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Post subject: Sanmayan IroncladsPosted: November 10th, 2017, 12:39 am
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These are my first drawings that I consider good. I do not consider them good for drawing quality or for detail and perhaps for plausibility, i consider them good because, besides being my first projects made from scratch without any copy and basis, but why was my first to please some people besides myself.
My first drawing was just one step to say "hello Shipbucket, I want to be a part of you. I can not understand anything but I want to learn and do a good job that satisfies me and satisfies you as well". Today I still think about making an improved version of it, mainly because of some difficulties I have (I took a long time to understand the scale, I have some problems with dimensions in real life but I managed to overcome this when I started drawing here.), and I can even quote a sentence that is in my first post: "I've seen some replies people that correct some things, and I'm waiting for you because I need to know my mistakes to correct them. "
I'm not very active here in the Forums, but I have been very active there in Discord (which is much more dynamic and better for someone like me who needs to understand things before finishing them) and despite being a stupid person there I can be a serious person when I want to (But in the vast majority of the time I'm such a jerk with a bad english :p).
Anyway There's My Little Babies:
[ img ]
Background: The 5 Ironclads were built for coastal and river defense of the United Sanmay, the third class of armored ships built by Sanmay. They were for a short period the most powerful ships of their time, mainly for having a Armour considered impenetravel at the time that they were constructed.
They moved 835 tons and had a maximum speed of 7 knots (6 in the case of Atario after being rebuilt).
They had an armament of 6 cannons in total, being 2 cannons of 17 cm and 4 of 12 centimeters.
The first ship of the class, Laurea III, ran aground at the port of Espada during a tornado in 1872 and had its machinery destroyed by an accidental explosion while they tried to pull it back to the sea, the result of which was the death of 40 crew. The Laurea III was dismantled the same year after these events.
In 1873 all the ships of the class were decommissioned and dismantled, except the Atario.
[ img ]
Background: HMS Atario was a Casemate / Central-battery Ironclad from Admiral class, until the Admiralty in 1867 decided to rebuild the ship as an Turret ship. The work last for 2 years and the result was a 203 tons heavier ship, with a 2 gun 64 pounder Rifled Muzzle-loader rotating turret. Atario Recieved a new steam engine but the result was not satisfactory on the trials, being 1 knot slower than its original setup. It is now only the surviving ship from the Old Sanmay Kingdom Royal Fleet and the only museum ship from the current Sanmay Federal Republic, docked and open to the public in the city of Porto da Foz.
Well, Atario is my favorite and what I find most interesting between the two. I'm not sure there was a Turret Hybrid Ship and Central Battery in real life, but the concept is plausible and pleasing.

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Post subject: Re: Sanmayan IroncladsPosted: November 10th, 2017, 9:04 am
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These are good looking vessels and nicely drawn.

My only style comment would be that the side gunports should be outlined in black on the white-coloured superstructure as well.

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Post subject: Re: Sanmayan IroncladsPosted: November 10th, 2017, 5:30 pm
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Congratulations on completing your own designs!
Overall they look proper, but could stand a bit of improvement.
I want to second the comment about the black outlines on hatches.
I think that you could add some more detailing, like the boats and davits which don't look great, I would show the davits head on and the lines actually tied around the boats, I often see a boom outwards of some boats on old ships like these. The masts could also have reduced rigging to show that these ships could deploy sails (these do, right?). And I'm also a bit skeptical about the porthole placement and lack of ventilators. By the way, where are these ships conned from?
Anyways, these are just some ideas you may or may not take into account.

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Post subject: Re: Sanmayan IroncladsPosted: November 12th, 2017, 12:52 am
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I like the concept but unless that funnel is at the font of the boiler space, that's going to be a very cramped hull, looks like a mini HMS Royal Sovereign

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