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Post subject: Greek Paddle Steamer Arkadion 1867Posted: January 16th, 2019, 12:08 am
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Paddle Steamer Arkadion 1867, Blockade Runner

[ img ]

Arkadi was a Blockade Runner named after the holocaust of Arkadi monastery on 1866.
Build initially for the Confederate States between 1863-1866 at H.W. Potter & Son shipyards , Mercey, Uk (as CSS Dream) but never delivered due to Civil war was ended. Greek community of London donate founds and buy the ship among with the 3 sisterships (Enosis, Panelinion & Kriti) for the needs of Cretan Uprising of 1866.
The ship was under the commercial flag of Greek Steam Navigation Company and was manned by Hellenic Navy's Crew. Commenced voyages between Greece and Ottoman Crete breaking the blockade and transfering, men , weapons, food in order to support the fight for Union with Greece of the rebels.
She did 12 voyages between 1866-1867, on the 13th voyage it was spotted by an Ottoman squadron of 4 ships among them the Steam Frigates Ijedin & Erdogul. The Turkish ships shadowed the steamer and they manage to block it at the SW shores of Crete. Then the Master of Arkadi deside to give a battle (despite the two countries were not at war officially). The ship lowered the Greek flag and attacked the Turkish ships trying to ram Ijedin unsuccesfully and then heavilly damaged run aground in order to avoid sinking. The Crew set fire and abandoned the vessel. Later on Ijedin towed the half wrecked ship to Constantinoupolis ( Instabul ) as a trophy!

Class and type: Padle Postal Ship
Displacement: 466 MT
Lenghth: 70 m
Beam: 8 m
Draft: 2,1 m
Powerplant: 180HP Steam Engine moving Padle Wheels
Speed: 10 or 15 Kts (info are confused)
Armament: 4 or 6 Amstrong guns (unknown caliber)

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Post subject: Re: Greek Paddle Steamer Arkadion 1867Posted: January 16th, 2019, 8:44 am
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Another very nice drawing. These recent Greek additions have been great to see and very interesting.

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Post subject: Re: Greek Paddle Steamer Arkadion 1867Posted: January 16th, 2019, 12:33 pm
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Nice to see all these ships from you kately. More please!

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Post subject: Re: Greek Paddle Steamer Arkadion 1867Posted: January 16th, 2019, 8:14 pm
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Excellent addition!

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