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Post subject: A Silly design to take away my doubts and show my newbie lvlPosted: February 8th, 2017, 3:08 am
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Hello Shipbucket forum, my name is jonatan, i am from Brazil(a.k.a. Hueland) and i'm here to show my very first Design that i made just 4 fun and test my level on ship bucket and as the title says, i wanna Take away my Doubts.
[ img ]
The History:
Rongyu-class "ships" are a a special type of ship designed to Protect the estuaries and the Delta of Dong Empire's Coast. After the Great Raid on ports of Southeast river mouth, Which is the shortest river between the capital and the coast of the Empire, made by privateers of Fallax Empire the Emperor noticed that his coastal defense was too weak and start a progam to built ships and other coastal defense system Specially designed for the improvement of security on the imperial coast. One Proposal interested the emperor for being exactly what he wanted, it wasnt a ship so, no needing to worry about the cost of fuel, It was resilent and has enough firepower to defend angaist any thread on sea or on shore, in case of total disable it could be used as Blockship. 5 Rongyu-class was ordered but only 4 was laid down due needing of upgrade Empire's River Navy(Brown water navy) the 5th ship was canceled. Rongyu, Zeren, Zhengzhi and Meide were commissioned as the most Powerful "Ships" of the Navy on that time. 16x2 10"/35 guns mounted in ship, the record of guns mounted on a single platform, sailors are trained and live for years onboard these "Ships". The Fortress is deployed by some Tugboats specially designed to move the Rongyu to position them in strategic places avoiding very shallow places or places affected by the tide preventing him from stranding. Although they are still used even after one century of service they are still far from being decommissioned, especially after the only war their cannon fired at the "enemy", proved to be so effective that its useful life for the empire jumped from 70 years to almost 200, It was the Xibei Revolution, an northen province of the Empire called Xibei rebelled against the empire and declared its independence as the Federation of Xibei, recognized and supported by the Zeematch kingdom. In all history of the World one single "Ship", the Zhengzhi, was able to sunk 10 enemy Capital and several Screen ships, resisting of fires from all directions from many Heavier guns and simultaneously suport the Land forces bombarding enemy positions, this was the Beimen Delta Battle. Since this was an Civil war one Rongyu-class was also in Xibei side, the Meide, was on the Xibei Hands but the Xibei navy only used the meide as a Blockship because this war wasnt to be decided on the seas but in the lands, despite the fact they have lost all other sea going ships on unsuccessfull attempts to break trough the rivers to the Heart of the Empire allways faced with the invincible and unsinkable Floating Fortress Rongyu, The Empire's Shield. Zeematch Sailors are terrified when they tell stories about the Battle of Beimei Delta and the Rongyu, that gave the fame of the Executioner of the Zeematch Navy until today. Aftermath the Xibei got their independence, but they Partially Scrapped the Meide converting in 2 Diferent Ships and using some Guns as Shore Defense Battery. From the Empire's Side even having lost the war, the Rongyu becomes a National Symbol of Honor since the Battle of the Beimei Delta, All other 3 Rongyu-class "Ships" still on active service, of course with many upgrades following the years with a project Aiming to install Anti-Ship Rockets on it's bow Space, which is used as a recreation site and crew training, even old the Rongyu's are the most effective weapon of defense in the Imperial Arsenal with many projects of Upgrades and possible substitute class on work, but the Legacy of these monsters will never be faded from Dong Empire's History.
Okay, i think the history is better tha the ship drawning as well, now let's go to the doubts:
1- I'm not good on shading some one knows an good tutorial 'bout it? i read the tut on site but it doesn't help me at all or just shading is not my beach... :lol:
2- I doesn't understand very much about the 1 pixel curve rule so... some one can explain it in "details" for me?
3- How to make the A E S T H E T H I C of the ship to it become less... ugly? Well i'm not good with decorations and details as well so some one have some tips?
4- I explored the forums a little bit and i could collect some COOL Sheets of parts that i could use on my designs? Like guns or some details...
Okay that is all guys now the Credits of Parts that i've "Kitbashed" :lol: from some drawings:
Darth Panda - For the 10"/35 Turrets from the BM-2 Amphitrite and CHoefer For the MON Passaic "Command bridge"(i think) That i used to make the Sight towers on my Design ^^
Well that is all Folks.
*I've seen in some replies people that correct some things, and i'm waiting for you because i need to know my mistakes to correct them.*

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Post subject: Re: A Silly design to take away my doubts and show my newbiePosted: February 8th, 2017, 7:33 am
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I can start with:

To many guns. Guns ard heavy. So now your ship is top heavy...

Shading, I use a 45 degree rule, but I am at work at the moment, so I do not have time to explain accurate now. (one example, look at a cup, notice how how the shade are around it, or even your own shade...)

Parts are free to use.

For looks, look at real ships from that era, and see how they look like.

Best way to get good at drawing, draw a real ship first

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Post subject: Re: A Silly design to take away my doubts and show my newbiePosted: February 8th, 2017, 4:21 pm
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Thanks mate, i'm actually drawning some real ships but i'm just with problems with shading(not so much now glad your tips but when you got time reply here to show me the example) and ship visual details. Note: The Rongyu isnt actually a ship it's a floating battery w/out propellers as you can see, and is realy realy much heavy( i estimate by size and estimated beam that the wheight is about 2 times heavier than the HMS Agincourt) but the AU wich the history that i'm devloping passes in a Earth human colony planet used for Human/civilization creation Experiments and the gravity Aceleration is about 7.9 N in other words the ship is lighther than it will be on Our Earth. However they are stuck into a "victorian era" Fighting for natural resources like petrol, natural coal( the planet is youth in universe parameters but it has imense forestation wich is used to make vegetal coal i think.) And Gold(the rarest thing on a planet very youth), there are Airplanes too but is restricted to military naval use(since the petrol is very rare and is the main fuel for them.) Launched from a seaplane tender(since they arent mass produced due fuel costs no need of an aircraft carrier i think.) The rockets that i refered on the history end are a type of Radio controled mortar vertical launched bomb with solid fuel engine, the range is variable and uses a Kinect penetrator to broke ship or incapacitate it(Rongyu's was also hit by some of them but with no serious effects due it's structure and counters.) Okay i'll stop that is enough and it's not the correct section to post it. ^^

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