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Post subject: Freyja class BattleshipsPosted: May 7th, 2018, 6:58 pm
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Here is the Freyja class battleship SMS Kaiserin Mathilde as completed in mid-1920 just as the Great War was beginning it's last few months.
She was the second of 6 Freyja class battleships ordered in early-1917 as the Kaiserliche Marine was worried that that newer US were going to be both bigger and carried larger armament than the preceding Prussen class battleships of 1915.

The ships were 227.6 meters long with 8.8 meters of draught and a beam 30.3 meters.
The ships were the most heavily armed ships in the world at the time of their completion with 8 16.5 inch guns of 45 calibers long in four twin turrets, they also carried 18 single mounted 150mm 45 caliber guns in casemate mounts, for the time she had rather heavy AA defence of 6 88mm guns. They also had 9 torpedo tubes 4 on both sides in pairs fore and aft and one under the bow.
The armor was 350mm at it's thickest covering the ships vitals and turret fronts, it tapered down to 200mm forward and aft of the magazines though the bow place tapered again to around 35mm. The upper belt was around 250mm thick and the casemate deck was armored to 170mm, their deck armor was around 75mm.

Their speed was an impressive 25 knots.

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Post subject: Re: Freyja class BattleshipsPosted: May 7th, 2018, 7:07 pm
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Congratulations on biting the bullet and finally posting your baby.
Hopefully you'll feel like posting more often in the future and of course drawing more.

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