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Post subject: A Neverbuild Hongarian Frigate DML FC65Posted: August 6th, 2010, 12:24 pm
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The company announced a new project DML frigate

DML Group Company recently announced a new frigate project at the International Exhibition of Defence Systems and Equipment (Defence Systems and Equipment International Show), which is designed for high capacity of action with an acceptable price.
Project frigate named FC65, stems from the study that was prepared by the company during 2004. Reporting to the British Ministry of Defense about the upcoming needs for naval vessels.
Fregata FC65 is designed to unite high-speed and versatility of a sail and is characterized as an advanced weapon capabilities in providing high offensive and defensive roles. Ship structural design allows flexibility in operational service and preparation for specific tasks does not affect the overall price.
Almost 150 mi long displacement 6.600 t full load, run the FC65 frigate will be two MT30 gas turbine with four large propeller vodomlazna that allow a speed of 35 knots and sail more than 7.000 nm. The hangar in the aft fuselage can accommodate two Merlin helicopters and landing - uplifting track is large enough to receive a larger helicopter.
According to the DML statements, a high-endurance platform of the ship is optimized for continuous global operations and has the ability to undertake independent equally wide range of tasks and management of combat troops in combat operations.
Fregata FC65 also displays great versatility for vertical launch systems for offensive and defensive equipment and a 127 mm gun to provide a coastal bomber support. Special forces placed on movable aft deck listen to any request for equipment.
The area, volume, and cargo capacity are presented as the key adjustable platform frigates FC65. The internal mobile cargo deck (40 m long and 12 m wide) provides an option board configuration for military and peaceful purposes for the transportation needs of a wide range of vehicles, equipment, vessels, military personnel or other cargo. It also has a joint maritime boundary surface to the delivery of autonomous vehicles.
Company DML stands out as a frigate FC65 designed with a flexible crew quarters to allow the current increase or decrease the space crew depending on the requirements of tasks. As a result, the ship can be configured to manage the operation of low and high intensity, the safe and easy to manage and control groups for ground attacks and submarine features.

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