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Post subject: Re: Norway Project 6615 new Coast guard vesselPosted: January 27th, 2017, 7:47 pm
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JSB wrote:
If you have the money (and high wages so cant run more ship numbers) why would you not go big, but I really think its more hidden warship than just what other nations mostly use for coast guard policing duties, I would not be surprised if its FFBNW plenty of other stuff like missiles and bigger gun.

What I don't get from the doc is what the P3049 (x) ship will be like and why they are not 3 (1+x but looks like 2 on diagram?) sisters (of 6615) would that not have cost and they have the same job tile role anyway?

The Project 3049 got canceled and replaced by a additional unit of the project 6615

The original plane was:

1 Large OPV (P6615) (135+ meter)
2 Medium OPV (P3049) (up to 125 meter)

it all got changed with the New strategy of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

the new plane is:

3 Large OPV (P6615)

one of the reason is that the P3049, have almost the same size crew, on a smaller ship, that have more limits, than the P6615.
Other Reason for three P6151, is that Norway over the past years, started projects for new oilfields up in North-Norway, and up there, the weather can be extremely dangerous. (While south Norway have only one very strong storm/hurricane, North Norway have multiple.)
The Coast guard, wanted a vessel that can do everything and have everything and more. The only design that are big enough to do that is the P6615

But I agree, it's a hidden warship:

- just by it's size
- it is also going to carry a 3D radar just like the Nordkapp class
- Aft deck is a nice place for NSM-missiles
- Hangar roof is a nice place for Mistral
- it have a lovely Hatch just in front and bellow the Hangar, Nice place for torpedoes
- it is going to carry two different sonars
- one of the requirement is Naval support (stab) (basicly, command vessel (just like Nordkapp class))
- Owned by the Navy, operated by the Coast Guard ;)

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