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Post subject: American ingenuityPosted: May 28th, 2020, 9:03 pm
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I came across this on YouTube....this took a lot of imagination.

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Post subject: Re: American ingenuityPosted: May 29th, 2020, 7:49 am
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Amazing to see this. These two paddlers were used to train not just the pilots, but also the deck crews in flight operations.
Thank you for posting it here.

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Post subject: Re: American ingenuityPosted: June 2nd, 2020, 11:58 am
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Very interesting ships! Quite chic interior as civilian steamers in the 1920! The paddles were not so conspicuous, as in XIX Century side paddlers. The wake is rather odd due the paddles, but I think that it was a Smart choice for a pair of hull that were without Actual use, with a los rate of casulties and accidents, and an incredibe high output of trained. Thanks for the link! Cheers.

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Post subject: Re: American ingenuityPosted: January 12th, 2021, 10:19 am
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As a by - product of landing accidents, there are some USN WWII
aircraft at the bottom of Lake Michigan, not far from Chicago.
Also, since this is a fresh water lake, the aircraft are well
preserved, with less corrosion and virtually no marine plant
or animal growth on the wrecks. And, unlike ocean training,
these aircraft lie in shallow water and can be easily viewed
by divers.

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Post subject: Re: American ingenuityPosted: January 12th, 2021, 5:36 pm
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I believe "Corp" drew an AU version of Wolverine for the Carrier Challenge.

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