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Post subject: Help with Royal Navy 6"/50 quadruple turretPosted: May 30th, 2018, 10:18 pm
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According to the Naval Weapons website a quadruple 6" turret was considered for the Edinburgh class cruisers, with considerable work done before the design was abandoned.

Does anyone have photos and/or drawings of this turret, or any other relevant info?

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Post subject: Re: Help with Royal Navy 6"/50 quadruple turretPosted: June 3rd, 2018, 6:25 pm
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...Initially the basis of the design was a new quadruple 6in turret. It was not expected to be much heavier than the triple, but additional protection would be needed. Later, when the quadruple design had been worked out, it was expected to weight 188 tons, with 3in shield & 2in roof. The mount had a long trunk, i.e no ammunition lobby to isolate magazines from turret (hence fewer personnel). On 08 october 1935 DNC asked for cost estimates for a 10 000 tons cruiser with four such turrets, 32,5knts & others features similar to those of the Southamton class. The hull had to be lengthenend (by about 20ft) to allow wider turret spacing...

...On 24 october 1936, DNC asked for new sketch designs, including the KXV design (presented as design B) with four quadruples 6in & 6 twin 4in. 4in gun deck had to be lengthened at least 28ft (which might be managed on a ship 21ft longer). The ship could be shortened by making the 6in magazines & shells rooms wider (18ft instead of 14ft) to make them 10ft shorter. All of that might be possible on a 605ft hull, wich scaled up to 9900 tons. Tentative weights showed another 92 tons for the quadruple mounts with heavier shields. It might make sense to abandon the earlier box protection for the magazine & shell rooms...

...Triple 6in had long trunks like the quadruple 6in...

...The original quadruple-turret design was 598ft pp/616ft wl/623ft 6in oa x 63ft 4in x 17ft 3in x depth 33ft 6in; the new one was 579ft/606ft/613ft 6in x 63ft 4in x 17ft 3in x 33ft 6in, 10ft shorter but with the same standard 10 000 tons displacement. Turret protection in both (triple & quadruple 6in turrets) was 4in C face, 2in NC sides & 2in roofs. Turret support rings were 2in to 1in NC...

...The board chose triple rather quadruple turrets. This decision was later attributed to uncertainty about the necessary distance between turrets...

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Post subject: Re: Help with Royal Navy 6"/50 quadruple turretPosted: June 6th, 2018, 5:37 am
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I've searched my sources and files but haven't found any images of the proposed turret. I'm sure I've seen something somewhere though.

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