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Post subject: Re: FD Scale master lists - comments threadPosted: October 1st, 2017, 7:24 pm
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Today I was going to make a (long overdue) update of the Master Lists, but after looking on the older threads I thought it doesn't really make much sense any longer. Over time most picture hosting sites were eliminated - Majhost, Imageshack, Photobucket and partially Dropbox - and the pictures in the treads were in the end wiped out as well, so by now most of the links - even some relatively new ones - in the Master Lists lead to nowhere anyway (or more precisely: to the posts where there are no more pictures). So I guess trying to add new ones is just a waste of time. (Of course I'm still saving pictures for the future upload)

From the beginning the Master Lists were intended to be only a temporary measure until the FD section of the new website will be opened, after which the Lists would be un-pinned from the front page of FD Forum and just allowed to fade away like any other old thread.

Since the "New FD Archive" is still a matter of future, the Lists will remain for a time being, of course, to give at least some reference of "what's done".

But there's another matter - in order to make the "New FD Archive" a reality we need funding, which at this point is very much below expectations. Therefore I'd like to ask all those who consider a FD Archive a useful thing to think hard about it (and preferably make some financial arrangements about that situation ;) ).

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