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Post subject: Rodondo's Plan CataloguePosted: February 17th, 2021, 8:51 am
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Some of you have seen my box of ship plans that's bursting at the seams. Please find below the entire contents of the box as what details I can glean. Unless otherwise noted all drawings are general arrangement. Listed are the nation of building/service, ship names, IMO number if known and date of plans.

These plans are for the most part massive so if any take your interest let me know, I'll figure out a means of making it digital. These plans are a few feet across so my little feed scanner can't handle it

- 150m Bulk Carrier Whyalla Yard built (Ship 59B101) 1973
-"Beachcoaster" 1974
-58m Offshore Support Vessel 1979
-122m Crane Bulk Carrier 1978?
-Solen Tanker 1961 (S Class 71250t Tanker)
-MS Parella (Trim figures only+ rough arrangements)
-MT William Dampier 1980
-Wallarah/Ikuna slef discharging collier 1986
-53m supply vessel 1981
-Katawa/Kephill 1985
-SS Bogong 1967
-A Whyalla tanker for Botany Bay Tankers 1972
-Western Tide, supply boat 1980
-Amanda Miller tanker IMO 7051319 1971
-Ampol Tanker?
-MV Hansa/Cycle IMO 7348671 1974
-MT Arthur Phillips IMO 7343516 1974
-Camira Livestock/bulk carrier IMO 7920962 1980
-66m Anchor handling/Tug/Supply Vessel 1982

-Olau Hog/Caltex Kurnell/Nordborg/Takis Tanker? 1965 prior

-"Aquila" reefer 1966?

-Black Watch/Jupiter/Byblos IMO 6609834 1966
-Anne Reed/Karen Reed 1972

-World Achilles IMO 7364699 1975

Hong Kong
-Hamlet Saudia IMO 7707956 1981

-230m Tanker 1977
-Bulk Carrier "Oron"1966 + capacity plans
-265m tanker for Shell Australia 1983
-Margaret Maru 1967
-Nitta Maru 1970
-Kiwi Arrow 1974
-63m anchor handling/tug/supply vessel 1982
-Ampol Sarel tanker IMO 7805265 1979
-Chelsea Bridge/Sigsilver tanker?
-283.5m bulk carrier (BHP) 1985
-182.4m Tanker 1985
-Chian Captain 1967
-LNG/LPG Tanker 272m 1987

-Forest Town/Nancey Heath Tanker 1960
-LPG tanker for Liquid Gas Equipment Scotland

-MV Thorsdrake Bulk Carrier 1967
-MS Bretagne IMO 6603567 1966

South Korea
-315m Bulk Carrier 1984
-95,000 DWT Oil Tanker 1985/86

-MV Wiltshire tanker 1983
-BP Enterprise IMO 5052931 ? 1981
-530' tanker for BP 1981
-Cunard's Parthia/Media IMO 5416656 1963
-MV Cedric Ferry/Bardic Ferry, IMO 5036717 1957?
-BP Tanker? No.724

-28m fisheries research vessel (twin screw)
-33.5m general purpose vessel 1980

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