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Post subject: Greek Large Cruiser 1940Posted: December 1st, 2018, 4:16 pm
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I was reading about the order and construction of the 4 (only 2 delivered ) modified G class destroyers for the Royal Hellenic Navy (Vasilefs Georgios Class see Real Life Designs).
There was mentioned that the Destroyers was planned to be the escort of a Large Cruiser which was going to be ordered later into the plans for the Navy expansion program.

I didn't find any more info regarding that cruiser but a single post on a Greek forum for a British made ship, based on an enlarged Dido's/Arethousa class hull. The ship was going to be armed with 3x2x10'' main guns and 6x2x4'' DP guns....no further info for light A/A armament, Torpedo tubes or Aircraft catapult. Armour would be between 178 and 228mm with a displacement of 17-18500 tons engine would be 140K shp for 61 km/h(32kts)

This plan was also available ...
Does anyone have more info or even plans???? Pleaseeee ;)
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Post subject: Re: Greek Large Cruiser 1940Posted: December 1st, 2018, 5:10 pm
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Navarchos wrote: *
Does anyone have more info or even plans???? Pleaseeee ;)
I am very skeptical about the veracity of this design, for several reasons:

No trace found of this project on "all the world's fighting ships 1922-1946"
No trace found of this project on "british cruisers : two world wars and after"
=> this book show many british cruisers project for export, but any trace of british cruiser design for Greek ! :!:
No trace found on british naval websites & historical shipyards archives & so

Obviously, I know british 1938-1940 similar projects of 18/25000 tons with 234/254mm guns, but they are not the same projects

The only trace found on the web is probably the one you used (on secret project)
https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/ ... ic=20802.0

Knowing the rivalry between Greece & Turkey, but also their budget limits during this period (1920s-1930s), I doubt that this project is serious

Putting 3 twin 254mm turret (obviously much more heavier than a twin 203mm or a triple 152mm turret !) on a enlarged Dido hull, I feel some very serious stability & overweight problems to come.

You can draw this ship, but put it in the Alternate Universe or Personnal designs thread

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Post subject: Re: Greek Large Cruiser 1940Posted: December 2nd, 2018, 10:09 am
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The plan drawing, seems to be something another artist (Tzoli, who started the Secretprojects post) made to illustrate the concept.

Britain did almost everything it could to dissuade Chile from asking them to build 8in gun cruisers in 1938-39 and even put dipolmatic pressure on other European countries not to build any for Chile. They were keen to kill the 8in cruiser. Even as war broke out, Chile's final efforts to obtain heavy cruisers failed.
Therefore, the idea that Britain would have sanctioned heavy cruisers with 10in guns for Greece seems rather unlikely. That is not to say Greece didn't ask, but the diplomatic answer would probably have been no.

Also, the Dido/Arethusa are not suitable bases for a heavy cruiser. Any resulting design would have owed little to the origins of either light cruiser design.

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