Oceana class Battle carrier (commissioned for me)
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Author:  Cheenoat [ April 24th, 2017, 4:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Oceana class Battle carrier (commissioned for me)

Oceana class
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Drawn by (
Class: Battlecarrier
Bow: Inverted-Axe
Hull: Trimaran
Length: 1820ft (554.7m)
Width: 435ft (132.6m)
Height: 235 feet (71.6m)
Draft: 60 feet (18.2m)
Tonnage: 208,000†
Speed: 35-40 knots
Aircraft: 142†
Boats: 4
Ship's Force: 4120†
Air Wing: 3680†

(1) Dual-420mm Rail Gun
(40) Extra-Large VLS
(372) Peripheral VLS
(80) VLS
(4) Dual 76mm Multi-Purpose Rail Guns

(10) 10Mw Lasers
(9) 30mm CIWS
(11) SeaRams
(64) Discrete Cluster Countermeasure Packs
180 Active Anti-Torpedo Decoy-Explosives
6 Active SONAR Decoys, towed
(18) Automated .50 Caliber Machine Guns
(14) .50-cal Machine gun posts
Full Command Electronic Warfare & Deterrence Suite

Power & Propulsion
Power Source: 3 3 AC1C3 3,700Mw PWR
Back up Source: 3Mw Diesel Generators
Battery Back up: 24 Hour life, 6 for propulsion
Propulsion: 4 Asimov Engineering CV-2 Magnetohydrodynamic jets
Secondary Propuslion: 4 Internal Asimov Engineering CV-2 Motor-Propulsors
Tertiary Propulsion: (insert other motors) 8 Maneuvering & Docking Motors, 2 Tertiary Jet Pumps, 2 Bilge Pump Assemblies, 3 Scoop Pumps

Ships in class:
FNV Oceana (1st in class, Hull layed in 2048 completed in 2055)
FNV Benegal (2nd in class, Hull layed in 2050 completed in 2064)
FNV Vung Tau (3rd in class, Hull layed in 2060 completed in 2071)

(More stats and details available upon request, I want to draw in SB scale eventually)

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