Kuban Republic
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Author:  Keisser [ April 6th, 2019, 8:23 am ]
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May I ask why some inscriptions on planes are in Russian and others are in Ukrainian?

Author:  kellyj [ April 8th, 2019, 4:50 am ]
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Just a thought...the Sigma has a hull sonar but no torpedo tubes. Wondering if this is an oversite or if ASW weapons delivery will be handled by aircraft. A great start to a nice regional navy.

Author:  acelanceloet [ April 8th, 2019, 9:10 am ]
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there is an Mk 32 SVTT which can be fired trough the hatch just in front of the hangar on most SIGMA ships, I suppose this one is the same.

Author:  LtMaverick114 [ April 8th, 2019, 11:40 pm ]
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Keisser wrote: *
May I ask why some inscriptions on planes are in Russian and others are in Ukrainian?
Yeah that is something I need to fix, I was first thinking about putting Russian text on the planes but later changed my mind to Ukrainian. So that will be fixed in the near future.

Author:  LtMaverick114 [ April 17th, 2019, 6:55 pm ]
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Kuban Cold War frigates
The Kuban Navy operates several ex Soviet Black Sea Fleet frigates which make up the tip of the spear of the Kuban Naval power. They operate a Pr.11351 ''Krivak 3'' class guided missile frigate and a Pr.1159T ''Koni'' class frigate. Both ships are based at the Naval Base in Novoukrainsk. In the near future these vessels shall be replaced by the new SIGMA 10514 frigate.
[ img ]
[ img ]

Author:  LtMaverick114 [ April 18th, 2019, 7:02 am ]
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Azov class

The Kuban Navy placed a order for a single OPV from the Kuban shipbuilder: Novoukrainsk Shipyards in 2010. With assistance from Damen Shipyards Group they managed to develop a OPV with features of Damens own series of OPV's. Construction of the vessel started in 2012 and it was launched in 2015. Thales Nederland was selected to install I-Mast systems on a costum mast and to deliver the antenna's for communications and fire control systems. In early 2017 the vessel was commissioned and named KNS Azov P101, after the Sea of Azov.
Its main task is patrolling the Kuban waters and performing border security operations and SAR.

Length: 84.9 meters
Beam: 14 meters
Draft: 5 meters
Displacement: 1800 ton

Speed: 23 knots
Range: 5000nm
Endurance: 26 days

Radar: SeaMaster 100 and other I-Mast 100 systems
Satcom: Antenna's and I-Mast
Fire control: I-Mast Fire Control
Sonar: Hull mounted sonar

1x BAE 57mm Bofors Mk 3
2x Leonardo Marlin WS 30mm
2x Leonardo Hitrole 12.7mm

Crew: 58
Max Complement: 120
Helicopter hangar: one small-medium sized helicopter (Max 11 ton)
Helicopter pad: one up to medium sized helicopter (Max 11 ton)

[ img ]

Author:  LtMaverick114 [ April 24th, 2019, 5:41 pm ]
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I fixed the issue with the Russian text on aircraft on the first post

Author:  LtMaverick114 [ May 3rd, 2019, 9:39 am ]
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The Kuban Air Force operated the Mil Mi-2 scouting helicopter after the fall of the Soviet Union. These helicopters were good enough for the recon task. But by 2005 when the Russians were becoming a larger threat on the Kuban border, a plan was made to obtain new armed recon helicopters. Not long after the innitiative was started the Polish aerospace company PZL-Świdnik in cooperation with Kuban Aerospace offered the PZL W-3PL armed recon helicopter. PZL would build the helicopters and Kuban Aerospace was permitted to assemble spare parts and perform maintenance on the helicopters. Eventually seeing this as the best option the Kuban Air Force decided to buy 12 airframes. Deliveries started in 2007 and ended in 2010. In 2009 the Kuban Air Force said good bye to the Mi-2's since the W-3's reached IOC.

[ img ]

Author:  LtMaverick114 [ May 3rd, 2019, 12:47 pm ]
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Kuban Navy

The Kuban Navy was established at the day of the Kuban independence. They inherited several ships from the Soviet Union like one Krivak 3 class, 2 Kirvak 1 class frigates, a Koni class frigate, Tarantul and Pauk class corvettes. Further more they got their hands on several Kilo class submarines, which were sold or scrapped due budgetairy constrains. The Kuban Navy's amphibious task force cosists out of 4 old Soviet LST's and 2 Zubr class LCAC's. With a budget decrease in 2010 due the global economic crisis the Kuban Navy was forced to retire and scrap the 2 Krivak 1 class frigates. By 2016 the Kuban Navy started a modernization program. The Novoukrainsk Naval Shipyards teamed up with Damen Shipyards to offer a variant of the SIGMA 10514 to the Kuban Navy as replacement of the Krivak and Koni frigates, it was eventually selected and 2 were to be build. Damen also won the offert to build 4 new corvettes which would replace the Tarantul and Pauk class corvettes. The Novoukrainsk Naval Shipyards started to develop a new OPV and Fast Response Cutters for coastal patrols, the new OPV called Azov was delivered in 2018 and the new Fast Patrol Cutter 50's were delivered over 2017 and 2018. At the moment the Kuban Navy is looking to modernize the Amphibious Assault Force and Mine Counter Measures fleet. To expand the capabilities of the Kuban Navy they want to obtain a replenishment/logistics vessel.

The Kuban Navy has 2 main bases of operations, Novoukrainsk and Sochi. Novoukrainks is the location of the Kuban Navy HQ and the Naval Academy. Novoukrainsk is the homeport of the frigates, corvettes, OPV and the future replenishment and logisitcs vessel. Sochi is the homeport of the Fast Patrol Cutters, Amphibious Assault Fleet and the MCM fleet.

Kuban Navy Inventory:
1x Project 11351 Nerey "Krivak 3" class
[ img ]
1x Project 1159T Yaguar "Koni" class
[ img ]
2x Kuban class (SIGMA 10514, on order)
[ img ]

4x Pr.12411 "Tarantul 2" class
[ img ]
4x Sochi class (SIGMA 7310, on order)

Patrol Craft:
1x Azov class
[ img ]
6x Fast Patrol Cutter 50
[ img ]

1x Soncedar class (LSV19000)
[ img ]

Mine Warfare:
3x Project 266M "Natya" class
[ img ]
4x Damen MCM (on order)

Amphibious Warfare:
2x Project 1232.2 "Zubr" class
[ img ]
4x Projekt 767 "Lublin" class
[ img ]
3x LST-100K
[ img ]

Author:  TJW [ May 6th, 2019, 11:48 pm ]
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This is a nice AU. Have really enjoyed reading this one so far.

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