring American soldiers back from Europe. Midshipmen training cruises followed in 1920–21, but the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 cut her career short. She was broken up for scrap as part of the arms limitation treaty, starting in mid-1924.

Name: South Carolina
Namesake: State of South Carolina
Builder: William Cramp and Sons
Laid down: 18 December 1906
Launched: 11 July 1908
Sponsored by: Frederica Ansel
Commissioned: 1 March 1910
Decommissioned: 15 December 1921
Struck: 10 November 1923
Fate: Sold April 24, 1924 and broken up for scrap.

General characteristics

Class and type: South Carolina-class battleship

Displacement: 16,000 long tons (16,257 t) (standard) 17,617 long tons (17,900 t) (full load)

Length: 452 ft 9 in (138 m) (overall) 450 ft (137 m) (waterline)

Beam: 80 ft 3 in (24 m)

Draft: 24 ft 6 in (7 m)

Installed power: 12 × coal-fired Babcock & Wilcox water-tube boilers 16,500 ihp (12,304 kW)

Propulsion: Vertical triple expansion steam engines 2 × screws

Speed: 18.5 kn (21 mph; 34 km/h)

Range: 6,950 nmi (7,998 mi; 12,871 km) at 10 kn (12 mph; 19 km/h)

Complement: 869

8 × 12 in (305 mm)/45 caliber Mark 5 guns
22 × 3 in (76 mm)/50 caliber guns
2 × 3-pounder 47 mm (1.85 in)/40 caliber guns
8 × 1-pounder 37 mm (1.46 in) guns
2 × 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes (submerged)

USS South Carolina (BB-26) 1912:

[ img ]

USS South Carolina (BB-26) 1920:
[ img ]

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Post subject: Re: USS South Carolina-Class ReBootPosted: June 6th, 2017, 8:16 pm
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Another excellent drawing, your US battleship series is certainly good. I like how you've mastered the cage masts.

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Post subject: Re: USS South Carolina-Class ReBootPosted: June 6th, 2017, 8:22 pm
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A beautiful rendition as always.

You've got some stray masking purple in the lower top view.

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Post subject: Re: USS South Carolina-Class ReBootPosted: June 6th, 2017, 8:34 pm
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Awesome job! I'm guessing the Delaware-class will be next? :)

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Post subject: Re: USS South Carolina-Class ReBootPosted: June 6th, 2017, 10:24 pm
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Good work!

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