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Post subject: Re: FD scale AU sci-fiPosted: June 21st, 2014, 11:59 pm
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Really nice work.


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Post subject: Re: FD scale AU sci-fiPosted: December 12th, 2017, 8:33 pm
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Holy thread revival, Batman! Sorry for paleoposting, but this seemed like the best place to put up some Babylon 5 things.

Firstly, the SA-25A Muskrat heavy Starfury:
[ img ]

Frequently confused with the Badger-class 'fury (which would've had F-111 style side-by-side seating and never made it to the screen) the heavy Starfury was only seen in A Voice in the Wilderness in series 1.

SA-23A Nova Starfury:
[ img ]

Semi-canon in that it never appeared on screen but was part of the expanded universe B5 Wars tabletop game, the Nova was the predecessor to the SA-23E Aurora Starfury seen in the majority of Babylon 5. I borrowed the thrusters and thrust vectoring veins from DP and Paladin's Aurora but the rest is scratch-drawn based on B5 Wars designs. I'm knocking some Babylon 5 stuff together for some fan fiction I'm writing (yes, I know) and have some more stuff in the pipeline.

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