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Author:  John_McCarthy1 [ July 31st, 2017, 2:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CA-B WIP

csatahajos wrote: *
Very nice attempt at CA-B! I hope once you have done this you will do the CA-C and maybe some of the CA2-x series as well ;).

Keep up the good work!
Thanks, and that's what I was planning on/thinking of doing. Especially once I get the hang of doing this.
As of now I am on vacation so I'm not going to be putting out much if any updates until I get home at the end of this week

Author:  Colosseum [ August 3rd, 2017, 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CA-B WIP

I'm out of town until Monday as well but will post a response for you when I get back ;)

Author:  John_McCarthy1 [ August 8th, 2017, 5:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CA-B WIP

here is the current rendition:
[ img ]

I believe I scaled the top view of the ship correctly, however while working on it a bit i noticed that the image isn't actually symmetrical. unless keeping the planes wing when I highlighted all of it changed the center and messed it up some how, if that's the case I could redo that.
as of now, i'm unsure what else to put on the ship to make it more filled up, I know firefighting equipment should be on there some where but idk, I think I will put more 20mms around the deck, but i'm going to have to look at other ships to get an idea of where to put them, since this is a completely hypothetical upgrade.
anyway, i didn't really work on it that much since I just got back from vacation. but it is looking pretty good and it's looking somewhat near completion.

Author:  Colosseum [ August 8th, 2017, 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CA-B WIP

Ok a few things to add (if you need suggestions):

- Anchors, chains, handling equipment, and wildcats on the bow
- Open & closed chocks along the main deck edge
- Cleats
- Vents (mushroom type & others)
- Firefighting equipment (racked hoses, applicators)
- Rope reels (wire rope and regular rope)
- Escape scuttles & hatches on deck
- Floater net bins
- Life rings
- Franklin life buoys (two along the main deck edge abeam the pilot house and the after conn)
- Side lights on the bridge wing (green for starboard, red for port)
- 12" signal lights on the bridge wings
- Pelorus (compass) on the bridge wings
- DAK or regular DF loop between the bridge and the foremast
- Vertical fighting lights (set of three along the foremast and bridge wings)
- Yardarms on both masts with signal halyards running to flag bins aft of the bridge and ahead of the after conn
- Signal platforms (for semaphore) next to each flag bin
- Siren and whistle on the forward stack, with steam feed line running up the front of the stack to it and a whistle pull wire running to the bridge wing
- (More vents)
- 5" practice loading machine (probably ahead of the no.3 turret)
- Lots of small lockers for various equipment (practice ammunition, 40mm ready service ammunition, foul weather clothing, vegetables/potatoes)
- Whip antennas
- Telephone boxes on gun tubs
- More vents
- Trash burner uptake on the after stack
- Screened speed light facing aft on the aft Mark 37 foundation
- Warping winch (probably abeam the no.3 turret)
- More reels (wire and regular rope)
- Side fenders (racked)
- Foremast lighting arrangements (see CL-50 drawing for this)

Lots of stuff to be placed. If you need help on where to put this stuff just consult the CL-50 drawing I linked earlier.

Author:  John_McCarthy1 [ January 7th, 2018, 1:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CA-B WIP

Well I've been busy from being a procrastinator and having college, so in my free time I've just been doing some work on the top view and some touches here and there for the side view. anyway here's what I've added:

[ img ]
I cleaned off more of the top view and added the 12" signal lights

[ img ]
The red and green was to test symmetry which the top view is not.

[ img ]
I continued cleaning off the top view

[ img ]
tried to see if the 5 inch guns were the same or not, and some more work on the top view

[ img ]
Top view mostly cleaned out and made symmetrical and I finished the platform for the aft most secondary turret

[ img ]
Started working on making a top view for the Baltimore's turrets, I spent about 2 hours looking around for the Ordinance pamphlet with the turrets in it, only to find that it did not exist online (without purchase at least)

[ img ]
to finish the turrets, I used the top view from the picture of the Baltimore from Norman Friedman's book US cruisers and matching the side view and it's measurements

[ img ]
added some more detail to the turrets and debated on putting a ladder in between each gun and whether or not if it looked good. I also decided to finish the top view and remove the catapults and airplanes to be replaced later with anything found from part sheets or made custom if needed

[ img ]
moved the top view to be in line with the side view, and started making corrections on the top view's placement of the super structure. also added an Anchor

[ img ]
here's where I am now, I continued working on the superstructure. I added the four screws after taking them from iirc the USS Baltimore picture and re-coloring them. I added some measure 22 with the colors from your USS Alaska image and added it to my color palette. I cleaned up the picture a bit by moving parts to the side and added credits as Charguizard suggested when I posted the image on the discord. I'm currently deciding on what the finished superstructure should look like, I will also need help with placing stuff on the ship for instance how far apart should the opened and closed chocks be, etc. but we'll get there when we get there I guess

Author:  Colosseum [ January 9th, 2018, 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CA-B WIP

You are definitely getting there.

Minor quibble "Measure 22" isn't a color but a scheme, which uses 5-N Navy Blue (the name of the color). Those colors are all on the camo colors sheet in my signature.

Keep going!

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