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Post subject: Re: FAN St. Louis (CA-1940) Charlemagne (CA-1945)Posted: December 13th, 2016, 12:26 am
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I quite agree reytuerto,

The first drawing I did (St Louis) followed the original 3vue done by David, but it did look strange with the 1930's 100mm put in positions where it looks like loading could be difficult.

With the 12 gun (Charlemagne) drawing I moved all the 100mm guns around so that they had a full area out to the deck edge, and replaced the earlier model 100mm with the 1945 mark.

I did do another version for myself which moved the 100mm guns around and added a set of torpedoes on each beam, the aft-most 100mm is a single mounting, not side by side as on Davids overhead:

[ img ]

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