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Post subject: Re: USN Aircraft Carrier Preliminary #2, Nov 17 1920Posted: April 13th, 2021, 6:31 am
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Wow. I missed this gem. This has made my day.

For what it's worth (six months later...)

It's great how you've drawn the "fiddle bridges" on the aft flight deck but they would have had thick fore and aft cables running between them. I think they were removed from Langley in 1929, CV's 2 and 3 commissioned with them in 1927. The arrestor wires forward are missing.

The circle on the aft deck would have been in white.

I very much doubt that range finders would have been placed on the flight deck like that, especially in the landing area; likewise for the searchlights. I imagine a Landing Signal Officer platform would have been where you have the searchlights.

Perhaps a round down between the aft elevator and the flight deck?

What's the large hatch for on the bow?

Fantastic work!!

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