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Post subject: Re: The Kingdom of ZipangPosted: January 19th, 2019, 2:52 pm
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with the for Hirado class sail Corvettes beginning to show their age, the navel staff began looking into the replacement of these vessels, this would be six torpedo boats supplied by Germany subsequently known as the S-1 class torpedo boats.

Ordered: 12 July 1892
Laid down: 3 september 1893
Launched: 20 October 1895
Commissioned: 5 January 1896
Decommissioned: 24 April 1920
Struck: 30 August 1921
Fate: sold for scrapped scrap
Status: scrapped 1922

General characteristics

Displacement: (242 tons)
Length: 49.2 m (160 ft)
Beam: 5.62 m (18 ft)
Draft: 2.34 m (7 ft)
Installed power: 1-triple-expansion engines, 2 water tube boiler, 3,476 shp
Speed: 21 knots (24 mph; 38 km/h)

Armament: as commissioned 1896-S-1
2 × single TYPE 96 8cm (3.4 inches guns)
1 × twin TYPE 96 44cm (17.7 inches torpedoes)

Armament: as Decommissioned 1920-S-6
2 × single TYPE 5 10cm (3.9 inches guns)
1 × twin TYPE 96 44cm (17.7 inches torpedoes)

[ img ]
S-1 was commission on the 5th of January 1896, with a top speed of 21 knots she was the fastest vessel that the Zipang Navy had at its disposal, but also was the ship that have the least amount of Endurance with a range of only 800 miles at 10 knots, as commissioned the S-1 main Armament consisted of Two German built 88 mm naval guns, and a single twin 17.7 inch torpedo launcher, she would quickly be followed by 5 more sisters, the navy was so impressed by the design that they had ordered an extra two ships then the original 4 that was intended.
[ img ]
through the first decade of the 20th century the S-1 class didn't do that much, being quickly outclassed buy newer and more powerful vessels, and spent most of their time as training ships even with the start of World War 1, the navel staff realise that the S-1 class would be very useless as a convoy escort due to the ships remarkably short-range, so for the entirety of the war the ships mainly spent their time performing routine patrols around Zipang home Waters, as well as continuing their duties training ships
[ img ]
with the end of World War 1 the age of the S-1 class became extremely apparent so starting in 1920, the ships were decommissioned, all of them except S-6 would be sent to the breakers immediately, S-6 however would go on to be used by the coast guard until 1927 when she would finally meet her fate at the hands of the cuddles torch.

Ships in class: (laid down-launched-commissioned - fate)

S-1 (TB-1) 1893-1895 1896 - Decommissioned 1920
S-2 (TB-2) 1893- 1895-1896 - Decommissioned 1921
S-3 (TB-3) 1893- 1895-1896 - Decommissioned 1921
S-4 (TB-4) 1894- 1896-1897 - Decommissioned 1922
S-5 (TB-5) 1894- 1896-1897 - Decommissioned 1922
S-6 (TB-6) 1895- 1897-1898 - Decommissioned 1923

Work list: 1. Uranami Class destroyer(~90% done) 2. Murakumo Class destroyer(~50% done) 3. Classified Project (~redacted% done)

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Post subject: Re: The Kingdom of ZipangPosted: January 21st, 2019, 10:27 pm
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Very nice.

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Post subject: Re: The Kingdom of ZipangPosted: January 22nd, 2019, 8:27 am
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[ img ] Next on my work list : Shannon class destroyer - 3rd Edition

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