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Obsydian Shade
Post subject: Re: World War III - PlanningPosted: June 24th, 2011, 2:49 am
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My question would be Pakistan and India on the same side. Pakistan seems to be going more towards China, despite US aid.

We can't stop here--this is Bat country!

If it's close enough to cast a shadow, I think the flying house wins initiative.

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Post subject: Re: World War III - PlanningPosted: June 24th, 2011, 2:56 am
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Post subject: Re: World War III - PlanningPosted: July 5th, 2011, 4:04 am
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CARNAC, hello thought i might suggest a few minor suggestions and detail that you might want to consider(or think about) in your scenario
Carnac wrote:
In AD 2011, war was beginning.

American-Chinese relations degrade rapidly in 2006, following a mass cyber attack by China that causes the recession to hit earlier, and harder.
granted i do realize that this time frame is hypothetical and in an alternate universe but given the current status of forces vs forces projection the timing is just not right for the PLA,

i say 2021-2023
the PLA should reach the levels needed to project and sustain its forces globally. i mean the CCP is not going to risk war especially WW3 if they do not have the capability or some sort of level advantage.
In 2008, Taiwan is hit by "unknown forces" in a mass terrorist attack, larger then 9/11 and causing more casualties. It was a small dirty bomb, irradiating much of the southern portion of the island. The material from the bomb is traced to China.
the PRC has a "no first use" nuclear doctrine not to mention releasing a "dirty bomb" on TAIWAN would serve no real purpose or gain for the PRC. they want to keep it intact much as possible :lol:

also "dirty bombs" are crude devices
plus the PRC is a highly sophisticated country and the CCP's Politburo Standing Committee are highly calculated in their decision making.

might i suggest this instead
in 2021, after years and years of reunification talks the PRC loses its patients with TAIWAN and gives it a a clear cut ultimatum "join the mainland now or reap heavy reprisals".

but or course TAIWAN refuses...
and the PRC launches a massive ballistic and cruise missile attack on key military installations and government buildings to help TAIWAN make right the decision. :lol:
Early 2010, China boycotts the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Late 2010. China annexes Mongolia, and begins to flex it's military might. The J-20 is revealed, and the Varyag is refitted and repaired faster then any Western analyst had imagined.
there's a few problems with annexing MONGOLIA. the first being MONGOLIA has a "observer state" status in the SCO which the PRC is a part of and helped found. second there's no need to annex, in "soft power" by PRC, MONGOLIA has given up some of its land already as payment to the PRC in its business dealings. plus as i stated earlier the CCP is very calculated and would not risk such a move that would damage the SCO or cause concern among its members but mainly RUSSIA(a member as well) who would no doubt object and get involved.

say instead annexing MONGOLIA
in 2021 the PRC takes full control of all the islands in the SC Sea by force..... or should the situation in NORTH KOREA get worse and the government total collapse, the PRC annex the NORTH
February 2011: Revolution in the Middle East. China supplies arms to Gaddafi's forces, causing America to arm the rebels in addition to mass tactical and strategic conventional strikes.
to be honest this scenario is not really feasible for the PRC.

it goes against their doctrine(getting involved in "non" PRC affairs).
supporting GADDAFI would gain them nothing in return. they actually gain more by sitting on the sidelines waiting for the conflict to play out while "others" scramble to try to figure out a way to end the stalemate. :lol:
April 2011: China signs a mutual protection pact with Pakistan, outraging India. Chinese-Indian relations drastically turn for the worse.

July 7th, 2011. China declares war on Taiwan. J-20s streak across the sky, bombing the island flat and decimating Taiwan's airforce. Fighting begins on the island itself.

August 10th, 2011: China declares war on America after the USS Nimitz and it's strike group move to support Taiwan. Short range ballistic missile strikes are fired at the force, damaging the Nimitz and sinking several escorting ships.

August 10th, 2011: North Korean and Chinese tanks roll across the South Korean border. Fighting is intense, with both sides pushing forwards only to be cut off and destroyed, then retreating. The North Korean's navy of midget subs wreak havoc, but take heavy losses against the more advanced South Korean navy.

August 10th, 2011: Pakistani and Indian forces clash in the Kashmir. Nepal is attacked by China.
now here its gets interesting.
the SINO-PAK pact is good and feasible to go along with the pact two have already established.

NEPAL falls inline with MONGOLIA
the PRC has good ties with NEPAL because of its use of "soft power" so there's no need to attack.

stick with the PRC taking TAIWAN and islands in the SC Sea.

covered the PRC "declaration of war" on TAIWAN in the "dirty bomb" scenario. just think that it works best that it takes place in "2021ish" and using first massive ballistic and cruise missile attack followed by air, then the amphibious and airborne assault(invasion) the PLA fully retaking the island.

now should the US choose formally to intervene militarily on behave of TAIWAN or an ASEAN states and then send in one of their carrier groups...

then and then only would the PRC attack the the US and its key assets in the PACIFIC realm in preventing them in aiding.

they wouldn't need to to declare war on the US and it would be to their a advantage if they didn't. the FALKLANDS WAR was a perfect example of that.

i really don't see this as "full fledge world war" but just a conflict limited to the PACIFIC realm between the US vs the PRC over TAIWAN and the ASEAN states vs the PRC over the SC sea. for the reason that the PRC is only seeking superior status and to be the dominant force in ASIA.

i don't see the current "blue vs red"(seems a bit "cold warish" to me) scenario illustrated in the map taking shape because its just not that simple as that. fantasy or not the more you have involved just complicates the matter.

so i would try to keep the # of countries down and only ones that actually mattered. IRAN, SOUTH AFRICA, BRAZIL the EU etc. i say leave them out...

again the PRC is very very calculated in their thinking to the dismay of others and so they tend not to do things for the "hell of it".

should they start something like a war, their in it to the end(win or lose) and to their own benefit and gains.

my opinion of course

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Post subject: Re: World War III - PlanningPosted: August 3rd, 2015, 1:15 am
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Don't worry, China is financially dependant with the U.S. If they go to war against the U.S., they will only end up with dead and hungry soldiers.

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Post subject: Re: World War III - PlanningPosted: August 3rd, 2015, 7:54 am
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So you tought its cool to dig up a thread dating 4 years back and to post some childish "'murica fuck yeah" nonsense? Talking about contribution to the forum.

People, please do not necromance old threads. If you have something meaningfull post on the matter, open a new thread.

Golly, admin

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