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Post subject: Re: Caledonia??Posted: August 24th, 2018, 6:32 pm
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Which one to keep? Probably rear. It would be easier to fit a big deckhouse for additional electronics, and as a gun destroyer, the hull was probably not optimized to keep the A/B positions as dry as missiles would like.

It's worth looking at the Charles F. Adams purpose-built DDGs and comparing them to Forrest Sherman (on which CF Adams was based) and the Sherman missile conversions.

Adams was 19' longer overall, 2' beamier, and displaced about 500 tons more, in order to replace one of three Mk 42 5/54 mounts with a Mk 11 or Mk 13. The Sherman missile conversions had to trade both rear Mk 42 for their Mk 13, and added a large deckhouse aft for electronics. Missile ships are volume-critical in a way gun destroyers were not.

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Post subject: Re: Caledonia??Posted: August 24th, 2018, 9:13 pm
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Any possible technical issues aside, the drawings look great.

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Post subject: Re: Caledonia??Posted: August 24th, 2018, 9:24 pm
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I agree with eswube, about the drawing's quality, and over all appearance of these destroyers (frigates in US navy terms?)/
I also noticed what appears to be a depth charge (?) under the rudder on all drawings

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Post subject: Re: Caledonia??Posted: August 26th, 2018, 5:22 pm
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Okay I have done some small updates to the class, to amend some problems, but also trying to give at least making the last version look like they have thrown on some extra bits, just to make it work, hopefully.

The 1958 Version:

- two extra 40mm in cramped position, in front of rear 57mm


The 1968 Version, with it's early Mk 29 for "testing":

- front 57mm replaced with 40mm
- all 40mm are now the upgraded turret
- mk 29 are now placed aft. (Note, no missile, due to it's a test-platform.... wonder should I use a orange missile, showing it's a test?)
- some color error fixed.


The 1975 Version:

- rear 40mm removed
- mk 29 shown with missile (it's now an active platform)


The 1994 Version:

- front mk 13 GMLS removed, replaced with an upgraded 138mm with water cooling for improved performance
- Mk 29 replaced with Mk 48 mod 3
- the four front 40mm guns got an upgrade, to become a CIWS Version 0.5, they become fully automatic, with it's own radar and targeting system, including cameras (IFR, etc.)
- added on a small extra funnel behind main funnel, due to the two extra small turbine, that are providing extra electricity need a funnel. both two small turbine placed in the only free space... next to the front funnel on deck level.
- added extra superstructure behind Mk 13 and between ASuW launchers with a additional antenna. for extra equipment.
- aft main structure increased in size, for extra equipment.
- added some extra electronics in the mast, since she is operating in a fleet, all electronics and more would be nice to have. mast is now overloaded!!! 8-)
- old main gun director are not removed. but supported with all other system... it would be a problem to remove, reducing topweight, by a little... those old fire-directors weight a little.
- ASW mortar received new and longer barrel, in a try to improve it accuracy and range, each barrel are now "supposed" to work "individually" from each other.

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