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Post subject: Re: List of Ships in FictionPosted: July 9th, 2016, 5:27 am
In the middle of the 19th century, cruiser came to be a classification for the ships intended for cruising distant waters, commerce raiding, and scouting for the battle fleet. Cruisers came in a wide variety of sizes, from the medium-sized protected cruiser to large armored cruisers that were nearly as big (although not as powerful or as well-armored) as a pre-dreadnought battleship.

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For those of you following this thread, the text of both the 1890-1945 and 1945-2020 sections on page 4 have been fully updated and explanation notes added on the data recorded.

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There are three from A E Langsford,

HMS Marathon, Dido class cruiser
HMS Crusader, CVE
HMS Inflexible, fleet carrier

featuring "Captain Robert Thurston" who commands all three.

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Many thanks Krakatoa, I'll add those to the next update.

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Just to let readers know. I am still working on expanding my version of the list. I hope to have some new material up in the next week.

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An update for readers of this listing. My own version of the list, is now up to 17 pages of posts (Generally 1 book per post.) If you are a member of the Secret Projects forum, scans of particularly interesting covers can be viewed.

http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/i ... 0/all.html

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Part I: Fictional Warships 1850-1899

Notes: all ships are fictional names or real ships with fictional modifications or histories. Ships associated with a specific real class are assumed to be additional ships and listed in broadly chronological order. The specific class and detailed descriptions are determined by textual descriptions and/or visual representations. Name and pennant clashes with real ships are identified. Ships lacking any description are assumed to be of unknown design and named fictional classes are highlighted. For larger nations, real, unidentified and fictional classes are listed separately for clarity. Dates indicate the specific year when the ship is noted or the broad era the design lies within. For more details on fictional weapons, please see Appendix II.

SMS Windischgrätz: steam frigate, extant 1900

Ex-HMS Meridian (Inflexible Class): transferred 1895 [see Great Britain below]

Huan Min: wooden steam corvette, 4x guns [see 1900-45 Section]
Chen Su: torpedo boat, 2x1 3pdr, 1x2 TT, 1890s [see 1900-45 Section]

SMS Friedrich der Grosse: 1895; name clash 1874 Preussen Class ironclad
SMS Blumen
SMS Kaiser Wilhelm, Nürnberg, Königsberg: 1895

Great Britain
Ships of the Line
HMS Royal Oak, Prince Consort: 60x guns, possible 74-gun steam conversion, extant 1861
HMS Repulse: 59x guns, possible 74-gun steam conversion, extant 1861
HMS Speedfast, Chatelain, Courageous: extant 1862
Ironclad Battleships
9x unnamed: ironclad wooden ships, 26x 68lb guns, 13kts, 1862; modelled on La Gloire
HMS Prince Consort: 2x2 16in ML (turrets en-echelon amidships), 24in belt armour
HMS Meridian (Inflexible Class): launched 1877, refitted 1885 with pole masts, transferred to Chile 1895
HMS Majestic (Victoria Class): 6in BL upgraded to QF, 1888
HMS Adamant (modified Conqueror Class?): 1x turret, 1889
HMS Scarabaeus: 1889-99
HMS Clampherdown (Admiral Class): 2x 16.25in
HMS Lord Cochrane: monitor/battleship, 2x turrets, extant 1895
HMS Centurion (Centurion Class): real ship rebuilt 1890s, 4x 46ton (12in) guns with automatic loading, ?x 12pdr, ?x 3pdr, 6x Maxims, 12-9in main & 4in upper belts replaced by uniform 8in belt, new curved armour deck, new boilers and turbines, 19kts
HMS Argyll: 10,000 tons, 2x2 13in, 4x2 8in, 4x1 6in, 20x1 12pdr, 4x1 1pdr, 4x Gatling guns, 3x1 TT, 18in belt, 3in deck & 12in CT armour, 10,000shp, 1899; name clash 1904 Devonshire Class armoured cruiser
Frigates & Sloops
HMS Flamingo: steam frigate, 1850
HMS Trojan: steam 31-gun frigate, 300hp engine, 1855
HMS Huntress: steam 14-gun sloop, 1855
HMS Java, Southampton: sail frigates, extant 1862
HMS Biddle, Delia: 6-gun sloops, 1860s
HMS Viceroy: 9,210 tons, 380ft long, 4x1 8in, 28x 7in, 4.5in iron armour with 18in teak backing, designed by Sir Isaac Watts, built by Thames Ironworks & Shipbuilding Company, 1860s
HMS Leonidas: 1882
HMS Dog Star: 1889-99
HMS Scepter (Diadem Class)
HMS Port Royal: 1st Class cruiser, 1890s
HMS Plantagenet: 2nd Class cruiser, 1890s
HMS Vigilant: 2x1 8in, 10x1 6in, 10x1 12pdr
Mary Rose (ex-Valdavia): Elswick cruiser, 6,900 tons, 328ft x 60ft 8in x 21ft 10in, 4x1 9.2in, 4x2 4.7in in turrets, 14x1 6pdr, 6x1 5-barrelled Nordenfelt, 12x Maxim MGs, 6x TT (2x UW bow and stern), 11in belt, 2in deck & 4in redoubt armour, 12,000ihp, 17kts (unforced), 7000nm at 12kts, 1893; for undefined South American nation, impressed on completion as privateer
HMS Charybdis: 3rd Class cruiser, ?x 4.7in, 1894, extant 1914; name clash Astraea Class protected cruiser of 1896
HMS Halcyon: 1895; name clash 1894 Dryad Class torpedo gunboat
HMS Hector, Cardiff: 1895
HMS Rhodesia: armoured cruiser, 1897
HMS Lancaster, Beaufort, Atholl: armoured cruisers 1899
HMS Cumberland, Marlborough, Montrose, Sutherland: 2nd Class cruisers, 1899
HMS Aries: turtledeck with small conning tower and funnel, twin-screws, 1894
HMS Thunder Child (Super Polyphemus): torpedo ram, 1897
Torpedo Boats & Torpedo Boat Destroyers
HMS Torpedo Boat No.445: 1890s
HMS Terrier: torpedo gunboat, 800 tons, 2x1 4.7in, 19kts, 1890s [see 1900-45 Section]
HMS Seahorse, Talisman: 1890s
HMS O27: torpedo boat, 2x1 6pdr, 1x 18in TT, single screw reciprocating engine, 10kts [see 1900-45 section as HMS Gnome]
HMS Venomous, Vendetta, Venus, Vortex, Venture: 240 tons, 3x1 12pdr, 2x1 TT, 27kts, 1895
HMS Grebe: ‘30 Knotter’, 1890s
HMS Sparrow (C Class): launched 1899
HMS Bravo (D Class): only two funnels, launched 1897/98
HMS Sword: 12 tons, 4 crew, dynamo powerplant, 1-2 day endurance, 1896

Warsaw, Riga, Kharkov, Moscow: ?x 11, 1899
Constantine: 2-gun steam brig, 1855
Russia's Hope: 300 x 45ft, 2x1 8in, 8x1 6in, 4x Nordenfeldt, 2x TT (UE), 4x TT (AW); 2-3in deck armour; 6,500ihp engines, 16.5kts, range 8,000nm at 10kts, 1888
Little Son (ex-SS Moor): captured British steamer used as AMC, 2x1 6in, 4x1 Nordenfeldt, 2x small torpedo boats, 1888
Ostrolenka: 1st Class protected cruiser, 1890s
Gregoriev, Czarevitch: protected cruiser, 1890s
Poltava: armoured cruiser, 1895; name clash 1894 Petropavlovsk Class battleship
Nikolayev, Mohilev, Bariatinski: armoured cruisers, 1895
Obdorsk, Tobolsk, Saratov, Orenburg: armoured cruisers, ?x 9in, 1899

Yokohama, Shimonoseki: pre-dreadnoughts
Takatshio: unprotected cruiser, 1890-1900

Toro: submarine, man-powered, 2x towed charges, 70ft+ diving depth, 1879; similar to Hunley

Ramiero (Pelayo Class): battleship

United States of America
Ironclads & Battleships
USS Avenger: 2x2 400lb (13in) Parrott rifled guns (incendiary shells), 8in armour, 15kt, 1862
USS Virginia: 2x2 12in BL, quadruple expansion engines, 1863
USS Maryland: battleship, 1898
USS Connecticut: 1861
USS Ocklockonee: captured CSS Scotian [see below]
USS Lenox, Stockbridge: 1889-99
USS Yankee (ex-SS El Norte): cruiser converted from steamer, 4,695 tons, 408 x 48ft, 10x1 5in, 6x1 6pdr, 2x Colt MG, 1898
USS Owanee: 1861
USS Abraham Lincoln: steam frigate, 1x 3in (forecastle), 16kts, 1866
USS Bronx: 1863
USS Bellevite: armed yacht, 1863
USS Hunt: armed tug, 85ft long, 6ft draught, 2x 12pdr, built 1859, armed 1863
USS Canton: 180ft long, 1x 110lb BL rifled, 4x 64lb smoothbores, 10kts, laid down 1863, completed 1869
USS Lennehaha: 1889-99
USS Osprey: 5x1 6pdr (1x fwd, 4x casemates), 1x 4in (aft), ?x 3pdr, 15kts, 1890s
USS Essex, Lancaster: 1890s

Confederate States of America
CSS Yazoo River: 1861
Cruisers & Commerce Raiders
CSS Maryland: 1861
CSS Montgomery: cruiser, 1861
CSS Lee: 1864
Blockade Runners
CSS Arran
CSS Scotian: captured, became USS Ocklockonee
CSS Delta Dancer: sail/steam sloop
CSS Cape Fear: armed tug, 2x 10lb Parrott rifles, 1861
CSS General Page: 1x 32pdr, 1862
CSS Swanee: 2x guns (bow), ?x mines, side-paddles, 1864
CSS Little Rebel: Mississippi gunboat
CSS Pamlico

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Part II: Fictional Warships 1900-1945 - Section A-GB

Buenos Aires: 2x3 & 2x2 16in, 16x1 6in (12x casemates), 4x1 3in, 2x aircraft, US-built, 1926
Hipolito Bouchard: 23,300 tons, 3x2 381mm, 4x2 152mm, 2x aircraft, 29kts, Ansaldo design
Guerrico: 2x3 254mm, 5x2 120mm, 2x aircraft, 32kts+, Ansaldo design, 1930s
Garibaldi, San Martin (modified Littorio Class): 3x3 381mm, 5x3 152mm, 16x1 90mm
Spirio: 2x3 152mm (all fwd),10x 100mm, 2x3 533mm TT, 3x aircraft (aft hangar & catapult), Ansaldo design, 1930s
Los Pozos (Navigatori Class): 1930
Los Andes (Soldati Class): 1938

HMAS Victoria (ex-HMS Victorious) (Furious Class): battlecruiser, 2x1 18in, 12x1 6in, transferred 1936
Aircraft Carriers
HMAS Australia (Indefatigable Class): converted battlecruiser, 1930 ?x Hawker Osprey & Blackburn Dart, 1942 ?x Sea Wirraway & Brewster Buffalo
HMAS Melbourne (ex-HMS Vindictive): 8x1 4in, 18x Vultee Vanguard & Vultee Vengeance, transferred 1936; name clash Town Class cruiser
Heavy Cruisers
HMAS Darwin (modified Hawkins Class): 3x2 8in, 12x1 4.7in casemates, 3x1 3in, 1920s
HMAS Devonport, Adamant, Sydney, Albany (County Class): Sydney name clash Leander Class cruiser
HMAS Fremantle (York Class)
Light Cruisers
HMAS Armdale, Rockhampton: 2x1 9.2in, ?x 4in QF, MGs, 1914-18
HMAS Tempest (Crown Colony/Fiji Class): name doesn’t fit class
WW1 Classes
HMAS Reaper (R Class): Bren & Browning MGs added WW2
HMAS Swordsman (S Class): real ship not scrapped 1937 & extant WW2
HMAS Wanderer, Whippet (V&W Class): RN transfers
Interwar A-H Classes
HMAS Dauntless, Bantam
HMAS Jackal: 4x1 4.7in, 2x4 21in TT; name clash J Class HMS Jackal
J Class
HMAS Javelin: 1941; name clash HMS Javelin
HMAS Verity (D44): name clash V&W Class HMS Verity & pennant clash HMS Imogen/Lagos
HMAS Jason: name clash Halcyon Class minesweeper HMS Jason
J, K, N Classes
HMAS Wind Rode (G46), Swift, Witch: 35kts, 200 crew
HMAS Wolverine: 1941; name clash V&W Class HMS Wolverine
HMAS Sabre, Scimitar: name clashes older RN destroyers
HMAS Scourge (N Class): name clash S Class HMS Scourge
1943 Battle Class
HMAS Jackal: name clash sunken HMS Jackal
HMAS Fane (ex-HMS Jutland): uncompleted real ship, RN transfer
Fictional Classes
HMAS Pelican (ex-HMS Pelican) (H40): experimental design, 1,300 tons, 300ft long, 2x2 4in, 1x4 2pdr, 6x Bren & 1x Browning, SMGs, 3x2 21in TT, DCs, Asdic & Radar added by 1942, 30,000shp, 30kts (31kts design), single funnel, launched 1918, transferred 1933; name clash Egret Class sloop HMS Pelican & pennant clash HMS Anthony
HMAS Ayres, Bass, Timor: 3x2 4.7in (A, X & Y), 1942
HMAS Rockhampton: sloop, 1935-39
HMAS Roper (River Class RAN Group II)
HMAS Mackay (Bathurst Class)

Seznt Lazlo (ex-Rio de Janeiro): acquired while building from Brazil 1914
SMS Veritas Unitas (Tegetthoff Class?): 1917
SMS Wien, Budapest (Improved Tegetthoff Class): ceded to Italy 1919
Unnamed (Improved Tegetthoff Class?): ?x 350mm, 1917
SMS Salzburg (Seydlitz Class): built in A-H, 1917
Unnamed: ASW ship, 6x1 150mm, 8x TT, 1917; disguised as surfaced submarine

de Haan: armed barge, 18.3m long, 1x 75mm, 5kts, 1917; used in East Africa

Riachuelo (modified Queen Elizabeth Class)
Aquidaba, Duque de Caxias: 4x2 16in, 3x2 9.2in, British-built
Riachuelo, Rio de Janeiro (fictional Milano Class): [see Italy section]
Aircraft Carriers
Riachuelo (ex-HMS Vindictive): 8x1 4in, 18x aircraft, acquired 1936
Amapa (ex-USS Ranger CV-4): US transfer
Lima Barros: 3x1 5in, 2x1 20mm, ?x aircraft, merchant ship conversion, 1930s
Light Cruisers
Solimoes: 3x2 6in, 4x1 5in, 2x4 21in TT, US-built, 1930s

Great Lakes Battleships
HMCS Alberta: 10,000 tons, 2x2 12in, 10x1 6in
HMCS Edmonton: 2x2 12in, 16x1 6in, 4x1 12pdr
HMCS Windsor: 2x1 12in, 16x1 6in, 8x1 12pdr
HMCS Drummond: 16-18,000 tons, 2x2 12in, 12x1 6in, 12x1 12pdr
HMCS Quebec, Ontario and Acadia (Queen Elizabeth Class)
HMCS Canada (ex-HMS Canada, ex-Almirante Latorre): rebuilt & transferred 1928, 5x2 14in, 8x2 6in, 4x1 4in, 2x aircraft
HMCS Dominion (ex-HMS Iron Duke): refitted & transferred 1939, 5x2 13.5in, 8x1 6in, 4x2 4in, 2x8 2pdr, 2x4 0.5in HMGs, 1x aircraft
Aircraft Carriers
HMCS Ottawa (ex-USS Ranger CV-4): transferred 1939
Destroyers & Escorts
HMCS Yukon (V&W Class): interwar transfer
HMCS Dodge
HMCS Donnacona (K225) (Flower Class): pennant clash HMCS Kitchener
HMCS Macmichael (Flower Class?)
HMCS Riverford (River Class?)
HMCS Trois-Rivières: armed trawler, 1x 3-4in, 2x 40mm, DCs, 1941

Talcahuano (ex-USS Indiana BB-1): acquired 1900-03
Lautaro (ex-HMS Indomitable), San Martín (ex-HMS Inflexible): transferred 1920s, rebuilt 1930s, 2x2 12in, ?x 4in, 2x aircraft (crossdeck catapult), new machinery, 30kts
Esmeralda: 2x3 254mm, 5x2 120mm, 2x aircraft, 32kts+, Ansaldo design, 1930s
Aguila (ex-HMS Eagle): aircraft carrier, acquired 1920s
Almirante Cochrane (ex-HMS Eagle): ?x Hawker Sea Hurricanes & Fairey Albacores, acquired 1936
Angamos (York Class): 1930s
Dolores (Leander Class): 1930s
Tocopilla: destroyer, 1900-17
Colocolo (Tribal Class): 1930s

Huan Min: wooden steam corvette, extant 1910 [see 1860-99 Section]
Chen Su: 1890s torpedo boat, 2x1 3pdr, 1x2 TT (no torps), pirate ship by 1926
Yu Ying (ex-Libertad): acquired from Britain while building, 1904
Wei Pao (modified Kurama Class): 15,000 tons, built by Kawasaki, 1904-09
Huang Ch’eng: 13,500 tons, 3x2 14in (A, Q, Y layout) US model, 8x1 6in, 10in belt, 21kts, built by AG Vulcan, 1912-14
Hai Lung (modified Rivadavia Class): built by Bethlehem Steel, 1910-14
Kiang Lung (modified Tegetthoff Class): 2x3 2x2 12in, built by STT, 1909-12
Yanh Wei (modified König Class): built by AG Vulcan, 1911-14
Yu Lung (modified Minas Geraes Class): 6x2 12in, built by Vickers, 1909-12
Hu Lung (ex-Rio de Janeiro): acquired while building from Brazil 1914
Mei Nu: 2,800 tons, 10x1 102mm, 6x TT, 32kts, built by CNT (Austria-Hungary), 1913-14
Fang Shou Che (ex-HMS Monmouth): acquired from Britain 1910
Kuang Jung (San Giorgio Class): built in Italy, 1913
Hsun Lung: 5,500 tons, 2x2 203mm, 14x1 120mm, 2x TT, armoured, 28kts, built by CNT (Austria-Hungary), 1914
Huai Ssu (Town Class): 5,500 tons, 8x1 6in, 2x TT, 25kts, built by Vickers, 1913
Tao Yin T’ou (modified Königsberg Class): built by Vulkan, 1912
Chien Chi (Active Class): built by Vickers, 1912
Ex-USS Sea Lion: 1x TT, brought 1910

Ilmatar (Siegfried Class): acquired from Germany 1918
Valnola: coast defence ship, 3x2 280mm, 4x2 120mm, Ansaldo design, 1930s
Suomi (ex-Rurik): rebuilt 2x2 254mm, 4x2 150mm, 4x1 120mm, acquired from USSR 1920
Otso (Soldati Class): acquired from Italy 1939
Aarnikotka (Gryf Class): minelayer, Polish design, 1941

Maroc (Liberté Class?): pre-dreadnought, 2x2 305mm, three funnels
Magnifique: 1912
Guyenne: 4x2 340mm, 6x2 238mm, 15-18x 130mm, 1912-14
Vendée (ex-Greek Basileus Konstantinos): real alternative name was Savoie
De Grasse (ex-Richelieu): real ship, fictional 1945 US refit, 2x4 381mm, 3x2 US 6in auto DP, 20x4 40mm, 32x 20mm, 3x aircraft; name clash 1938 cruiser
Fictional Classes
Alsace: 48,000 tons, 3x4 406mm, 4x3 152mm, 4x2 100mm, 3x aircraft, 31kts, 1940
Gascogne: 58,000 tons, 270 x 38m, 2x5 400mm, 1945+
War Prizes
Corse (ex-Austro-Hungarian Prinz Eugen)
Alsace (ex-Thüringen)
Artois, (ex-König)
Foix (ex-Bayern)
Poursuivante (ex-Seydlitz)
Impatiente (ex-Derfflinger)
Victoire (ex-Hindenburg)
Incorruptible (ex-Mackensen)
Petain (ex-HMS Malaya): 1941
Gille 1913 Design
Amiral Charner: rebuilt 1936, 3x4 340mm, 20x1 138.6mm, 16x2 100mm, 2x4 13.2mm, 3x aircraft; name clash armoured cruiser sunk 1916
Fictional Classes
Indomptable: 2x4 305mm (en-echelon amidships), 6x1 155mm, 8x aircraft, catapults bow & stern, 1925
Lorraine: 35,000 tons, 3x4 330mm, 4x4 130mm, 4x2 100mm, 3x aircraft, 33kts, 1939
Gascogne: 37,000 tons, 2x4 381mm, 3x3 152mm, 8x2 100mm, 3x aircraft, 30kts, 1940
Aircraft Carriers
Voltaire (Joffre Class): 1942
Tréhouart: armoured cruiser, 1900s
Sarrebruck (ex-Koln Class): war prize 1919
Martinique, Spartiate (Algerie Class)
L’Orient: 1930s
Fictional Classes
Côte d'Azur: heavy cruiser, 16,500 tons, 4x4 203mm, 12x2 100mm, 2x aircraft, 33kts, 1940
Louve: 1913-18
Surcouf Class
Soufriere, Leviathan: modified design, 1x2 203mm, 8x bow & 2x stern 21.7in TT (40x torps), 1x aircraft, 12,000 mile range, 1934
Fictional Classes
Le Vengeur +20 unnamed: 1x torp, 1901


SMS Lippe (Nassau Class)
SMS Ermland (Helgoland Class)
SMS Max Josef (König Class)
‘Battleship X’ (ex-Salamis): 4x2 14in, 12x1 150mm, 12x1 88mm, 5x TT
Unidentified Classes
SMS Blumen: pre-dreadnought, extant 1916
SMS Karl Adelbert
SMS Friesland: 1915
SMS Kaiser Friedrich III, Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse: 1916; name clashes Kaiser Friedrich III Class
SMS Wörth, Salzburg, Koeln, Koblenz, Kassell: 1916; Wörth name clash Brandenburg Class ship
SMS Bismarck, Wilhelm II, Kaiser Frederich, Koenig Albert, Sturmvogel, Hamburg, Postdam: 1917-22
Fictional Classes
SMS Hohenzollern (modified Deutschland Class): 14,000 tons, 2x2 280mm, 8x1 240mm, 20x1 88mm, 18kts
SMS Julich (modified Deutschland Class): 6x1 280mm, 8x1 150mm
SMS Sachsen, Grosser Kurfürst +2 unnamed: 6x2 280mm L/50 (superfiring turrets), 24x1 88mm, 10x pom-poms, 1906-10
SMS Prinz Georg: 4x2 350mm, 14x1 150mm
SMS Markgraf: 5x2 14in, 14x1 150mm, 12x1 88mm, 2x 50mm, 5x TT (UW)
Erzatz Worth: 4x2 380mm, 16x1 150mm, 12x1 & 4x1 HA 88mm
SMS Stein, Ziethen, Graf Spee (ex- De Zeven Provincien, De Ruyter, Marten Harpertzoon Tromp): building for Netherlands impressed on completion [see Netherlands section]
SMS Eiserne Kreuz, Karl der Grosse, Barbarossa, Hermann, Furst Bismarck, Bremen, Weimar, Germanicus: diesel-powered, 1917
War Prizes
SMS Rhien (ex-Courbet)
SMS Kowel (ex-Gangut)

SMS Jachmann (Von der Tann Class)
SMS Zieten (Seydlitz Class)
SMS Schwerin, Siegfried (Derfflinger Class): Siegfried name clash Siegfried Class coast defence ship
SMS Bleucher (Derfflinger/Seydlitz Class): name clash armoured cruiser Blücher
Unidentified Classes
SMS Von Kluck: 1917
Fictional Classes
SMS Furst Ernest: 5x2 turrets, three funnels, 1916
War Prizes
Sondhaus, Jachmann (ex-Borodino & Izmail)

Armoured Cruisers
SMS Wolf, Kondor (Scharnhorst Class)
SMS Manteuffel (Scharnhorst Class): modified design, 1906-10
SMS Walküre, Stosch, Prinz Leopold (Blücher Class)
Unidentified Classes
SMS Essen: extant 1916
Fictional Classes
SMS Ziethan: 152m long, 10x1 150mm, three funnels
SMS Waldersee, Caprivi, Moltke: 16,000 tons, 2x2 280mm, 10x 210mm, four funnels, 1906-10
War Prizes
Balmung (ex-Rurik)

Light Cruisers
Wiesbaden (Cöln II Class): real uncompleted ship
Unidentified Classes
SMS Zietan: ?x 150mm, 1912
SMS Homburg: four funnels, 1911
SMS Plauen: 1910-17
SMS Wulfing, Jason: 1916
SMS Koln: name clash Kolberg Class Cöln
SMS Hellner, Metz: 1914-18
War Prizes
Riga, Reval (ex-Russian Svetlana Class): 7x1 150mm

Torpedo Boats & Destroyers
Unidentified Classes
SMS Von Schroder: named destroyer unusual
SMS S174: 1914; pennant clash G174
SMS S367: 1915
SMS V198, V199 (1918M Class?): 1918; pennant clash H-198 & H-199
SMS V201: 1918
Fictional Classes
SMS Drache: torpedo boat, 3x1 50mm, 2x bow TT, extant 1915-16
Unnamed: 6x1 105mm, ?x TT

U172, U174: (Type U 151 Class): 2x1 150mm, 1918
Unidentified Classes
U129: 1917
U193, U292: 1918
U553: pennant number too high
U904: 1918; pennant number too high
UC49: 40x mines, 1917
UC115: 1918; real UC115 (UC III Class) uncompleted in 1918
X9: 1917; unusual non ‘U’ pennant
Fictional Classes
20x unnamed (U-?): 1,200 tons, 2x 77mm (disappearing mounts), 2x pom-poms, 4x TT, 1,000 mile range, Krupp-Germania design, 1914
U-? (D Class): 2x 500mm TT (6x torps), 1915
U-?: 2x1 105mm, ?x TT, 16kts (surf), 1916
U-?: 1x 77mm (retractable turret), 4x1 50mm, no TT, mines, 1917
U623: 1x 75mm, 1916; pennant number too high
U74, U75, U76, U77: long-range subs, 91.44m long, 1x105mm, 4x 533mm+ beam TT, 1917
U247: 2x1 150mm, 1918; real U247 never laid down in 1918
Deutschland: blockade-runner; 600ft long, 1x 105mm, 1918; name clash real sub (U-155)

Unnamed: 85 x 14 x 6m (1.5m freeboard), 1x2 424mm (amidships), 305mm armour, 24,000hp, 19kts (27kts forced), 1910

SMS Blitz: torpedo gunboat, 42.7 x 7.6 x 3m, 1x 105mm, 1x 88mm, 4x MGs, ?x TT, 1903
SMS Blitz: 1911; real Blitz depot ship from 1903
SMS Leopard (Iltis Class): name clash AMC sunk 1917
SMS Essen: armed trawler, 1x gun
Unnamed: armed trawler, 1x 75mm
SMS Kaiserin Louisa: colonial gunboat, 1x 50mm, 12kts, 1900-1914; used in East Africa
SMS Kingani: armed steamer, 3x1 105mm/88mm, 1915; used in East Africa, name clash real ship captured by RN on Lake Tanganyika
SMS Afrika: armed paddle steamer (stern-wheel), 1x 105mm, ?x MG, 10kts, 1917; used in East Africa

Armed Merchant Raiders
‘B-Boat’ (fictional B-97 Class): 1,843 tons, 32kts, 2x4.1in, 3x19.7in TT, resembles three funnelled merchant, 1915-17
Graf von Posen, Volksdorf, Hertzolf
Osnabruck: converted liner, 25kts
Essen: 4x1 150mm, 1x 105mm, 2x TT, 1916
Valkyrie: 8x1 150mm, 2x 533mm TT, 1x Brandenburg FF-33 seaplane, 1916
Vaterland: 1x 203mm, 4x MGs, 1917
Vulkan: 4x1 150mm, 1x 105mm, 300x mine, ?x TT, 16kts, 1917
Kormoran: armed steamer, 1918
Unnamed: 6x1 150mm, 1917
Unnamed: 4x 150mm, 1x 88mm, ?x TT, 1918

SMS Bergerhof, Kondor: submarine depot ships, 1917
SMS Sachsen: training ship, 1910-14; name clash pre-dreadnought


Pommern (1906 Deutschland Class): survived WW1, training ship by 1939
Jachmann (Zencker design): 4x2 305mm, 3x3 150mm, 2x2 88mm, 2x3 533mm TT, 140mm belt, 34kts, 1928
Deutschland Class
Koenig, Inbrunst, Admiral Richter, Ludendorf, Dortmund
Prinz Ludwig: 1940
Brandenburg, Lindendorf: similar to Graf Spee, 1942-43
Wolfe: modified design, 2x3 280mm, 10x1 150mm, ?x TT, 100,000shp steam turbines, 30kts (25kts cruising), 1943
Seidlitze: modified design, two funnels; misspelt Seydlitz?
[see also Battleship-Carrier section]
Scharnhorst Class
Bleucher: modified design, two funnels, 1940; name clash Hipper Class Blücher
Bismarck Class
Deutschland, Friedrich de Grosse, Hohenzollern
Bismarck Class (Fictional Modified Designs)
Ludendorff: 254.8 x 36.7m, 4x2 381mm, 6x2 150mm, 8x2 105mm, 8x2 37mm, 70x 20mm, 30kts
Leutjens: 4x2 381mm, 14x 128mm, 14x2 37mm, 8x2 20mm, 1944
Frederick the Great: 2x2 381mm (A & B turrets), 6x2 150mm, 8x2 105mm, 8x2 37mm, 2x launching ramps and assembly area for 200x V-1s aft, 31kts
[see also Battleship-Carrier and Monitor sections]
H Class
Hindenburg, Nuremberg, Lohengrin, Friedrich der Große
Fictional Classes
Moltke: 3x3 280mm, 10x 150mm, launched early 1937
Zeus: 1943; unlikely name
Nassau: 3x3 381mm, 8x2 150mm, 10x2 105mm, 8x2 37mm, 8x2 20mm, 2x3 533m TT, 1942
Attila: 45,000 tons, 3x3 406mm, 12x 150mm (1x & 2x mounts), ?x 105mm, 2x3 533mm TT, 30kts, 1942
Von Moltke, Von Falkenhein (H42 Class): 83,300 tons, 308m long, 4x2 508mm, 6x2 150mm, 32.2kts
Hindenburg (H45 Class): 148,000 tons, 350m long, 4x2 530mm, 18x2 150mm, 30x2 105mm 28kts
Führer: 122,000 tons, 4x2 530mm, 10x2 128mm, diesel & steam turbines, 30kts, 1945
Friedrich der Grosse: 62,000 tons, 273 x 39m, 10x 400mm, 1945
Friedrich der Grosse, Rossbach, Zollnorf, Knellsdorf (B Class): 63,000 tons, 282m long, 4x2 420mm, 6x2 150mm, 33.6kts
War Prizes
Von Brauchitsch (ex-HMS Valiant)

O Class
Posen, Yorck
Barbarossa, Mackensen, Jorg: modified design, 36,500 tons, 257m long, 3x2 381mm, 3x2 150mm, 33.8kts
P1 Class
Fictional Classes
Schoenfeld: 537 crew, described as obsolete
Hindenburg: 30,500 tons, 3x2 381mm, ?x 105mm, 33kts, 1941

Graf Fitti (converted Deutschland Class): 1x3 280mm, 4x1 150mm, 4x2 37mm, 16x fictional Ar-196T scout bombers, 30kts, 1939
Odin (converted Bismarck Class): 47,000 tons, 2x2 381mm, 2x2 150mm, 20x2 37-20mm, 24x aircraft, 28kts, angled deck with 2x lifts, 1939
Hindenburg (converted H45 Class): 133,096 tons, 345m long, 4x2 508mm, ?x aircraft, 1946

Aircraft Carriers
Graf Zeppelin Class
Hindenburg, Mackensen: modified design, 28,000 tons, no 150mm casemates, 2x catapults, 1942-43
Moewe: modified design, 3x2 105mm, 8x2 37mm, ?x aircraft, 1943
Converted O Class
Pommern: 24,000 tons, 8x2 150mm casemates, 6x2 105mm, 24x aircraft (including fictional Arado Seepferd torpedo-bombers), 35kts, 1939
Converted M Class
Oden: 2x2 150mm, 4x2 88mm, 10x2 37mm & 20mm, 10x aircraft, 160m long flight deck, 1944
Liner Conversions
Europa, Bremen: 49,000 tons, 6x2 105mm, 56x 37mm & 20mm, 42x aircraft, 26.5kts, 1943
Kiel (ex-SS Gneisenau): similar to real proposed SS Scharnhorst conversion, 18,000 tons, 1944
Catapult Ship
Friesenland: ?x 37mm & 20mm, 1x flying boat, 1943
Unidentified Classes
Wagner: 1942
Fictional Classes
Gunther Luck, Gorch Fock, Fritz Hienzen: converted cruiser hulls, 6x Bf-109T, 8x Fi-167, 8x Ju-87C (later 8x Bf-109T, 14x Ju-87C, 2x Fl-282), armoured flightdeck, 1930s
Wuppertal, Bochum (Wuppertal Class): 10,800 tons, 1943
Nemo: 20,000 tons, 250m long, 20x Ju-88, no armament or armour, 40kts, 1943
Erich Levenhartt: 43,000 tons, 60x aircraft (including fictional Ta-483, He-481 & Me-462 jet fighters)
Von Richthofen, Hermann Goering: 72,000 tons, 81x aircraft (including fictional Ta-483, He-481 & Me-462)
War Prizes
Moltke (ex-Bearn)
Dusseldorf (ex-Duquesne), Dortmund (ex-Tourville): converted, 1940
Braunschweig (ex-Joffre), Lothringen (ex-Painleve), Preussen (ex-Voltaire), Hessen: captured and completed 1942-43
Westfalen (ex-Clemenceau), Mecklenbrug (ex-Jean Bart), Rheinland (ex-Gascgone), Posen, Elsass: converted from battleship hulls, 1942-44
Munchen (ex-De Grasse): converted from cruiser hull, 11,400 tons, 1943
Dresden, Duisberg, Danzig: one captured Soviet Kirov Class hull & two new-build, 10,000 tons, 1942-44

Hindenburg (modified Bismarck Class): 2x2 381mm (A & B turrets), 8x2 37mm, additional armour, 2x diesel engines with single shaft, 12kts
Metternich, Talleyrand, Fouché: 10,080 tons, 145m long, 1x2 381mm, 1x2 150mm, 2x2 105mm, 25.8kts

Heavy Cruisers
Hipper Class
Moltke, Braunschweig, Oberhausen, Darmstadt, Recklinghausen, Solingen, Regensburg, Gottingen, Koblenz, Köln, Muhldorf, Stuttgart: town names don’t fit class, Köln name clash CL
Goeben, Lutzow: 4x3 150mm, modified design with broader beam to allow 4x3 203mm
Prinz Luitpold: modified design, 35kts
War Prizes
Felix Schultz (ex-USS Pittsburgh CA-72)
Unidentified Classes
Brandenburg: 1939
Moltzen, Holstein, Leopold: ?x 203mm
Fictional Classes
Nienburg: 6,000 tons, 3x2 8in, 6x2 105mm, 2x2 533mm TT, 30kts, 1940
Minden: 3x3 203mm, 4x3 533mm TT, 1x aircraft, 32-33kts, 1941; resembles Scharnhorst

Light Cruisers
Magdeburg (Emden Class)
Schwerin (Königsberg Class)
Lübek, Brandenburg (Leipzig Class)
M Class
Kolberg, Mainz, Augsburg, Dresden, Ariadne
Arcona: modified design, 8,000 tons, 4x2 150mm, 2x4 533mm TT, 34kts
Unidentified Classes
Admiral Gustave: ?x 150mm
Fictional Classes
Essen: 3x2 150mm, three funnels; could be circa 1910-25 design
Magdeburg, Mainz, Rostock, Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden Class): 5,800 tons, 510 x 46 x 20ft, 8x1 150mm, 3x1 88mm, 4x1 533mm TT, 2in belt & 2in deck armour, 29kts, 550 crew, 1922+
Emden, Breslau (Breslau Class): modified Wiesbaden Class with 4x2 150mm turrets; name clash Emden Class cruiser
Seydlitz, Nurnberg, Weisbaden: 10,000+ tons, ?x 150mm, 1930; sisters completed as carriers [see Gunther Luck above]
Berlin, Dresden, Nurnburg (Berlin Class): 8,000 tons, 510 x 46 x 20ft, 3x3 150mm (A, B, X layout), 3x2 105mm, 4x2 37mm, 2x4 533mm TT, 2in belt & 2in deck armour, 110,000shp steam turbines, 33kts, 550 crew, 1933+; name clash Nurnberg Class cruiser

Hans Ludemann, Ernst Heinemann, Wagner (Type 1934 Class)
Z-85 (Type 1936A Class): 1944; pennant far out of sequence
Meteor (Spahkreuzer)
Unidentified Classes
Hans Arnim: 1937-44
Fictional Classes
Unnamed: 2,000 tons, 3x2 127mm (turrets), ?x TT, 1941

Bayern (1938 Minelayer A Class): 5,700 tons, 4x2 105mm, 400x mines, 40,000shp, 28kts, 20mm deck armour

Armed Merchant Raiders
Meteor: ?x 150mm
Helmut Genscher: 6x1 150mm, 4x 533mm TT, 2x He-114 seaplanes, 1940
Bottrop: supply ship, 2x1 105mm (sided mounts fwd), MGs, twin-screw, 1940
Talca: 4x1 150mm, 1x 60mm, 1x2 37mm, 4x1 20mm, 2x 533mm TT, 1940
Seepanther: 6x1 150mm, 2-4x 533mm TT, 1941
Viking: 1941
Sieglinde: 1942
Komoran (II): replacement for original Kormoran, 1942
Gerhard Abusch: supply ship, 3,500 tons, ?x 50mm & 20mm, 1942
Neuss: 4x1 150mm, AA, 2x 21in TT, 19kts, 1942
Nassau: 19,000 tons
Biteroff, Titurel: 8x1 150mm, ?x TT, Ar-96 & He-114 seaplanes, 1943
Nashorn (ex-SS Morava): 2x1 150mm, mines, 10-12kts, rebuilt armoured upper works resemble 1860s monitor, 1943
Heilbronne: armed U-boat supply ship, 4,500 tons, 17kts, converted Banana boat, 1943
Unnamed: 4,700 tons, 1x2 105mm, mines, three funnels, 1943
Bremse: supply ship, 1x 105mm, MGs, 1944
Salamander: 8,000 tons, 8x1 150mm, 6x 37-20mm, ?x TT, mines, 2x Ar-196 seaplanes, 1944
Wölfchen: 8,000 tons, 8x1 150mm, 6x 37-20mm, ?x TT, mines, 1944

Type VIIB Class
U616: 1939; pennant clash Type VIIC of 1942
UB44: 1939; UB pennant not used after WW1
Type VIIC Class
U684, U906: real uncommissioned subs completed
U700: carries experimental Wotan torpedo, 1941
Type IX Class
U99, U100: modified as underwater minesweeper then troop transport, 1940; pennant clashes Type VIIB Class subs
U? (Type IXD): modified design, 2x1 105mm, 250 ton explosive charge, 1942
Type XX Class
U557: modified design, 4x additional bow TT (1x G7a torp each), 1x 105mm, 1x 37mm, 1x2 20mm, has snorkel; pennant clash Type VIIC of 1940 [see also Non-State Ships 1945-2025 section]
Type XXI Class
U700: pennant out of sequence
U2532: real uncommissioned sub completed 1944
U2666: real unbuilt sub completed 1945
U3312, U4117, U4118
Type XXII Class
U497: pennant of cancelled Type XIV
War Prizes
UF-4 (ex-Surcouf): refitted to carry minisub aft with advanced Lorelei PsMB-1 3-D sonar and 2x torps [see I-507 in Japan section]
UM34 (Molch Class): 1944; UM is fictional pennant
UM77 (Marder Class): 1944; UM is fictional pennant
Unidentified Classes
U159: 1940; pennant of Type IXC of 1941
U1706: pennant of cancelled Type XX
U0117, U0153: 1944; unusual pennants
UB7, UB16, UB203: 1939-40; UB pennant not used after WW1
Fictional Classes
U1215: 134 x 9.3m, 6x 533mm TT (bow) (fictional acoustic torps with Magnetohydrodynamic propulsion) & 2x TT for decoys (aft), nuclear propulsion & Magnetohydrodynamic drive propulsion, 18kts; pennant of cancelled VIIC/42
U2317: hydrogen peroxide turbine; pennant of cancelled VIIC/42, too high for Type XXVI
U7007 (Type XXVII): 11,000 tons, 173m long, 4x 533mm TT, 3x2 55mm, 2x2 30mm, ?x Me-163U aircraft, 1946
UX791 (U-1200 Class): experimental design 1943; pennant clash cancelled U791 modified V-80 design with Walther HTP turbine, portrayed by November Class K-159
NP-1: experimental, 3,000 tons, nuclear propulsion with Water-Jet, 25kts surf, 22kts sub, 6x 533mm TT (18x acoustic torps), sonar fire-control, built by Blohm und Voss, 1941-43; unusual non ‘U’ pennant
Unnamed minisub class: resembles U-Boat, ?x 533mm TT, diesel/electric propulsion, 4 crew, 1942
Kriegsmarine Base 211: pens & dockyard built into the Ronne Ice Shelf
Bear Island: pens & dockyard built into cliff

Den Magre Kvinde (The Gaunt Woman): Danish square rigged sailing ship, covert submarine tender, 1943
Kaiserhof: submarine depot ship, converted 20,000 ton liner, 2x1 150mm, 50x minisubs launched via modified stern, 1942
Lothringen (ex-Londres): ferry boat captured 1940, converted to minelayer, submarine tender by 1944
Leipzig: liner converted into troopship, 1940
Wilhelmina, 1930s liner converted into transport, 1940

S-Boats/Light Craft
E12: 1940; British E-boat mis-designation
Lübek: prototype, 9 crew + infantry company, 1940
S 248 (S-100 Class): pennant clash unbuilt Schlichting-Werft boat
H-Boat: hydrofoil, 2x1 20mm aircraft turrets, 2x TT, 1945
Patzig: armed trawler, 1x 37mm Polish Bofors, 2x MG-34 LMGs, 1941

Great Britain

Pre-Dreadnought Battleships
HMS Incomparable (Canopus Class): 1900
Unidentified Classes
HMS Georgetown
HMS Cumberland, Polyphemus: 1902; Cumberland name clash Monmouth Class armoured cruiser
HMS Samson: 1905
Fictional Classes
HMS Sultan, Defiance, Active, Redoubtable, Malta, Excellence, Courageous, Valiant, Glasgow: Sultan has 7.5in secondary battery, all have two funnels, 1906-10
HMS Indefatigable: anti-torpedo bulkheads, 1906-10; name clash Indefatigable Class battlecruiser
HMS Britain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales: 12x 14in, 10x 9.2in, ?x 12pdrs, ?x Nordenfelt & Maxims, 11in belt, 1910
HMS Blusterer: has 9.2in secondary battery, 1,000 crew

HMS Elephant (ex-Brazilian Sao Paulo): acquired while building 1909
HMS Nile and Camperdown (ex-Brazilian Minas Gerais Class): acquired while building 1910
HMS Captain (Bellerophon Class)
HMS Elephant (Saint Vincent Class)
HMS Atlas (Neptune Class)
HMS Tremendous (Orion/ Iron Duke Class): modified design, 24,000 tons, 5x2 13.5in, 30,000hp turbines, 21kts
HMS Nile, King Henry V (Queen Elizabeth Class): King Henry V is Churchill’s suggested name for HMS Agincourt
HMS India (ex-Chilean Almirante Cochrane): completed 1916
Unidentified Classes
HMS Incontestable, Malplaquet, Victoria: 1910-17
HMS Splendacious: ?x2 15in
HMS Rampagious: 1916
Fictional Classes
HMS Vanguard, Thunderer, Devastation, Bellerophon (improved Dreadnought Class): three funnels, 1907-10
HMS Formidable: 4x2 15in, 14x1 6in, 2x1 3in, 24+kts
HMS Ocean (Ocean Class): 2x2 & 2x3 15in, 12x1 6in, 22kts
HMS Queen Victoria, Nile, Trafalgar, Devastation (Queen Victoria Class): 35,502 tons, 721ft 4in x 95ft 5in x 30ft, 5x2 15in, 14x1 6in, 2x1 3in AA, 4x 3pdr, 2x 21in TT (sub), 13-6in belt, 6-4in bulkheads, 10-4in barbettes, 3in decks, 13in turret faces, 11in CT,1oil-fired 69,957shp, 25kts, 4500nm, 1,293-1,681 crew, 1915-16
HMS Queen Anne: ?x2 15in (has P & Q midships turrets), ?x 6in, 1,049 crew, 1915
HMS Revenge, Retribution, Reprisal (R Class): 4x2 16in, 14x1 6in, 2x 3in AA, 2x aircraft, 1917 [see 1920-1945 entry]
War Prizes
HMS Ushant (ex-Kaiser Class)
HMS Quiberon (ex-König Class)
HMS Jutland (ex-Bayern Class)

HMS Implacable, Intrepid (Indomitable Class?)
HMS Intrepid (Indefatigable Class)
HMS Impregnable (modified Indefatigable Class): 18,000tons, 4x2 12in, 25x1 4in, 26kts
HMS Leviathan, Princess Anne, Unicorn (Queen Mary Class)
HMS Leopard, Panther (Tiger Class): Panther name clash B Class destroyer
HMS Formidable (modified Tiger Class): 4x2 15in, 14x1 6in, 2x1 4in AA
HMS Sans Pareil (ex-IJN Kongo): acquired while building 1913
HMS Reliant (Repulse Class): [see 1920-45 section]
HMS Victorious (Furious Class): 2x1 18in, 12x1 6in
Unidentified Classes
HMS Redoubtable: 1910-14; name clash pre-dreadnought (ex-HMS Revenge)
HMS Ponderous, Thunderbolt, Terrific, Tremendous: 1913-17
HMS Panther: 1917; name clash B Class destroyer, not same ship as entry above
HMS Canada, Burma: 1914-18; Canada name clash battleship (ex-Almirante Latorre)
Fictional Classes
HMS Indus: 22,000 tons; 1913-20
HMS Leopard: 20,000 tons, 4x2 12in, 24kts, 1914; similar to Indomitable Class
HMS Wolf, Hyena (Animal Class): ?x 15in, 1914-18; unlikely names
HMS Leviathan: 4x2 15in
War Prizes
HMS Cochrane (ex-Moltke)
HMS Black Prince (ex-Seydlitz)
HMS Defence (ex-Derfflinger)

HMS Ithuriel: semi-submerged ram; 300 x 50 x 30ft, 5x1 ‘special’ guns, petrol, pulverised coal and liquid oxygen mix fuelled-engines driving four screws, 45kts (35kts astern), 1910

Armoured Cruisers
HMS Achates, Thunder, Egypt, Cretan, Mogul (Cressy Class)
HMS Henry IV, Warwick, Edward III, Cromwell (modified Duke of Edinburgh Class): 13,000tons, 22kts, 1910
HMS Bantry (Minotaur Class)
Unidentified Classes
HMS Phyllis, Carnation, Mary Rose, Centaur: 1901-05
HMS Huguenot, Launceston, Lawrence, Foreshire: 1911
Fictional Classes
HMS Waltham: 12x 6in, 12x 3in, 21kts
HMS Londonderry, Olympia: 2x2 9.2in, ?x 7.5in, ?x 3pdr, 1906-10
HMS Polyphemus, Achates: 2x2 9.2in, 3-5x TT (UW), 1906-10
HMS Gloucester: 6in belt, four funnels, 1906-10
HMS Lion: 2x1 9.2in, 8x1 6in, 1906-10
HMS Kincardineshire, Selkirk, Southampton, Lincoln (Town Class): 2x2 & ?x 6in, 1906-10
HMS Iphigenia, Orion: 12in, 8x2 9.2in, 23kts, 1906-10; Iphigenia name clash Apollo Class cruiser
HMS Terrific: 14,000 tons, ?x 9.2in, ?x 6in, 1906-10
HMS Leicestershire: 4x 7.5in, ?x 3pdr, 1906-10
HMS Collingwood, Illustrious, Insuperable, Implacable (Collingwood Class): modified Invincible Class design, 6x2 9.2in, 1908-10
HMS Hector, Hercules: 4x1 9.2in, 4x1 7.5in, ?x 12pdr, ?x 18in TT (UW), 1,200 crew, 1911
HMS Pompey: 2x1 9.2in, 14x1 6in
HMS Topaze, Pique: 2x2 9.2in
HMS Khartoum, Trincomalee: ?x 9.2in, ?x 6in, ?x 12pdr, 1913-20
HMS Leopard: ?x 8in, extant 1914
HMS Surprise (E3 Class): 18,000 tons, 580ft long, 4x2 9.2in Mk XVI (fict), 29kts, 1915
HMS Attack: ?x 8in, 1916

Light Cruisers
Town Class
HMS Artemas, Conflict (Arethusa Class): Conflict name clash 1894 Conflict Class destroyer
HMS Padstow, Harwich (Bristol Class): Padstow 4,600 tons, 1910
HMS Sunderland (Dartmouth Class): 5,000 tons, 1911
HMS Bantry (Chatham Class): 1912-13
HMS Antigone, Antinous (Weymouth/Chatham Class): 8x1 6in; names don’t fit class
HMS Oxford, Guildford, Scarborough
HMS Penzance: 27kts, 1914
C Class
HMS Dauntless (Caroline/Calliope Class): launched 1915; D name doesn’t fit class
HMS Chesterton, Carnelian (Caroline/Cambrian/Centaur Class)
HMS Cassiopeia, Canopus, (Calypso/Imp Calypso Class)
HMS Castile, Connaught (Ceres/Carlisle Class): launched 1917
HMS Stirling (Ceres Class): name doesn’t fit class
HMS Charybdis: name clash Astraea Class protected cruiser of 1893
HMS Coronel, Camilla: extant 1940
D Class
HMS Diligent, Defiant, Daemon, Dumbarton: 1919-22; Diligent real ship un-cancelled
Unidentified Classes
HMS Venus: 3rd Class cruiser, 1901
HMS Minerva: 2nd Class cruiser, ?x 6in, 25kts, 1911; name clash Eclipse Class cruiser
HMS Beresford: ‘fast’ cruiser, 1914
HMS Adventurer, Pollux, Inattentive, Resource, Warwick: 1914-18; Warwick name clash V&W Class destroyer
HMS Stiletto: ?x 6in, 2x1 4in HA, 2x2 TT, 1914-18
Fictional Classes
HMS Rutland: 2nd class cruiser, ?x 4.7in; armament more likely for 3rd class cruiser, possibly modified Pelorus or Gem Class
HMS Andromache, Sirius: 2nd Class cruisers, 11,000 tons, ?x 6in, 19kts; name clashes similar Apollo Class
HMS Heracles, Proteacious: 4,300tons, 2x1 6in, 8x1 4.7in, 19kts, 1910-14
HMS Waltham: 12x 6in, 12x 4in-3in-6pdr, 21kts, 1915
HMS Firebrand, Quarrelsome: 6x1 6in, ?x 12pdr, ?x 3pdr, 30kts, 1916
HMS Sylph: 2x1 8in

Seaplane Carriers
HMS Blackbird: converted cross Channel packet, 1915-17
HMS Hippodrome, Arena, Cursus, Stadium: 1916
HMS Fleetwings: liner conversion, ?x aircraft, 4x Kite Balloons, 1916-18

HMS Yealm (River Class)
HMS Arrow (Acorn (H)/ Acheron (I) Class): 2x1 4in, 2x1 12pdr, ?x 21in TT; name clash Ant Class gunboat
HMS Audax (modified Acorn (H) Class): 14,000hp turbines
HMS Lanyard, Leveret, Lawley (L Class): 1912
HMS Lancer (modified L Class): 935 tons, 276ft long, 2x1 4in, 2x2 21in TT, 2x DCT & 1x DCR, 31kts, 1912
HMS Livingstone (modified L Class): 2x1 4in
HMS Mackerel, Mordant, Moloch, Musician (M Class)
R & S Classes
HMS Rose, Ranger, Rapid, Rapier, Reaper, Restless, Resolute, Rover
HMS Solent, Serpent, Sprinter, Sunderland, Seahawk, Saturn, Scabbard
HMS Serpent: launched 1916, extant 1941 [see below]
V & W Class
HMS Vagabond, Virtue, Vagrant, Viperous, Viking, Vectra, Venture, Vengeful, Violent, Vallance, Vigorous, Venegur, Velocity, White Hawk, Victor, Warlock, Ventnor, Victor, Warden, Waxwing, Whiplash, Whirlpool, Whippet, Wharfedale, Wingate, Veracity, Vulture, Willet, Wolmsley, Valmere, Vicious, Watchful, Wesley, Whitstable, Vandyck, Windhover, Vindex: additional ships or ships un-cancelled in 1918 [see 1920-45 section]
HMS Seamew (Modified Thornycroft W Class): name clash 1928 river gunboat
Unidentified Classes
HMS Manitou, Rapier: 1910-14
HMS Poignard: destroyer leader, 1912-14
HMS Dagger, Foil, Rapier, Stiletto: 2x1 4in, 2x2 21in TT, 1912-14
HMS Dart: ?x 4in, 1x2 21in TT
HMS Nonesuch: 1917; name clash 1915 M Class destroyer HMS Nonsuch
HMS Antipas, Axite, Basher, Blazer, Boanerges, Bolero, Blackadder, Brewster, Cantaloup, Daffodil, Fearless, Grunter, Halifax, Harrier, Kallimachus (B 9714), Lyddite, Mason, Paradox, Pebble, Peerless, Pylos, Polyxo, Prism, Radimus, Scragger, Tarbox, Terrapin, Thistle, Triadur, Upavon: name clashes Ant Class gunboat Blazer, Bramble Class gunboat Thistle, Active class scout cruiser Fearless & Halcyon Class torpedo gunboat Harrier
Fictional Classes
HMS Gnome (ex- HMS O27): torpedo boat, 2x1 6pdr, 1x 18in TT, reciprocating engine driving single screw, 10kts, older design extant 1917
HMS Scorcher: ?x 12pdr, ?x 3pdr, ?x TT, 4x Brennan torps, equipped with 4x Water-Rays, 1901
HMS Frome, Calder (New River Class): 120ft long, 3x 11pdr automatics on HA mounts (2x sided on foredeck), 2x1 7pdr, 2x1 21in TT, diesel engines, 43kts, 90 crew, 1913-20
HMS Brigadier, Essex: 200ft long, 2x1 9in (!), 3x 21in TT, 23kts, 250 crew; Essex name clash Monmouth Class cruiser
HMS Bounder: 1x 12pdr HA (fwd), 1x 4in (aft)
HMS Pelican: [see Australia section]

HMS Theopomp (modified Lord Clive Class): 1x2 11in, sold to Netherlands 1930s [see Netherlands section]
HMS Marshal Marmont (Marshal Ney Class)
HMS Saracen (Erebus Class): 1916 [see 1920-45 section]
Unidentified Classes
HMS Anzac: 1x2 14in
Fictional Classes
HMS Crustacean: 1x2 14in, 4x1 4in, 1916
HMS Paradox, Eureka: small monitors, ?x 6in, 1916

HMS Fifi: gunboat converted from racing boat, 40ft long, 1x 3pdr semi-auto, 2x 14in torps (side mounted), 1x .303in Vickers gun, 1x small searchlight, 1915; used in East Africa, name clash HMS Fifi (ex-Kingani) captured on Lake Tanganyika
HMS Mimi: gunboat/despatch vessel converted from racing boat, 1x 3pdr semi-auto, 6 crew; name clash armed motor launch on Lake Tanganykia 1915-16
SS Scraper: armed steamer, 1x 12pdr, 2x MGs, 1915-16; used in East Africa
HMS Alpha, Beta: armed launch, 40ft long, 1x 3pdr, 1x .303in Vickers MG, 2x 100hp petrol engines, 16kts, 1917; used in East Africa
HMS Gadfly: large gunboat, 1916; name clash Fly Class gunboat

HMS Terrier: minesweeper patrol boat, 800 tons, 2x1 4.7in, 19kts, reclassified 1890s torpedo gunboat
HMS Onyx: fishery protection, 1914; name clash 1892 torpedo gunboat
SS Sardonyx: armed steamer, 2x1 4in, 1918
HMS Capella: fast sloop, 3-4x1 4in, 34kts, trawler appearance, 1918
HMS Asphodel: armed ketch, 1x 4in, 1915
HMS Myrtle, Cinema: armed fishing vessels, 1915
HMS Zealous: armed trawler

Armed Merchant Cruisers/ Q-Ships
HMS Strongbow (ex-SS Saraband): 2x1 4.7in (as Saraband), 6x1 4.7in (as Strongbow), 4x1 12pdr, light armour over engine room and belt, converted 1915
HMS Michigan
SS Thornton
HMS Duchess of Marlborough: 3,248 tons; 2x1 12pdr, 1x Maxim, 2x Lewis, bomb throwers (later 1x 4in replaced fwd 12pdr, 1x 2pdr AA added), 1916
HMS Alabama: 2x1 6in, 2x1 3pdr, 1916
HMS Alps: 1916
Q 171: resembles U-Boat 'U-251'; 7ft 6in draught, 38kts, 2x QF (4in?), 1x AA (12pdr?), 1x3 14in TT hidden beneath 'conning tower', 1918
HMS Audacity: 2x1 12pdr (concealed), 1x 4in (concealed), 4x 21in TT, bomb-throwers (removed), 15-16kts, 4-5ft draught, resembles three-island tramp, 1918
Vindex: name clash aircraft carrier
HMS Portchester Castle: converted liner, ?x 4.7in, 2x1 6pdr AA, 1914-18
HMS Titania: auxiliary schooner converted to minelayer, 260 tons, built 1900 with VTE machinery, diesels fitted during 1910s, 12kts, ?x mines, converted 1915-17
HMS Resource: armed yacht/examination vessel; name clash impressed yacht/ stores ship 1915
HMS Vole: armed examination vessel, ex-coastal steamer, 1917

HMS D16 (D Class): pennant far out of sequence
HMS E57, E99 (E Class): E57 described as last sub in class, E99 pennant far out of sequence
HMS G21 (G Class): pennant far out of sequence
HMS H79, H86 (H Class): pennants far out of sequence
HMS L76, L86 (L Class): pennants far out of sequence
Fictional Classes
30x unnamed: larger copies of fictional French Le Vengeur, 1901
HMS M39 (M Class): 1x 4in, 2x 21in TT (14x torps), 15kts (surf/sub?), 22 crew, 1915
HMS Q12, Q18: 1x 4in, 2x 21in TT, 18kts, 1916
HMS R19 (R Class): 300x25ft, 2x 21in TT (bow) & 2x1 TT (beam), 4x1 12pdr (disappearing mounts), 20ft whaler in deck recess, 80 crew, 1918
HMS X17: 1x 4in, ?x TT
HMS Y31: 1915
HMS Z1: ?x TT, 2x guns, resembles U-Boat, 1918

HMS Alceste (ex-SS Alceste): repair ship, 6x1 6pdr, fully equipped with foundry etc., converted passenger liner 1908
HMS Investigator: survey ship, oil-fired VTE engines, 1910-14
HMS Hesperus: old 2nd Class cruiser, motor launch tender by 1918
HMS Euphrates: troopship, 1912
HMS Etna: submarine depot ship, 1917
HMS Barnacle: obsolete cruiser converted to submarine depot ship, 1917
HMS Southbeach Belle (ex-PS Southbeach Belle): salvage ship/wreck clearance, converted sidewheel paddle passenger steamer, ?x 16.25lb HE charges, ‘Fluess’ diving suits, 1917-18
HMS Puncher: supply ship, 1917-18
HMS Petroleum: oiler, 1917-18

Small Craft
Bander Abbas: armed launch, 1x 6pdr, 2x Maxim MGs, 10x rifles, 12x revolvers, 10x cutlasses, 1904-14, disguised as a Dhow
Lonette, Pixie: armed launches, 1915
HMS Wraith: motor patrol boat, 1x 6pdr, 1x 3pdr, 1918
0916 +2 unnamed: US-built motor patrol boat, 3x 160hp V-8 petrol engines, 26kts, 8 crew, 1918
HMS The Hawk, Lion: submarine chasers, 1x3in, 1918
Naval Drifters
HMD Grimbsy Lass, Judy: 200tons, 1x 3pdr, 1917
HMD Hercules: 90ft x 20ft, 1x 6pdr, 1x Vickers, 9-10kts, tows armed pontoon with 1x 6in, 1917
HMD Annie Laurie: 1x 6pdr, wire hawser A/S explosive charge system, 1917-18
Motor Launches
ML 1071, ML 1499, ML 1497: 1x 6pdr, 1918
ML 4452: 1x3in, 2x DC, 1918
CMB 123, CMB 282: 1x 6pdr semi-auto, 1x .303in MG, 2x 14in torps, 6 crew

Type Unknown
HMS Pyramid (cruiser?), Cupid

Great Britain

HMS Royal George (ex-King George V) (1911 King George V Class): rebuilt 1930s, 4x2 14in, 10x2 4.5in, 4x8 2pdr, 2-3x aircraft, new boilers & engines, torpedo bulges
HMS Hawke, Russell (Admiral Class)
HMS St David, Trafalgar (N3 Class)
HMS Hornblower (Nelson Class): unlikely name
HMS Conqueror (KGV Class): 1940; name clash cancelled Lion Class
HMS Duke of Cumberland (KGV Class): 1943
Unidentified Classes
HMS Conqueror: 4x2 15in, sunk 1940
HMS Arrogant, Audacious, Ascot: 1930s
HMS Lincoln: ?x 14in; name clash Town Class destroyer
Fictional Classes
HMS Nemesis (Nemesis Class): 4x2 18in, 22kts, modified Admiral Class
HMS Revenge, Retribution, Reprisal (R Class): by 4x2 16in, 6x 4in; 1938 4x2 4in, 2x8 & 2x4 2pdr (Revenge by 1943 12x2 4.5in, 4x8 & 2x4 2pdr, 10x 20mm, 4x aircraft) [see 1900-1920 entry]
HMS Inflexible, Invincible (Inflexible Class): 36,000 tons, 2x3 16in, 6x2 6in, 6x1 4.7in, 2x8 & 1x4 2pdr, 23kts, 1930-35
HMS Tyrant: 4x3 15in, 4x3 6in, 1942
HMS Commonwealth: 4x3 16in, 10x2 5.25in, 10x6 & 2x2 & 12x1 40mm, 1946
War Prizes
HMS Devastation (ex-Courbet)
HMS Formidable, Irresistible (ex-Lorraine & Provence)
HMS King Edward VII (ex-Normandie Class)

HMS Lion (Lion Class): rebuilt 1930s, 3x2 14in, 10x2 4.5in, 3x aircraft
HMS Reliant (Repulse Class): by 1943 has 7x2 4in, 4x8 2pdr, 4x Walrus flying boats
HMS Superb (Incomparable Class): 46,000 tons, 1,000ft long, 3x2 20in, 12x1 6in, 4x1 4.7in HA, 2x8 2pdr, 35kts, 1925
Fictional Classes
HMS Saint Andrew, Saint Patrick (Saint Class): 3x3 18in (A, B, Q), 8x2 6in, 4x 4.7in, 4x8 2pdr, 32kts, based on N3 & G3, 1926
HMS Implacable: 3x3 14in, 10x2 5.25in, 6x8 2pdr, 3x UP rocket launchers, 4x aircraft, three funnels, 1940
HMS Magnificent: 54,000 tons, 4x4 14in, 12x2 5.25in, 10x8 2pdr, 2x aircraft, 33kts, three funnels, 1942
HMS Lion: 70,000 tons, 279x 35.5m, 18x 15in, 30+kts, 1945

HMS Lion, Tiger (converted Lion Class): 45,000 tons, 2x3 16in, 4x2 5.25in, 24x aircraft (18x fighters & 6x TSR), 33kts, 1942

HMS Boscowen: 10,000 tons, 3x3 8in (A, B, Q), 14x1 4.7in/4in, 10-12x aircraft, landing deck & catapult on B turret, 1926
HMS Tishy’s Ghost: 8,800 tons, 1x3 8in (1x2 12in in wartime), 9x1 6in (casemates), 6x1 4.7-4in, 1x A/S howitzer, ?x aircraft or 1x airship, 19kts, torpedo bulges, landing deck aft & catapult on turret, 1926

Aircraft Carriers
HMS Renown, Repulse (converted Renown Class): 60x aircraft, 1930s
HMS Hood (converted Admiral Class): 72x aircraft, 1930s
HMS Eagle (ex-Howe) (converted Admiral Class): 15x1 5.5in, 5x1 4in, 2x1 2pdr, 3x lifts, 1928; name clash real carrier
HMS Incomparable (converted Incomparable Class): 43,000 tons, 1,000ft long, 6x1 6in, ?x 4.7in, 100-88x aircraft, 36kts, 1920s
HMS Indomitable (converted Incomparable Class): 1,000ft long, 23x1 4.7in, 2x8 12pdr, 100x aircraft; name clash Indomitable Class carrier, 1920s
HMS Invincible (Ark Royal Class): 1938
HMS Inflexible, Trigger (Illustrious Class): 1941; Trigger name doesn’t fit class
HMS Insuperable (modified Illustrious Class): 24,000 tons, 63x aircraft, 31kts
HMS Insuperable (Indomitable Class): 1941
HMS Irresistible (Audacious Class): real original name of HMS Ark Royal
HMS Growler, Hustler, Invader, Defender, Blue Ranger (Attacker Class): US-built CVE, 1943
HMS Viper, Viscount (Ameer Class): US-built CVE
Unidentified Classes
HMS Victory: airgroup includes Blackburn Skua fighter/dive-bombers, 1941
HMS Argonaut, Adventurer
HMS Genoa: light fleet carrier, 1945
HMS Crusader: CVE, possibly US-built
Fictional Classes
HMS Hawk: battleship conversion similar to HMS Eagle, 1942 airgroup includes Grumman Martlets & Fairey Swordfish
HMS Unicorn: 35,000 tons, ?x 4.5in, ?x8 2pdr, armour: 11in belt, 8in upper hangar, 5.5in flight deck, 2x armoured lifts, 24x aircraft, 23kts, 1941; name clash carrier/tender
HMS Wrestler: US-built CVE, diesel-engines with two shafts, 18kts, 1943; name clash with V&W Class destroyer
HMS Charger: escort carrier, 15,000 tons; name clash Charger Class CVE
HMS Ramses: escort carrier, airgroup includes Fairey Barracudas, 1942
HMS Falmouth: escort carrier, 1945; name clash Falmouth Class sloop
St David: MAC ship
Fidelix: MAC ship, 1943-44
HMS Habakkuk: 1.8mil tons, 2,000 x 300 x 150ft, 16x2 5.25in, 12x8 2pdr, 100-200x aircraft, 33,000shp & 26x electric motors, 7kts, 3,590 crew, built from Pykrete, 1945

Heavy Cruisers
County Class
HMS Monmouth, Stafford, Staffordshire, Leicester, Northampton, Worcestershire, Nottingham, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire: Derbyshire name clash AMC (F85)
HMS Durham (Kent Class)
HMS Wiltshire (Norfolk Class): 1931
HMS Northumberland (Surrey Class): real ship un-cancelled
York Class
HMS Trent, Windrow, Maldron: 1932+; names don’t fit class
Unidentified Classes
HMS Vindictive: 10,000 tons; name clash Hawkins Class cruiser
HMS Neath, Steadfast, New Guinea: ?x 8in, 1945
HMS Brecon: 1945; name clash Hunt Class destroyer
Fictional Classes
HMS Ajax III: armoured cruiser, 6,000 tons, 4x 8in, 6x 4in, 8in belt and 4in deck, compound quintuple expansion engines, 26kts; 1909 design for a 1927 ship
HMS Collingwood: 3x4 8in (or 3x3), 8x2 5.25in, 5x8 2pdr, 4x aircraft, 1940
HMS Virtue, Vigour, Valour, Ardour, Candour (Virtue Class): 12,500 tons, 2x4 1x2 8in, 4x2 4.5in, 2x8 2pdr, 10x1 20mm, 4x aircraft, 33kts, 1941
HMS Antrim: 15,000 tons, 3x3 8in, 1940-45
HMS Shannon: 22,000 tons, 4x2 9.2in, 1940-45

Light Cruisers
HMS Daemon (D Class): by 1942 received 3x1 4in AA, ?x 20mm, 30x DC, radar
Leander Class
HMNZS Pallas, HMS Apollo
HMS Andromeda, Antigone, Aureus, Rhondda (Modified Leander Class): Andromeda launched 1936
Arethusa Class
HMS Pyrrhus
HMS Artemis: modified design, 1937
Southampton Class
HMS Cambridge
HMS Nottingham, Gillingham, Glamorgan, Salisbury (Gloucester Sub-Class): Gillingham & Glamorgan names don’t fit class; Salisbury name clash Town Class destroyer (ex-USS Claxton)
Crown Colony Class
HMS Guiana, Belize
HMS Rhodesia (Fiji Sub-Class)
HMS Nassau, Brunei, Madagascar: names don’t properly fit class
Dido Class
HMS Ariadne, Spartiate, Pelorus, Calliope, Marathon, Stratford, Amesbury: last two names don’t fit class, Ariadne name clash Abdiel Class minelayer
HMS Ulysses: modified design, 510 x 50ft, 4x2 5.25in, 3x4 2pdr, 6x2 20mm, 2x3 21in TT, 4x DCT & 2x DCR, radar, fighter-direction gear, ASDIC, 39.2kts; name clash U Class destroyer
Neptune/Design Y
HMS Neptune: real cancelled ship
Abdiel Class
HMS Swiftsure: name clash Minotaur Class cruiser
Unidentified Classes
HMS Proberis, Bellandra, Thalis: 1926
HMS Aigrette, Auckland, Brandon, Defiant: 1939-42
HMS Harkness: 2x Fairey Swordfish, 1941
HMS Hystrix: ?x 6in, ?x2 4in, ?x aircraft, two funnels, 1941
HMS Bodmin, Lydford, Marazion, Oakhampton, Swansea: 1942; Marazion name clash Hunt Class minesweeper, unusual names for cruisers
HMS Kirkwall, Vulpine: 1943
Fictional Classes
HMS Falcon, Fury, Forth (F Class): 7x1 6in, 4x1 4in HA, 4x2 21in TT, 1920
HMS Hermione: 9,700 tons, ?x 6in, ?x TT, 2x helicopter seaplanes (50ft long, 2x engines, 2x 4-blade rotors, monoplane, 3x floats, 2x MG), 1926
HMS Cerberus: scout cruiser, diesel powered, 4x seaplanes, 1920s
HMS Slipper: 8x1 4.2in, 1x TT (bow), 28kts, 1934 (possibly 1910s ship?)
HMS Bombast: 500ft long, 1930s
HMS Farecombe, Burscombe (Farecombe Class): 4x4 6in, 33kts, 1939
HMS Argyll: 9,400 tons, 4x3 6in, 4x2 4in, 1942

HMS Serpent (H50) (R Class): launched 1916 & extant WW2
V & W Class
HMS Vagabond, Viperous, Viking, Vectra, Venture, Vengeful, Violent, Vallance, Vigorous, Venegur, Velocity, White Hawk, Victor, Ventnor, Victor, Warden, Waxwing, Whiplash, Whirlpool, Whippet, Wharfedale, Wingate, Veracity, Vulture, Willet, Wolmsley, Valmere, Vicious, Watchful, Wesley, Vandyck, Windhover, Vindex: additional ships or ships un-cancelled in 1918 still extant in WW2
HMS Vectis: real ship not stricken 1932 & extant 1944
HMS Virtue, Vagrant, Whitstable, Warlock (I97): Long Range Escort refits
A-J & Tribal Classes
HMS Aquila, Apollo, Artemis, Actaeon, Arielle (A Class): Apollo may be War Emergency type
HMS Badger (B Class): 1931
HMS Blade, Brigadier, Bruce, Blaze, Burgoyne, Brahmin, Broadwater, Blackamore (B Class): Bruce name clash Admiralty Class DL
HMS Connaught, Carmarthen, Curlew (C Class): Curlew name clash Calypso Class cruiser
HMS Dionysus, Dronager, Dastardly (D Class?)
HMS Eurydice, Erebus (E Class)
HMS Ferocious, Foremost, Feudal, Freelance (F Class)
HMS Gladiator, Goshawk, Gibbon, Guernsey, Glenfinnan, Glenshiel, Glenorchy, Glenaffric (G Class): Glen names don’t fit class
HMS Hecate, Halberdier, Hornet, Harpy, Harbringer, Holdfast (H Class): Holdfast name clash with cable ship
HMS Intent, Invergarry, Invermore, Impregnable, Islip (I Class)
HMS Jouster (J Class)
HMS Hakka, Apache, Tuareg, Aztec, Saracen, Hindu, Pindari, Viking, Nishga, Bantu, Pathan (Tribal Class): some names don’t properly fit class
K-Cr & Battle Classes
HMS Kelvington (K Class): name similar to real HMS Kelvin
HMS Lancelot, Liberal, Lamlash, Levant, Lancer, Laureate, Leopard, Legend, Leyburn, Lyric, Lomond (L Class)
HMS Torrin, Tankred (L Class?): 1939; represented by L Class but names don’t fit class
HMS Makepeace, Melton, Meriden, Merlin, Mainwaring, Moloch (M Class)
HMS Newbury (N Class)
HMS Paradox, Portree (O & P Class)
HMS Palatine, Probity, Panoply (O & P Class): 4x1 4in, 1x 12pdr HA, 1x4 2pdr, 2x 20mm, DC, Probity has 2x3 21in TT sided mounts, 1940-43
HMS Restless, Resister, Rampage (R Class)
HMS Seafret, Sniper, Scott, Saxon, Sirdar, Sirrus (S Class): Sirdar name clash S Class submarine
HMS Searcher (S Class): possibly WW1 S Class; name clash Ruler Class CVE
HMS Viper (V Class)
HMS Wykenham (W Class)
HMS Zeus (Z Class)
HMS Carousel, Caithness, Catesby (Ca Class)
HMS Challenger (Ch Class): name clash survey ship of 1931
HMS Crosby (Cr Class)
HMS Crecy, Copenhagen, Nile, Bosworth, Waterloo (Battle Class): Crecy usually spelt Cressy in RN; Waterloo real cancelled ship completed 1944 [Bosworth see 1945-2025 section]
Hunt Class
HMS Ainsty, Aberfeldy, Ideal, Hulverstone, Baliol, Godmin
HMS Bosworth, Defiant (Hunt III Class)
Unidentified Classes
HMS Culver: launched 1922
HMS Sheridan: 4x1 4.7in
HMS Hinckley: destroyer leader, 1930s
HMS Murray: destroyer leader, 1933-37
HMS Stoat: 1939
HMS Tertian: 1940
HMS Solent: 1941; name clash S Class sub; represented by later Battle Class
HMS Rupert, Barnetby, Dragonby: Dragonby has ?x 4in, 1941; Rupert name clash Captain Class frigate
HMS Skye: 1942; name clash Isles Class trawler
HMS Solway, Caister: 1943
HMS Dagger: name clash original name of Casa Grande Class LSD HMS Oceanway
HMS Dart: name clash River Class frigate
HMS Audax, Demon, James, Seraphim
HMS Tremendous: escort destroyer; US type?
Fictional Classes
HMS Rose (Flower Class): 3x2 4.7in (1940 3x2 5in), 31kts, launched 1920; real Flower Class were sloops
HMS Defiance, Daring, Destruction, Darling (D Class): 1940, similar to Tribal Class, Defiance is a DL; Daring name clash D Class destroyer
HMS Apollo, Ancaster, Burnsides, Diamond: 6x2 4.7in, 1940-42
HMS Muscadin, Salamander: 3x2 4.7in, 2x5 21in TT, 37kts, 1941
HMS Observer: 3x2 4.7in, 1943; name clash original name of O Class HMS Oribi
Town Class US Transfers
HMS Thornton (ex-USS Daniel Mars (DD-202))
HMS Bedford (ex-USS Henry Prescott (DD-?))
HMS Ballantrae (ex-USS Whittier), Boston (ex-USS ?), Buck (ex-USS ?), Portpatrick (ex-USS ?), Ampthill (ex-USS ?), Dundee (ex-USS ?): Dundee name clash sloop sunk 1940
HMS Meadowood (ex-USS Bundy) (Benham/Sims Class?): later transferred to USSR as Cherkassov; name doesn’t fit class & class wasn’t transferred under 1940 ‘Destroyers for Bases’
War Prizes
HMS Oak (ex-IJN Nara) (Matsu Class)
HMS Fraser (ex-IJN No.?) (Type C Class)

HMS Marlborough (Bridgewater Class): 1927
HMS Dipper, Winger, Bluebird, Chaffinch, Gannet (Kingfisher Class): Gannet name clash river gunboat sold to China 1942
HMS Rockhampton, River, Saltash, Nairn (River Class)
HMS Saltash Castle, Camden Castle, Grant Castle, Berkeley, Calshott (Castle Class): Berkeley name clash Berkeley Castle, Calshot Castle cancelled 1943
HMS Castle Bay (Bay Class)
HMS Terrapin (Loch Class): name doesn’t fit class
HMS Compass Rose, Petal, Flower, Thistle, Briar, Oleander, Forsythia, Peaflower, Pennyroyal, Aquilegia, Astilbe, Daphne, Gilliflower, Iris, Paeony, Prunella, Viola, Goosewing (K44), Nimbus, Starfire, Apple Blossom, Nightshade, Narcissus (Flower Class): Thistle 1x 4in, 2x2 1x1 20mm, 1x1 2pdr; real Iris completed as HMS Coriander; Nimbus name clash with armed whaler
HMS Virtuous (Captain Class): US Lend-Lease
HMS Colony, Saltash (Colony Class): US Lend-Lease
Unidentified Classes
HMS Grey Tor: sloop, 1939
HMS Wasp: sloop; name doesn’t fit escort classes
HMS Saundersfoot: frigate, 1940; unusual name for escort
HMS Andover, Echo, Argo: frigates, 1940-42; Echo name clash E Class destroyer
HMS Arudnel, Desborough, Gargoyle, Keswick: corvettes, names don’t fit escort classes
Unnamed: ?x 4.5in, ?x 0.5in MGs, 1942
HMS Turnstone: sloop, 1943
HMS Woodlark: frigate, 1943
Fictional Classes
HMS Whip (K-301): sloop, 1,495 tons, 3x2 4in, ?x 20mm, DCs, 1940
HMS Sprinter: frigate, 1,435 tons, 1x2 4in, 4x 2pdr, 6x 20mm, DCs, 20kts, 114 crew, 1942
HMS Mallard: corvette, 1,100 tons, 1x 4in; name clash Kingfisher Class sloop
HMS Firefly: high-speed ASW vessel disguised as trawler, 1943

Mine Warfare
HMS Rob Roy (Algerine Class): minesweeper
Unidentified Classes
HMS Palmerston, Gladstone: minelayer, 1940
HMS Bisley, Knap Hill: minesweeper, 1940
HMS Eager: fleet minesweeper, 1943
HMS Radcar, Radstock, Rochedale, Rattray: minesweepers
Fictional Classes
HMS Bullfinch: converted ocean tug coastal minelayer, 498 tons, 1x 20mm, 2x Lewis LMG, 12x mines, 10kts; name clash 1940 cable layer
HMS Black Swan: ?x 40mm, ?x 20mm, ?x Lewis & Bren MGs, parachute & cable rockets, Holman Projectors, triple expansion steam engines, old ship by 1942; name clash Black Swan Class sloop

Armed Trawlers
HMT Pollyanna: impressed trawler, 1x 12pdr, 1x 2pdr
HMT Amity, Arctic Prince Charon Grimsby Emerald, Harebell, Gracie Fields, Northern Glow: impressed trawlers, 1940-44
HMT Grey Seal: 600 tons, 1x 12pdr, ?x 20mm, ?x2 Lewis MGs, DCs, 10+kts, 1941
HMT Dart: 1x 4in, ?x 40mm, DCs, 1941; name clash River Class frigate
HMT Truelove, Trooper: 750 tons, 4x1 20mm, 11kts, 40 crew, 1942
HMT Gleam, Stella, Opal: 1x 4in, DCs, 1942
HMT Arandite: minesweeping trawler, 400 tons, 1x12pdr, 3x .303in MGs (later 1x12pdr, 1x2 0.5in HMGs or 1x1 20mm, 1x .030in MG), 11.5kts, 1940
HMT Jacinth, Ivy, Sheila, Honeybell, Dog Rose, Solan, Golfitt, Yoshmite, Amalekite, Lilla, Tokay, Moss Rose, Penquin: minesweeping trawlers, 1x12pdr, 3x .303in MGs (later 1x12pdr, 1x2 0.5in HMGs or 1x1 20mm, 1x .030in MG), 1940-45
HMT Cornelian: tugboat, 1943
HMD Harvester: minesweeping drifter
Geneviève: impressed fishing vessel, 70ft long, 1x flamethrower, Thompson SMGs, 1941
HMS Lima: impressed armed yacht, 1940-43

HMS Saracen (Erebus Class): in 1941 has 1x2 15in, 4x1 4in HA, 4x1 2pdr, 8x1 20mm

HMS Beetle (Insect Class)
HMS Woodcock: Yangtze gunboat, 1926
HMS Wellesley: 1926
HMS Wagtail (Sandpiper Class): 1x 20mm replaces 3.7in howitzer, built 1933
HMS Porcupine (Dragonfly Class): 2x1 20mm added; name clash P Class destroyer

Armed Merchant Cruisers
HMS Carib Princess: 4x1 6in, 1x12pdr, 4x 21in TT (UW), 1940
HMS Morys: 1x 12pdr, 1x Grumman JF2 Duck, 1941
HMS Berkeley: AA ship; name clash Hunt Class destroyer sunk 1942
HMS Benbecula, Barra: 500ft long, 6x1 6in, 1x 12pdr, 6x 20mm, 16kts, launched 1919
HMS Charon: 250ft long, 1x 4.7in, 1x 40mm, 4x Vickers MGs, 8kts, built 1890s, 1942
HMS Tasmania: 8x1 8in, 28kts, 1940-44
HMS Mavis: 3,000 tons, concealed TTs, 20kts
HMS Loch Glendhu

Amphibious Warfare
Prince Rupert, Prince Michael: LSI(M), 1941

HMS H29: real sub, not scrapped 1929, extant 1941
Grampus Class
HMS Graplin, Caranx, Walrus: Graplin launched 1937
Odin Class
HMS Oakham: name clash 1944 Castle Class frigate HMS Oakham Castle
Parthian Class
HMS Patina, Pericles
HMS Pelorus: 1940; name clash 1943 Algerine Class minesweeper
HMS Psyche: 1942
Rainbow Class
HMS Rapier
HMS Bluefin: 1938-40; name fits neither class
T Class
HMS Turquoise, Tornado, Tamaranth, Trigger, Talon, Tameless, Trout, Tenby, Termagant, Tybalt, Tyrant, Tristam, Tryphon, Typhoon, Tango, Tricorn, Tigress, Thane, Trumpeter, Threat, Triumphant, Titan: Tango launched 1936; Thane name clash Ruler Class CVE, Tango name clash armed trawler (T146)
HMS Guardian: name doesn’t fit class & clashes with net layer
S Class
HMS Scavenger, Sea Tiger (P61), Sorceress (P122), Sabre, Steadfast, Shadow, Shellback, Scorpion, Seahound, Stringent, Setter, Slayer, Serendipity, Surge, Scourge, Swordsman, Seamist, Spartan, Starlight, Rapier, Rugged, Rapid: Surge real P279 un-cancelled, Scourge and Scorpion name clash S Class destroyers, Spartan name clash Dido Class cruiser
HMS Seadog (P216): real ship completed 1 year sooner, 1941
U Class
HMS Ultra, Ursa, Undefeated, Unbowed, Unsung, Urgent, Undefeated, Unyielding, Urgent, Undeterred: Ursa name clash U Class destroyer
X Class
HMS X-11, X-12, X-19
XE Class
HMS XE-17, XE-18, XE-19, XE-26: 1943
HMS XE-51: pennant clash 1st Stickleback Class
HMS XE-16: modified design, 56 x 6 x 5.3ft, 1943
War Prizes
‘U679’ (ex-U93) (Type VIIC): captured Sept/Oct 1942
Ex-U192 (Type IXC/40): captured May 1943
Unidentified Classes
HMS Foiler: 1941
HMS Avon: 1942; name clash River Class frigate
HMS Arrowhead: 1942; not A Class
HMS Gauntlet: 50 crew, 1943
Fictional Classes
Z-Type: 1923; may be deception ploy

HMS Cephalus: submarine depot ship, 1940-43
HMS Guernsey: submarine depot ship, converted liner, 1940-43
HMS Tarantula: submarine depot ship, 1942; name clash Insect Class gunboat
HMS Mars: destroyer depot ship, 17,000tons, 1942
HMS Royston: 1900s steamer converted as MGB depot ship
RFA Garsdale, Coverdale, Wensleydale (Dale Class): tankers, Coverdale has 2x1 3in; Wensleydale name clash Hunt Class destroyer
'HMS' Achilles, Hector: 1x 4in, MGs; oil tankers extensively modified as 'torpedo sponges' and salvage ships, 1943; Hector name clash AMC (F45) sunk 1942
HMS Sea Harvester: salvage ship, 1945
HMS Phoenix: liner converted to submarine rescue ship, has heavy winches; name clash Parthian Class submarine sunk 1940
HMS Hunbilker: steamer rebuilt as decoy battleship
Ailsa Grange: transport, ex-merchant ship, 1940
HMHS San Andreas (ex-SS Ocean Belle): converted Liberty Ship hospital ship
W83, W86, W88 (Assurance Class): tugboats, 1940
HMRT Restless: Admiralty rescue tug, 750 tons, 1x 3in, 1x 2pdr, 2x1 20mm, 4x MGs, diesel-electric engines, built in Orange, Texas, 1943
HMRT Revere: Admiralty rescue tug, steam turbines, 20kts, 1943
HMRT Rally, Beaver: Admiralty rescue tugs, 1943
HMS Iceberg: one-man experimental craft built from Pykrete

Small Craft
HMS LCF49 (AA Landing craft): 1944
HMRT Goliath (Admiralty Tugboat)
Claudia: armed fast boat, 50 tons, 73 x 19ft, 1x Italian 20mm, 2x Lewis MGs, 2x V-12 engines, 35-40kts, 1941
HMS MGB-161, 168, 801, 875, 1087: 1087 has 2x1 6pdr, 6x1 20mm, MGs, DCs
HMS MGB-600, 781, 864, 866, 870, 874, 875 (Fairmile D Class)
HMS MTB-445, 545, 559, 560, 561, 562, 563, 564, 989, 1991, 9779
HMS MTB-349B, 371F, 453T (Camper & Nicholson MTB-511 Class): pennants non-standard, out of sequence & clashing
HMS Edward, Ethelred (ex-German S-Boat S-?): captured 1940
HMS Vengeful (ex-German S-Boat S-?): 1x 37mm, 2x1 & 1x2 20mm, 4x TT, DC, radar, 40kts, captured 1941; name clash V Class submarine
HMS ML366 (Fairmile B Class)
‘Kestrel’ (Fairmile B Class): 1943
RAF 127, 183, 2559, 2561, 3774, 7525, K20: RAF air-sea rescue launch

Type Unknown
HMS Leicester: 1941

Hood's Worklist
Interwar RN Capital Ships
Never-Were British Aircraft

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Part II: Fictional Warships 1900-1945 - Section Gr-Y

Notes: all ships are fictional names or real ships with fictional modifications or histories. Ships associated with a specific real class are assumed to be additional ships and listed in broadly chronological order. The specific class and detailed descriptions are determined by textual descriptions and/or visual representations. Name and pennant clashes with real ships are identified. Ships lacking any description are assumed to be of unknown design and named fictional classes are highlighted. For larger nations, real, unidentified and fictional classes are listed separately for clarity. Dates indicate the specific year when the ship is noted or the broad era the design lies within. For more details on fictional aircraft, please see Appendix I. For more details on fictional weapons, please see Appendix II. For more details on fictional electronic systems and radars, please see Appendix III.

Salamis: battleship, 4x2 14in (British), 6x2 5.9in, 4x2 105mm, 1936
Ambrakia, Aktion: light cruisers, 3x2 6in, 3x2 6in (A, X, Y layout), 4x2 4in, 2x4 21in TT, British-built based on Arethusa Class, 1938-39
Pyrgos: yacht, 2x 7pdr (concealed mounts fwd), 1918

Affondatore, Re Galantuomo (Cuniberti design): 17,000 tons, 6x2 305mm, 20-21kts, 1906
F. Patracco (Cuniberti design): 8x2 381mm, 16x1 152mm
Lepanto (ex-Rio de Janeiro): acquired while building from Brazil 1914, rebuilt 1930s, 4x2 135mm, 13x2 120mm, 10x 37mm
Scipio Africano (Andrea Doria Class)
Genova, Napoli (ex- Wien and Budapest) (Improved Tegetthoff Class): ceded to Italy 1919
Regina Elena Class: rebuilt 1920s, 2x1 135mm, 4x2 203mm M1927, 6x2 120mm, new machinery for 30kts
Tiberio (Littorio Class)
Amerigo Vespucci (ex-Italia) (Littorio Class): real ship, fictional 1945 US refit, 3x3 15in, 4x2 6in automatic, 15x4 & 18x1 40mm, 3x aircraft
Il Duce (Ansaldo UP41 Class): 1941
Unidentified Classes
San Martino, Legnano: 1930s
Vittorio Emanuale: 1942
Fictional Classes
Marco Colonna (modified Francesco Caracciolo Class): 2x3 & 3x2 381mm, 12x1 152mm, 8x1 102mm, 28kts, 28kts, 1920
Francesco Ferruccio: 17,500 tons, 3x2 381mm, 4x3 152mm, 4x2 100mm, 32kts, 1930s
Firenze, Genova, Milano, Napoli (ex-Riachuelo), Torino, Venezia (ex-Rio de Janeiro) (Milano Class):
25,365 tons standard, 210.31 x 26.21 x 7.92m, 1x3 & 2x2 320mm, 1x3 & 4x2 152mm, 6x2 100mm, 8x1 40mm, 6x2 13.2mm, 320mm belt, 230mm barbettes, 280mm turrets, 305mm CT, 152mm decks, 25mm TDS, 95,600shp, 28.3kts, 8,000nm at 12kts, taken over from Brazil, 1939-41
Grandissimo: 1942; unlikely name
Impero Romano, Legioni Romani, Foro Romano (Improved Littorio Class): 4x3 381mm, 31kts, 1943
Leonardo Da Vinci (Improved Littorio Class): 4x3 381mm, 2x3 152mm, 12x1 90mm, 15x2 37mm, 8x2 20mm, 3x aircraft, 1943
Vittorio de Seca: 52,000 tons, 262 x 38m, 3x3 400mm, 1945
Lepanto, Actium (Lepanto Class): 48,500 tons, 267m long, 3x3 400mm, 4x3 152mm, 30kts, 1945+
Cristoforo Colombo, Leonardo da Vinci: 3x2 381mm, 4x3 152mm, 6x2 120mm, 6x2 37mm, 2x aircraft, 30kts, Ansaldo design, mid-1930s
Incrociatre Antiaero Class: 11,000 tons, 18x 100mm, 16x fighters, 1921
Progetto Rota: 12,480 tons, 2x4 203mm, 6x1 100mm, 2x6 40mm, ?x aircraft, flightdeck with 1x lift and seaplane ramp aft, 3x retractable and side funnels, 1925
Aircraft Carriers
Falco (ex-Conte Rosso): HMS Argus conversion completed by Italy, 8x1 120mm, 30x aircraft
Roma: 2x3 152mm, 8x2 90mm, ?x 13.2mm, 42x Re 2000 fighter-bombers (18x fitted for torps), light armour, 38kts, launched 1938
Sagittario (converted Pola Class): 13,500 tons, ?x 37-20mm, 33x Re 2000 fighter-bombers, 32kts
Nizza (Zara Class)
Volturno (1939 Oceanic Cruiser Class): 2x3 152mm, 4x2 120mm, 4x2 37mm, 2x2 20mm, 2x aircraft
Eritrea: light cruiser, 2x2 152mm, 3x2 37mm, 4x1 20mm, 1939
Romano: 1942
Spiride (Ammiraglio Cagni Class): 1941
Fulgor: oil tanker converted into human torpedo depot ship; fictional version of Olterra, 1941
Special Craft
'Flying Fish/Pesce volante': variant of Grillo tracked torpedo boat, 1917
'Seahorse/Cavalluccio Marino': variant of Mignatta (Leech) manned torpedo, 1917

Kashii, Kashiwara (Katori Class)
Kure, Sasebo (ex-Brazilian Sao Paulo & Minas Geraes): purchased 1910
Harima (Satsuma Class): 2x2 & 4x1 12in; originally proposed armament
Tajima, Sanuki (Settsu Class)
Izumi (ex-Rio de Janeiro): acquired while building from Brazil 1914, amphibious assault ship conversion 1930s, 2x2 12in, 2x2 5in, 6x landing craft, 13x amphibious tanks on deck
Kaga (Kaga Class): reconverted from carrier, 40,000 tons, 5x2 16.1in, 14in belt, 23kts, 1925
Yashima, Ibuki, Hotaka, Togakushi (No. 13 Class): 1926
Yamato Class & Fictional Variants
Kai, Kazunori, Yamiho, Nobushi, Kamato
Satsuma, Settsu: modified design, 70,000 tons, 3x2 20in, 27.5kts, 1942
Echizen: modified design, 3x3 18.1in, 2x3 6.1in, 10x2 5in, 74x3 25mm, 7x aircraft, 33kts, two funnels, 1945
Yokozuna: enlarged development, 88,000 tons, 4x3 20in, 7x3 6.1in (3x3 later), 10x2 5in, 30x3 25mm, 4x1 13mm, 7x aircraft, 31kts, 1944
Muteki Nippon: enlarged development, 5x3 18.1in, 34x2 3.9in, 52x3 25mm, 7x aircraft, 1945+
[see also Battleship-Carriers & Aircraft Carriers]
Unidentified Classes
Amato: 1944
Fictional Classes
Nippon, Hokkaido: originally building for China, 1908
Tajima: 6x2 12in, 1911
Ryogami, Turugi: modified Tsukuba Class design, 3x2 12in (superfiring turrets aft), at least 6x1 6in
Takachiho: 36,000 tons, 200 x 30 x 10m, 3x4 16.1in, 4x4 6.1in, 6x2 5in, 2x TT (UW), 80x mines, 9x aircraft, 200,000shp, 33kts, 1935
Takachiho, Hotaka (Takachiho Class): 42,500 tons, 242m long, 8x2 4.7in, 3x4 16.1in, 4x2 6.1in, 4x2 3.9in, 32.5kts (rebuilt 258m long, no 6in, 34.7kts)
Amagi: 19,500 tons, ?x 14in, 16x1 6.1in, 4x2 4.7in, 4x1 80mm, 18kts, 1935; name clash unbuilt Amagi Class
Kii: 49,500 tons, 4x2 18.1in, 5x3 6.1in, 8x2 5in, 8x3 25mm, 4x aircraft, 31kts, 1936; name clash unbuilt Kii Class
Harima, Inaba (Harima Class): 34,994 tons, 698 x 100 x 32.9ft, 4x2 14in (ex-Fuso & Ise Class turrets), 10x2 3.9in, 16x3 25mm, 4x aircraft, 13in belt & 6in deck armour, 131,000shp, 29kts, 1,400 crew, 1940-41
Kii, Owari (fictional A150 Design): 70,000 tons, 3x2 510mm (20.1in) (all fwd), ?x2 3.9in, 460mm belt armour, 1945+
Mito: 85,000 tons, 283 x 57m, 3x3 530mm (20.8in), 1945+
Harima, Noto, Mino: 217,000 tons, 4x3 560mm (22in), 34.6kts, 1945+
No.127 (Izumo), No.1248 (Sanuki): ?x 610mm (24in), unbuilt
No.172 (Hitachi), No.147 (Kazusa): 420,000 tons, ?x 660mm (25.9in), unbuilt

Pocket Battleships
Chichibu, Niitaka, Takamatsu (or Kadekuru, Kashino, Hachijo): 12-15,000 tons, 2x3 12in, 30kts
Takamatu, Titibu, Niitaka: 15,000 tons, 6x 12in, 6x2 5in
Chichibu: 19,000 tons, 2x2 16in, 1x3 6.1in, 4x2 5in, 6x3 25mm, 4x4 24in TT, 4x aircraft, 33kts, 1936
Unebi: 10,000 tons, 180.6 x 21.3m, 2x2 12in L/50 (from Kawachi Class), 8x1 5.5in, 3x1 4.7in, 2x2 25mm, 29kts

Kunashiri (Ibuki Class)
Yoshun (ex-HMS Inflexible): transferred 1919
Hiranuma (Kongo Class)
Amagi Class: completed with 4x2 16.1in
Akagi (Amagi Class): reconverted from carrier, 44,000 tons, 4x2 16.1in, 12in belt, 33kts, 1925
Goyro (ex-Sagami) (modified Tone Class hull): 14,500 tons, 3x1 18.1in (HA only), 8x2 5in, 8x3 25mm, 4x4 24in TT, 4x aircraft, 34kts, 1942 [see cruiser-carriers]
B64 & B65 Classes
Sagami, Aratama, Kawachi, Arashima
Owari (B64 Class): refitted 1945, 3x2 360mm from Ise
Shirane, Kurama, Kurohime (fictional Shirane Class): modified B64 design, 36,800 tons, 245m long, 3x3 12.2in, 8x2 3.9in (later 5in), 33kts
Kenko, Hidaka, Ishigara, Rausu (B65 Class)
[see also Battleship-Carriers & Aircraft Carriers]
Fictional Classes
Shiomi: 3x2 12in, 18x1 6in, steam turbines, built by Vickers, 1910-12
Takamatu, Titibu, Niitaka, Siwani, Yamoto, Mushashi: 19-20,000 tons, 6x 12in; alternatively, 40,000+ tons, 9x 16in, 5x3 6.1in, 6x2 5in, 30+kts
Aratama: 42,000 tons, 3x2 18.1in, 8x2 3.9in, 16x3 25mm, 2-3x aircraft, 220,000shp, 34kts, 1941
Kawachi: 32,000 tons, 3x2 14in, 12x2 3.9in, 6x3 25mm, ?x 24in TT, 2x aircraft, 32kts, 1942

Aki: 8,500 tons, 1x2 20in, 1x3 6.1in, 1x2 3.9in, 8x 25mm 2x aircraft, 16kts, 1941

Omine (modified B64 Class hull): 2x2 16.1in, 150 x 20m flightdeck, 20x aircraft, 1944
Yamato Class Conversions
Echigo (converted 4th hull): 2x2 20in (all fwd), 10x2 5in, 35x3 25mm, 18x Aichi B7A2 Ryusei & 24x Yokosuka Ohka, 1945
Ezo (converted 5th hull): 2x3 18.1in (all fwd), 11x2 3.9in, 52x3 25mm, 6x 120mm rocket launchers, ?x aircraft, 1945
Fictional Classes
Tosa: 78,000 tons, 915 x 110ft, 2x3 18.1in, 9x2 3.9in, 28x3 & 12x1 25mm, 2x4 24in TT, 80x aircraft, 12in belt, 4in hangar sides, 4+6in decks, 25.5-20in turrets, 12in CT, 450,000shp with six-shafts, 40kts, 2,500 crew, 1941-45
Aso Class: 29,850 tons, 2x3 12.2in, 50x aircraft, 1941-45

Sagami (Tone Class): modified design, 13,500 tons, 4x2 8in (all fwd), 8x2 5in, 14x3 25mm, 23x aircraft, 34.5kts, 1941 [see also battlecruiser section]
Fictional Classes
Tsushima, Yahagi, Hirado, Aso: 650 x 63ft, 9,000 tons, 4x2 8in (A, B, C, X layout), 4x2 5.1in, 4x3 25mm, 2x2 24in TT, 11-12x seaplanes with two catapults, 96,000shp, 34kts, armour better than Chikuma Class, 1,100 crew, 1941
Tsugaru, Soya, Kashino: 3x3 8in (all fwd), 6x2 5in/3.9in, 10x2 25mm, 2x catapults
Ayase Class: 15,050 tons, 2x3 6.1in, 50x aircraft, 1941-45

Aircraft Carriers
Atago (Amagi Class): fictional conversion identical to Akagi, 1930
Tosa (Kaga Class): fictional conversion of unfinished ship, 8x2 5in, 28x3 25mm, 89x aircraft, 31kts, double-hangar
Suruga, Omi (Kii Class): fictional conversion of unfinished ships, 2x2 8in (all fwd), 6x1 4.7in, single hangar, 1928, rebuilt 1935 with island (6x2 5in, 14x4 13.2mm)
Koryu, Yosai (Soryu Class)
Ryukaku (Shokaku Class)
Pachinko (Zuiho Class): dubious name
Senju (modified B64 Class hull): 80-100x aircraft, 1945
Yamato Class Conversions
Musashi: fictional conversion of real ship, 60,500 tons, 114x aircraft, 30kts, wooden flightdeck and double-hangar, 1945+
Hatsuse (converted 4th hull): as Shinano but with 2x deck-edge lifts, 1945
Yonaga: 84,000 tons, 1,050 (flight deck 1,040) x 130ft, 10x2 5in, 34x3 25mm, 102-126x aircraft, 32kts
Scruyu: heavy seaplane carrier, 32,000 tons, 8x2 5in, 44x3 25mm, 21x aircraft, 27kts, 1944; dubious name
War Prizes
Gōryū (HMS Indomitable): captured at Singapore 1942
Unidentified Classes
Shinaru: 1939-41
Hiranamu: 1941
Fictional Classes
Matsushima, Mishima, Okinoshima: 5,833 tons, ?x aircraft, 25kts, 1925
Kairyu, Hiryu, Unryu, Koryu, Soryu, Donryu, Tairyu, Churyu (Kairyu Class): 23,150 tons, 795 x 82 x 28.5ft, 8x2 5in, 8x3 25mm, 81x aircraft, 1.5in belt & 3in deck armour, 131,000shp, 31.8kts, 1,100 crew, 1937-42
Junho, Uniho, Taiho, Chuiho, Kuroho, Hiho (Junho Class): converted seaplane carriers/ tenders, 13,250 tons, 630 x 63 x 24.8ft, 4x2 5in, 8x3 25mm, 36x aircraft, 1in deck armour, 67,000shp steam turbines, 29kts, 626 crew, 1940-42
Sudsuya: 27,000 tons, 60+ aircraft, flush deck, 1942
Yasumaru (ex-Matsumaru): cargo ship conversion, 7,000 tons, 140m long, flightdeck 130 x 16m, 6x 25mm, 6x Yokosuka B4Y, diesels, 15kts, flush deck, no lifts, 1942
Kōyō-gata (ex-Koyo Maru): liner conversion, 24x aircraft
Nibai: 25,000 tons, ?x 5in, ?x 25mm, 72x aircraft, 31kts, catamaran hull, 1944
Haifeng (Haiku Class): escort carrier
Hirado: escort carrier
Azuchi, Suehiro (Azuchi Class): escort carrier, 17,800 tons, 172m, 4x2 3.9in, 4x 40mm, 27x aircraft, 1x catapult, 22kts
Kiryu: 1,250ft long, 16x2 5in, 48x3 25mm, 12x 120mm rocket launchers, 100+ aircraft (designed for G4M Betty), 1945+
Hotaka, Norikura, Kenko, Hakuba, Hinohama, Yan (Hotaka Class): 13,200 tons, 46x aircraft (40x fighters & 6x strike), 1945+
Futaka, Hayataka, Yunotaka: 60,000 tons, 1945+
Katsuragi, Kasasu, Aso, Ikoma: 65,000 tons, 1945+; name clash Unryū Class ships

Heavy Cruisers
Asama, Tokiwa (Asama Class): real ships rebuilt with 2x sided 12in howitzers replacing fwd 8in turret for shore bombardment
Hanma, Hiro (Myoko Class)
Mikuni (Myoko Class): still armed with 6x1 4.7in HA, 8x 47mm, ?x 25mm in 1944, speed only 32kts
Tatikaze (Takao Class): name doesn’t fit cruisers
Tsukuba (Ibuki Class): No.301 un-cancelled and completed
Fictional Classes
Myoko, Nachi, Haguro, Ashigara + 8: 8-10x 8in, unarmoured, 34kts, launched 1926-29
Kurama, Ashitaka, Amagi, Ikoma, Ibuki, Aso, Kasuga, Katsuragi (Kurama & Ibuki Classes): 12,500 tons, 660 x 68.5 x 22ft, 5x2 8in (Amagi & Ikoma have 5x3 5.5in), 4x2 5in, 8x3 25mm, 4x4 24in TT, 4in belt & 2in deck armour, 131,000shp, 34kts, 623 crew, 1935-39
Unzen: 14,580 tons, 218.5 x 21.2 x 7.2m, 4x3 8in, 6x2 3.9in, 12x3 25mm, 4x4 24in TT, 3x aircraft, 152,000hp, 31kts, deck and turret armour resists 500kg bombs, 20cm rounds from 15000-25000m and 15cm shells 25000-10000m, 1945
Shinkaku, Hakusan, Zao, Norikura: AA heavy cruisers, 1945+

Light Cruisers
Niyodo (Oyodo Class): real ship un-cancelled and completed as AA cruiser with 5x2 5in L/55 replacing hangar & catapult aft
Unidentified Classes
Kanazawa: 1914-18
Fictional Classes
Fujiyama: unprotected cruiser, 1909
Fan Tan: cruiser/gunboat, 4x1 5.5in, 1920; unlikely name
Ishikari: 6,460 tons, 7x1 5.5in, 34kts
Suzuka, Kumano, Mikuma, Ibuki (Suzuka Class): 5x2 5.5in (3x fwd, 2x aft), 4x2 25mm, 1x4 24in TT, 1.5in belt & 1in deck armour, 1934-35; Ibuki name clash heavy cruiser
Chishima: 22,000 tons, 4x 6.1in, 4x1 4.7in, 1x catapult, ?x aircraft, 20kts, 1935
Ichikawa, Hakodate: 4x2 6.1in, ?x 25mm, ?x 24.5in TT, 1935-42
Sasebo: 1935-42; large destroyer size
Yoshino, Mogami, Minase, Ayase, Otonase, Chikuma (Yoshino Class): 5x2 3.9in (3x fwd, 2x aft), 4x3 25mm, 2x4 24in TT, 1.5in belt & 1in deck armour, 1940-41; several name clashes
Yashima, Chokai (Yashima Class): seaplane cruisers, 2x2 5in, 2x3 25mm, 3x aircraft, 1x large catapult, 1.5in belt & 1in deck armour, 1941
Ishikari, Abashiri, Tokachi, Tenryu (Ishikari Class): 12,100 tons, 195m long, 10x2 3.9in, 35.7kts (two completed 13,300 tons, 201m long, 10x2 5in)
Chitose (modified Ishikari Class): 8x2 3.9in (all centreline); name clash light carrier
Sanze: 10,100 tons, 191 x 18.8m, 5x3 6.1in (2x fwd, 3x aft), 2x2 4.7in, 6x3 & 9x1 25mm, 2x4 24in TT, 35kts

Mizukaze (Minekaze Class)
Momo (Asashio Class): 1939; name clash Momo Class destroyer
Unidentified Classes
Hidoiame: 1935-42
Yokaze (Kagero/Yugumo Class): 1944
Fictional Classes
Kiku: ?x 12pdr, ?x TT, 26kts, 1903
Kushhiru: 200 x 20 x 6ft, 1x 12pdr, 3x 6pdr, 2x 18in TT, 52 crew, 0.5in conning tower, 1905
Unnamed (KG-27): 3x2 5in, 1942; fictional pennant
Simotuki: 139m (456ft), 4x2 5in, ?x TT, 34kts, 1943
Oita: destroyer flotilla leader, 1944
Simakaze, Akigumo (Simakaze Class): 3x2 5in, 3x5 24in TT, 34kts, radar, similar size to RN Battle Class, 1945
30x unnamed (Matsushiro Class): escort destroyer: 1,842 tons, 117m long, 27.6kts, 2x2 5in, 7x 40mm, 7x2 25mm, 7x DCTs (48x DCs), 1945+

Kaibōkan (Sea Defence Ship/ Escorts)
Kiku, Enoki (Mikura/ Ukuru Class): 1944; Enoki name clash Matsu Class
Fictional Classes
Oishi: 1940-42; similar to RN Flower Class in size
Tuga: 170 tons, 1x3in, DCs, 2x diesels, 23kts, 1944
Kaibokan: 700 tons, 200 x 28ft, 11x 25mm, 100x DCs with 12x DCT, 20kts, sonar with 3,000 yards range, 1944

I-507 (ex-UF4, ex-Surcouf): transferred from Germany 1945 [see Germany Kreigsmarine section]
I-400 Class
I-403, I-404: carries 3x Kaiten (2 fwd either side of catapult, 1 aft), 4x aircraft (3x Aichi M6A Serian, 1x Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Model 43a Ko), completed 1943
I-403, I-411: un-cancelled & completed January 1945
I-400: modified design, additional 2x1 5.5in, 1943
Inaduma: modified design: 3,405 tons, 396ft long, 3x1 5.5in, ?x 25mm, 10x 21in TT (6x bow/ 4x stern), 2x Aichi M6A seaplanes, 2x 4,500hp diesels, 25kts (surf) 18kts (sub), 18,000 miles range
Unidentified Classes
I-64: 1945; pennant clash Kaidai Type 4 Class (renumbered I-164 in 1942)
Fictional Classes
Octopus: 139 tons (sub), 80 x 11ft, 2x TT (5x torps), steam boilers/VTE & batteries/electric motors, 15kts (surf) 12hrs endurance, 8kts (sub) 6hrs endurance, 25 crew, 1904
Denkopan: submarine 'battleship', ?x TT, drill-like ram, 1908
Unnamed: ?x TT, UV ray weapon, 7,000nm range, 1914
6x unnamed (Nagasaki Class): German designed, 7,080 tons (surf), 405 x 45ft, at least one carries 2,500 mines (!)
Unnamed: 7,000 tons, 2x 8in, 24,000nm range, 1925
Takatsuki Class: 1942
I-357, I-362: 1,600 tons, 1x 100mm, 1x2 25mm, ?x 533mm TT, 21kts (surf)/9kts (sub), 1943-44; I-362 pennant clash 1944 Type D(1) Class
Kaigun: 8x 21in TT, 1x 4.7in, 20kts (surf)/10kts (sub), 1945; named sub unusual

Hiro (Seta Class?): Yangtze gunboat, 1926

Light Craft
Ryū (Dragon): MTB, 2x Type 9 oxygen torps, 43kts, 1944 (carrier Unryu converted as mothership)

Kinshiu Maru: transport, 1904
Kanga Maru, Pelung Maru: AMC, ?x guns, ?x TT (UW), 1907
Roiyaru Maru (Terukuni Maru Class): AMC, converted liner, ?x guns
Shiushu, Kashino (fictional Shiushu Class): fast transports based on Chitose Class design, 12,800 tons, 630 x 63 x 23.8ft, 5x1 4.7in (later 6x2 5in), 4x3 25mm, 3x aircraft, ?x landing craft, 2x catapults, 67,000shp steam turbines, 30kts, 626 crew, 1935-40
Tamara Maru, troopship, 1941-44
Yokosuka Maru, converted liner troopship, 2x1 6in, 1941-44
Sumosaki, Ashizrui, Shijiki, Shioya (fictional Sumosaki Class): replenishment ships, based on Tagei Class design, 12,800 tons, 630 x 63 x 23.8ft, 6x2 5in, 4x3 25mm, 3x aircraft, 2x catapults, carries avgas and lubricants as well as having an aircraft workshop, 67,000shp steam turbines, 30kts, 626 crew, 1941
Unnamed: submarine supply ship, converted Indonesian fishing boat, 80-90ft long, 1x 57mm (concealed), diesel and auxiliary sail, 1944-45
Hokutomaru: Arctic/Antarctic research ship, 1935

Roku Tsuyoshi: river gunboat, 1937

Aztlan: armoured cruiser, 2x2 8in, 8x1 6in, ?x TT, 1914
El Tarantula: shallow draught gunboat, ?x QF, ?x MGs, petrol engines, ram bow, built at Vulcan Yard, Charlestown USA, 1910

Utrecht (1914 Germania Design)
Fictional Classes
Utrecht: 4x2 356mm, 12x1 150mm, 8x1 75mm, 3x1 75mm HA, 22kts, 1913
Oliphant, Eendracht, Kijkduin, Vlissingen, Gelijkheid: 8x2 305mm, 10x1 150mm, 4x1 88mm
Wassenaer, Bloys Van Treslong, Vrijheid, Koopman: 8x2 305mm, 10x1 150mm, 4x1 88mm
Nederland: 5x2 305mm (2x fwd, 3x aft), 14x1 150mm, 1918
De Zeven Provincien, De Ruyter, Marten Harpertzoon Tromp: 32,500 tons, 725 x 95 x 30ft, 4x2 305mm, 14x1 150mm, 4x1 76mm, 3x 533mm TT (UW), 12in belt & 3in deck armour, 27kts, 1,000 crew, German-built, 1919
Witte de With: 4x2 305mm, ?x 1 150mm (casemates), 8x2 120mm, 1-2x aircraft, 1920s

Molucca, Ijsselmeer (1939 Battlecruiser Class)
Fictional Classes
Ridderschap van Holland, Gulden Phenix, Floriszoon: 3x2 381mm, 4x2 150mm, 2-3x aircraft, 34kts, 1930s
Ijsselmeer (modified 1939 Battlecruiser Class): 29,000 tons, 3x3 280mm, 6x2 120mm, 7x2 40mm, 3x aircraft, 34.5kts, 1939

Aircraft Carriers
Eenhoorn, Dolphijn, Oranje: 4x1 102mm HA, ?x HMGs, ?x aircraft (WW2 airgroup of Grumman Wildcats and Vultee Vindicators), 2x lifts, 1920s
Molucca (modified 1939 Battlecruiser Class): hybrid battlecruiser, 29,000 tons, 2x3 280mm (fwd), 4x2 120mm, 10x2 40mm, 36x fictional Brewster Bison fighters & Brewster Buccaneer II dive-bombers, 34.5kts, 1939

Gelderland (De Ruyter Class)
Utrecht, Zeeland, Holland, Limburg, Drenthe (Tromp Class)
Fictional Classes
Holland (modified De Ruyter Class): 4x2 152mm
Aermillia, Alkmaar, Jupiter, Vergulde Haan, Jaarsveld, Neptunis: 10,000tons, 4x2 203mm, 8x2 120mm, 2x aircraft, early 1930s
De Cock, Van Heutsz, J.P. Coen, De Houtman: 6x2 203mm (A, X, Y layout), 5x2 40mm Hazemeyer, 2x aircraft, late 1930s
Noordbrabant, Holland, Dordtrect: 8,200 tons, 600 x 51 x 18ft, 2x3 & 2x2 150mm, 4x1 76mm, 2x3 533mm TT, 1in belt & 2in deck armour, 35kts, 600 crew, 1930s
Studgardt, Altona: 1934
Ariadne: 1941
D. Meyler (Tjerk Hiddes Class)
Fictional Classes
Christiaan Cornelis, Jan Van Amstel, Michel Gardeyn, Philips Van Almonde, Pieter De Bitter, Reinier Claeszen, Van der Heyden, Willem Warmont (Warmont Class): destroyers, 900 tons, 300 x 50 x 12ft, 3x1 102mm, 2x2 533mm TT, 34kts 200 crew, 1920s
Piet Hein, Van Ewijck, Van Gelder, Witte De With (Van Ewijick Class): destroyers, 1,200 tons, 300 x 50 x 12ft, 4x1 120mm, 2x1 76mm, 2x3 533mm TT, 34kts, 20 crew, 1928+
Raaf, Zeeslang, Draak, Fret, Bulhound, Jakhals, Wolf, Hermelijn, Lynx, Panter, Vos, Draak, Krokodil: 3x2 120mm, 3x2 40mm Hazemeyer, 2x3 533mm TT, 1930s
Hegel (ex-HMS Theopomp) (Lord Clive Class): monitor, 1x2 11in; acquired 1930s
Schaduw: submarine, 1940

ORP Wielkopolska (ex-German Kaiser Class): acquired 1919, refitted 1930s, 6x2 305mm, 8x1 150mm casemates, 4x1 75mm AA, 2x aircraft
ORP Boleslaw I: 3x3 305mm, 5x2 130mm, 6x2 40mm, 2-3x aircraft, late 1930s
ORP Solidarnoç: 25,000 tons, 3x3 305mm, 6x2 152mm, 8x2 40mm, 3x aircraft, 30kts, 1939
ORP Warszawa: 10,000 tons, 3x2 203mm, 6x2 130mm, ?x 40mm, 1-2x aircraft
ORP Grunwldm: 1x2 152mm (fwd), 4x1 75mm, stern hangar and midships catapult for 4+ aircraft
ORP Pilsudksi: 4x2 152mm, 4x1 75mm, ?x 37mm, 2x3 533mm TT, 1x aircraft, late 1930s
ORP Tornado: 4x1 120mm, 4x2 40mm, 2x3 (or 2x4) 533mm TT, late 1930s
ORP Orzel: pre-war design or Allied transfer, extant 1942; name clash with submarine
ORP Viktor: pre-war design or Allied transfer
Ex-USS S-16 (SS-121): US transfer, 1940-41

Luzon (ex-USS Florida): transferred 1936
Leyte (ex-HMS Centurion): acquired 1936
Minando, Mindoro (ex-USS Mississippi, Idaho): 2x2 14in, 6x2 5in, 21kts, planned transfer 1941
Manila (ex-USS Great Lakes) (Langley Class): seaplane carrier, 4x1 5in, 22x aircraft, transferred 1940

Mihai Vit (Ansaldo U90 Design): pocket battleship, 10,000 tons, 2x3 254mm, 5x2 120mm, 2x aircraft,
Calugareni (Ansaldo U102 Design): seaplane carrier-cruiser, 2x3 152mm L/50 Mod 34 (all fwd), 3-4x2 120mm, 4-6x aircraft aft
Pelican: river monitor, 1x 120mm turret, 3x1 37mm, 1930s

Imperial Russia
Czar: battleship, 1900
Nikolai II, Alexander I (Borodino Class): battlecruisers
Tverdoi (ex-Argentine Garibaldi Class): armoured cruiser, acquired 1905
Bogatyr, Kagul, Oleg (Cuniberti Design): armoured cruisers, 4x3 8in, 4x 6.1in, (later 1-2x aircraft)
Zarizyno: light cruiser, 4,000 tons, 2x1 6in, 6x1 4in, 4x TT (UW), 1x seaplane, 22kts, 1910-15
Riga: destroyer, ?x guns, at least 1x TT (bow), 1905
Fictional Woikow Class: destroyer, 1913-17
Zabiyaka, Kuptchino: destroyers, 1917
Petroski: torpedo boat, 1900

Pero Lopez de Ayala: cruiser, went over to Nationalist side, 1938
Reconquista, El Cid, San Cristobal, San Francisco D' Assisi: cruisers, 1937-41; renamed cruisers post-civil war or new construction?
Isabel La Catolica: heavy cruiser, 17,500 tons, 5x3 8in, 8x1 4.7in, 8x2 37mm, 2x3 21in TT, 3x aircraft, 33kts, 1939

South Africa
HMSAS Kimberley: heavy cruiser, 2x2 (or 3x2) 8in, locally-built, 1940
HMSAS Gousblom, Vygie, Aandblom (Flower Class): corvettes, 1939-43

Soviet Union
Frunze (Pr.23 Sovietsky Soyuz Class)
Tungusuka (ex-Musashi) (Yamato Class)
Unidentified Classes
Spartak (ex-?): ex-Imperial Navy, 1919
Minsk: 1940s
Simbirsk: battlecruiser, 1940s
Fictional Classes
Tretij Internacional: 35,000 tons, 4x2 381mm (ex-German), 4x2 152mm, 4x2 37mm, 3x aircraft, 32.5kts, 1937
Tretij Internacional: 35,000 tons, 4x2 305mm, 6x2 152mm, 6x2 100mm, 4x1 45mm, 2-4x aircraft, 32.5kts, Ansaldo design, 1938
Odessa: 60,000 tons, 12x 406mm, not fully completed 1941
Krasny Tovarishch (modified Sovietsky Soyuz Class): 59,000 tons, 3x3 18in, 1942
Stalin: 75,000 tons, 32ft draught, 3x3 22in (100rpg), 12x 7.1in(?), 8x2 150mm, ?x 110mm, 32x2 37mm, 2x4 533mm TT, 24in belt, 240,000shp with four-screws, 35.3kts (trial), 400-2,000 crew, launched 1945, extant 1997
Aircraft Carriers
Varyag (Project 71)
Fictional Classes
Krasnoye Znamya: 10x1 & 1x2 152mm, ?x 37mm, 24x aircraft, 26kts, cruiser conversion, 1930s
Stalin (ex- Krasnaya Besserabia): seaplane carrier, 9,000 tons, 12x 100mm, 12-22x seaplanes, 30kts, merchant conversion, 1937
Krasnaya Znamya: 22, 000 tons, 722 x 92ft, 12x 100mm, 60x aircraft, 30kts, laid down 1939
Krasnaya Ploshchad: 18,000 tons, 8x2 152mm, ?x 37mm, 38x fictional Dewoitine-Petlyakov DP-750 twin-engined bombers & Grumman F4F Wildcat, 26kts, armoured hangars, 1940
Pitika: airgroup includes fictional Yak-1A & Il-2T, 1940s
Razyarenny (Pr.7 Type 7 Class): 1941
Cherkassov (ex-USS Bundy, ex-HMS Meadowood) (Benham/Sims Class?): US Lend-Lease transfer from Britain
Fictional Classes
Woikow Class: WW1 design extant 1945
Ivan: 1,500 tons, 3x1 120mm, 1935
Siberia: icebreaker, 3,500 tons, 4x1 120mm HA, 1x catapult, 2x aircraft, 20kts, 1935
Sovetskaya Slava: oiler, 1944

Gustaf II Adolf: coastal defence ship, 3x2 280mm, 4x2 120mm, 5x2 40mm, Ansaldo design, 1940+
Starkodder (ex-USS Pensacola CA-24), Styrbjörn (ex-USS Salt Lake City CA-25) (Pensacola Class): acquired 1940
Wasa, Enigheten: heavy cruisers, 3x2 210mm (A, X, Y layout), 4x2 100mm, ?x 40mm Bofors, 2-3x aircraft, Ansaldo design

Thomburi: pocket battleship, 11,500 tons, 2x2 14in, 4x2 5in, 6x2 25mm, 4x4 24in TT, 25kts, Japanese built, 1941

Sipka (ex-Brandenburg), Kosovo (ex-Worth) (ex-German Brandenburg Class): transferred 1910
Sultan Osman I (ex-Rio de Janeiro): delivered from Britain 1914, rebuilt 1930s, 3x2 305mm, 6x2 105mm, new machinery for 27-28kts
Sapienza, Modon (ex-Russian Evstafi Class): pre-dreadnoughts, war prizes
Seref Numa (ex-Russian Volya): battleship, war prize
Yildirim (ex-SMS Moltke): acquired 1919
Niheng (ex-SMS Stralsund), Arslan (ex-SMS Strassburg) (Magdeburg Class): light cruisers, acquired 1919
Sakarya (Duke of Edinburgh Class): light cruiser, British-built export variant, 1941
Barbaros (ex-USS Milwaukee CL-5) (Omaha Class): transferred WW2
Mahabet (Type 24 Class): torpedo boat, German-built 1930

United States of America
USS Alaska, Hawaii (BB-?) (ex-Rivadavia Class), acquired from Argentina while building 1914
Virginia Class
USS Nebraska (BB-14): real ship refitted with oil-firing boilers and Ewart Locator electromagnetic ship detector and Westland Obliterator EMP device
Mississippi Class
USS Rhode Island, Delaware (ex-USS Mississippi, Idaho) (BB-23 & BB-24): 2x2 14in, 6x2 5in, 21kts, real ships refitted 1941 for planned transfer to Philippines
Wyoming Class
USS Kanawha (BB-?): name doesn’t fit battleships
New York Class
USS Adams, Congress (BB-?): names don’t fit battleships
Pennsylvania Class
USS Kansas (BB-?): name clash Connecticut Class pre-dreadnought
South Dakota Class
USS North Carolina (BB-52): modified design, 4x2 18in
USS Oregon (BB-?): modified design, 4x2 18in, 6x2 6in
USS Georgia (BB-?): modified design, 4x3 16in, 4x3 6in, 8x1 3in AA, 3x aircraft, 23kts, 1929; name clash Virginia Class BB-15
Tillman Designs
USS Rhode Island (BB-?): 5x3 16in, 21x1 6in (1944 10x2 5in, 9x4 40mm, 42x 20mm, 3x aircraft), 1924
Maximum Battleship Design
USS South Carolina (BB-?): 4x3 16in, 9x2 6in, 6x1 0.5in HMGs, 4-8x aircraft, 1936; name clash South Carolina Class BB-26
North Carolina Class
USS Virginia (BB-57): pennant clash South Dakota Class USS South Dakota
USS Nebraska (BB-58): pennant clash South Dakota Class USS Indiana
Iowa Class
USS Minnesota (BB-65), Montana (BB-68): pennant clashes USS Illinois and Montana Class USS Ohio respectively [see 1945-2025 section]
USS Kansas (BB-?): [see 1945-2025 section]
Montana Class
USS Florida (BB-68), Connecticut, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oregon, Kansas, North Dakota, Georgia (BB-?): Wyoming name clash BB-32, Florida pennant clash USS Ohio
War Prizes
USS Montana (BB-?) (ex-IJN Yamato): name clash Montana Class BB-67
USS Florida (BB-?) (ex-IJN Shinano): completed as battleship for USA, 1945+
Unidentified Classes
USS Georgetown (BB-?): probably pre-dreadnought, extant 1915
USS Miles Standish, Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln (BB-?): 1906-13; names don’t fit battleships
USS Luzon (BB-?): 1910; name doesn’t fit battleships
USS Manhattan Island, San Francisco (BB-?): 1912; names don’t fit battleships
USS Tallahassee (BB-?): ?x 14in, 1917; name doesn’t fit battleships
USS City of Washington (BB-?): older ship extant 1936; name doesn’t fit battleships
USS North Dakota (BB-?): 1942; name clash Delaware Class BB-29
USS Abraham Lincoln (BB-?): 1942-45; name doesn’t fit battleships
USS Oregon, Maine (BB-?): 1944; Maine name clash Montana Class BB-69
Fictional Classes
USS Hamlin (BB-?): torpedo battleship, 1x4 14in, 40x1 6in, 16x 21in TT (UW), 31kts, 1903
USS Alaska (BB-?): 2x2 12in, ?x 8in, ?x 5in, 1905; design probably based on Virginia Class
USS Huron (BB-?): Great Lakes battleship, 2x2 12in, 12x1 5in, 4x1 3in, 1906
USS Freedom (BB-?): Great Lakes battleship, 10,000 tons, 2x2 12in, 12x1 5in, 4x1 3in
USS Harrison (BB-?): Great Lakes battleship, 10,000 tons 2x2 12in, 6x1 5in
USS Oliver Hazard Perry (BB-?): Great Lakes battleship, 2x2 12in, 12x1 5in, 8x1 3in
USS Detroit, Milwaukee (BB-?): Great Lakes battleships, 16-18,000 tons, 2x2 & 3x1 12in, 16x1 5in, 4x1 3in
USS John Paul Jones, Perry, Farragut (BB-?): Great Lakes battleships, 1910-14
USS Manhattan (BB-?): ?x 13in, 1911; name doesn’t fit battleships
USS Kennebunk (BB-?): 32,000 tons, 12x 12in & 14in, 20x1 6in & 5in, ?x UW TT, 8-5in belt, coal & oil firing; name doesn’t fit battleships
USS Oregon (BB-?): coastal defence battleship, 2x2 12in, 10x1 5in, 4x1 3in, 1x aircraft, 1925
USS Alabama, Minnesota, Illinois, Rhode Island (BB-?) (Alabama Class): South Dakota Class with 3x3 16in L/50; name clashes BB-60 and BB-65
USS Lawton (BB-?): modified South Dakota Class design with Iowa Class style bow, 1943; name more likely for heavy cruiser
USS Montana (BB-?): 70,000 tons, 345 x 33m, 4x3 17in, 1945+; name clash BB-67
USS Wyoming (BB-?): 115,000 tons, 4x3 18in, 10x2 6in auto, 22x2 3in, 4x aircraft, 18in belt, 12in deck, 1948

USS Insurgent, Macedonian (CC-?) (1915 Design 141): 27,000 tons, 740ft long, 2x2 16in, 12-14x 6in, 3x aircraft, 4in belt armour, no deck armour
USS Luzon, Leyte (CB-?) (CA-2D Design): 4x3 12in, 8x2 5in, 19x4 40mm, 34x 20mm, 4x aircraft, 33kts, 1944
Fictional Classes
USS Brandywine (CC-?): 4x2 12in, 18x1 6in, 12x1 3in, four funnels, 1915
USS Niagara, Port Royal (CC-?): enlarged Lexington Class design with 4x3 16in, 16x1 6in (Port Royal 8x2 6in), 6x1 3in AA (1944 14x2 5in, 15x4 40mm, 44x 20mm), 3x aircraft, 1929
USS Boxer, Essex, Franklin, Hancock, Kearsarge (CC-10), Randolph (CC-?) (Boxer Class): 32,100 tons, 700 x 102 x 30.5ft, 3x2 16in, 10x1 5in, 8x1 5in DP, 12.5in belt & 4in deck armour, 28kts, 1,500 crew, 1926+
USS Kearsarge (CC-?): 4x2 12in (Delaware & Florida class surplus turrets), 4x2 5in, 4x4 0.1in, 3x aircraft, 33kts, 1937
USS Puerto Rico (CB-5): enlarged Alaska Class design, 4x3 12in, 8x2 5in, 14x4 40mm, 33x1 20mm, 3-4x aircraft (aft hangar & catapult), 1945

Armoured Cruisers
USS Norfolk (ex-USS Virginia) (ACR-5) (Pennsylvania Class): real ship was renamed USS Huntington; wrongly identified as 3rd ship in class which was USS California/ San Diego (ACR-6)
Unidentified Classes
USS Pioneer, Huron, Sandusky (ACR-?): 1900-1910
USS Virginia (ACR-?): name clash Virginia Class BB-13
USS Susquehanna, Kansas City, Monitor, Delaware (ACR-?): 1900-1913
Fictional Classes
USS Bunker Hill, Lake Champlain, Oriskany, Princeton, Yorktown, Valley Forge, (ACR-?) (Bunker Hill Class): 14,200 tons, 510 x 72 x 28ft, 6x2 8in, 6x1 4in, 6in belt & 2.5in deck armour, 27kts, 750 crew, 1905-07
USS Sabine (ACR-15): 2x2 12in, 10x1 6in, 12x1 3in, 1908-10; name doesn’t fit armoured cruisers
USS Oklahoma (ACR-?): 2x2 12in, 20x1 6in, 6x1 3in, four funnels, 1914; name clash BB-37

USS Atlantis (CL-?) (Omaha Class)
USS Gloucester (CA-?) (Northampton Class)
USS Jefferson City (CA-?) (Northampton Class)
USS Jefferson City (CA-?) (Wichita Class): has 95,000shp turbines
USS Salem (CA-139), Newport News (CA-148) (Des Moines Class): completed sooner during 1944
Unidentified Classes
USS Manhattan (C-?): old by 1909
USS Monticello (C-?): 1905
USS Whistle(C-?): 1909
USS Dixie (C-?): 1912
USS Yosemite (C-?): 1914-18
USS Detroit (CL-?): 1917-18; name clash Omaha Class CL-8
USS Anaconda (CA/CL-?): 1942
Fictional Classes
USS Omaha (C-?): 6-8x1 6in, 8x3in (4 in casemates), 1910
USS Syracuse (CS-10) (modified Omaha Class): scout cruiser, 2x1 14in, 4x1 3in, 1x aircraft; note fictional CS pennant
USS Norfolk (CS-15) (modified Omaha Class): scout cruiser, 4x2 6in; note fictional CS pennant
USS Orlando (CS-20) (modified Omaha Class): scout cruiser, 2x2 8in, 1922; note CS fictional pennant
USS Virginia Beach (CS-22): scout cruiser, 10,700 tons, 4x2 8in, 4x1 5in, 2x3 21in TT, 33kts, 1923; note fictional CS pennant
16x unnamed (CA-?): 10,000 tons, 3x3 or 4x3 8in, unarmoured, 34kts, 1925
Albany, Atlanta, Columbia, Huntington, Minneapolis, Newark, Newport, New Orleans, Topeka, Wilmington (CL-?) (Huntingdon Class): improved Omaha Class, 7,200 tons, 600 x 51 x 18ft, 5x2 5in, 4x1 3in, 2x3 21in TT, 1in belt & 2in deck armour, 35kts, 600 crew
USS Montgomery (CL-51), Chattanooga (CL-52), Annapolis (CL-53): 8,000 tons, 6x2 6in/47 DP, 3x4 1.1in AA, 2x4 21in TT, 1942; pennant clashes with Atlanta Class USS Atlanta, Juneau & San Diego

Fictional Classes
USS Bunker Hill (CVB-?): 2x3 16in, 12x1 5in, 24x 0.5in HMGs (1944 4x2 & 4x1 5in, 10x4 40mm, 40x 20mm), 75x aircraft, 1931
USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt (CVB-?) (modified Gibbs & Cox design): 51,000 tons, 1x3 16in, 11x1 5in L/54, 62x aircraft, 34.5kts, 1945

Fictional Classes
USS Tiburon, Belvedere (CLV-?): 10,500 tons, 2x3 6in, ?x 0.5in HMGs, 24x aircraft, 32.5kts, 1933

Aircraft Carriers
USS Democracy (CV-?): 15,000 tons, 540 x 80ft, 4x1 5in, 3x aircraft, 3x diesels, 16kts, flush deck, double TDS, cargo spaces, 1917
USS Utah (ex-BB-31): raised 1942, used as decoy carrier
Langley Class
USS Great Lakes (CV-?): additional Proteus Class collier conversion, transferred to Philippines 1940
Lexington Class
USS Ranger (CV-4?): name clash CV-4
Yorktown Class
USS Alliance (CV-9): name doesn’t fit class & pennant clash USS Essex
USS Peacock, Tempest (CV-?): names don’t fit class
Essex Class
USS Shiloh (CV-?): 1942
USS Sussex, Trenton (CV-?): 1944; Trenton name clash Omaha Class cruiser CL-11
USS Savo Island, Sharpsburg (CV-?): pennants possibly in CV-50-55 cancelled gap, Savo Island name clash CVE-78
Midway Class
USS Coral Sea (CBV-42), Philippine Sea (CVB-43), Solomons (CVB-44), Santa Cruz (CVB-45), Guadalcanal (CVB-46): CVB-42 not renamed Franklin D. Roosevelt, Philippine Sea name clash Essex Class (CV-47), Santa Cruz pennant clash Essex Class USS Valley Forge
Independence Class
USS Alliance, Crown Point, King's Mountain, Brandywine Creek (CVL-?)
Commencement Bay Class
USS Arnold Bay (CVE-?)
Fictional Real Class Conversions
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-?) (Omaha Class): conversion, 4x1 6in, ?x aircraft, 1928
USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-?): 38,000 tons, 8x1 5in, 98x aircraft, 33kts, 1941
USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-?) (Hawaii Class): conversion, 38,000 tons, 8x1 5in, ?x 40mm, 98x aircraft, 33kts, 8 degree angled deck aft with deck-edge elevator, 1942
USS Lafayette (CV-?): fictional conversion of French liner Normandie, 83,000 tons, 8x2 5in, ?x 40-20mm, 68x aircraft (Grumman F5F Bobcat or fictional Fairchild-built DH.98 Sea Mosquito, armoured hangar and flightdeck, 31kts, 1942
USS Lake Erie (CV-?) (Iowa Class): conversion, 4x2 5in, 21x4 40mm, 80x 20mm, ?x aircraft, 1945
Unidentified Classes
USS Indian (CV-?): 1942; name doesn’t fit carriers
USS Hawk, Carson (CV-?): name don’t fit carriers
USS Block Island (CVE-?): 1941-45
USS Irish Sea, Oahu (CVE-?): 1944
USS Rogue River (CVE-?)
Fictional Classes
USS Remembrance (CV-?): monitor hull conversion, 36x fighters, 1920
USS Wright (CV-?): 11,000 tons, 15kts, ?x aircraft, 1920
USS Curtiss(CV-?): 15,000 tons, 10.5kts, ?x aircraft, 1920
USS Sandwich Islands (CV-?): 72x aircraft, 1920s
USS Alaska, Montauk, USS Curtiss II (CV-?): 23,000 tons, 27kts, ?x aircraft, 1925
USS Valcour Island (CV-?): resembles Lexington Class; unusual name
USS Ranger (CV-?): interned German liner conversion, 30,000 tons, 8x1 5in, 64x aircraft (Vought F5U), 29kts, 1942; name clash CV-4
USS America (CV-?): 1,500ft long, 32x1 5in L/54, 38x4 40mm 36x 20mm, designed to operate B-25s, 2x centreline & 3x deck-edge lifts, six-shafts, 1946
USS Habakkuk (CVB-35): 8.6mil tons, 1,700m long, 150+x aircraft, built from Pykrete, 1945
USS United States (CVB-?): 2.2mil tons, 1,200 x 800m, 150x aircraft, built from Pykrete, 1945; name clash CVA-58
USS Chapultepec, Trenton, Monitor, Bonhomme Richard, Tripoli, Yorktown (CVE-?): freighter conversions, 30x aircraft, 18kts, 1942; Yorktown name clash CV-5 & 10

USS John J. Logan, John Adams (DD-?): 2x1 3in, ?x 1pdr, ?x TT, 30kts
Unnamed: 6x1 12pdr, 4x 21in TT, 5x water-tube boilers, 5x turbines driving 3x props, 38-45kts, 130 tons oil, 2,000nm range, four funnels, 60 crew
USS Paul Jones (DD-10) (Banbridge Class): 30kts, real ship not decommissioned 1919 & extant 1926
USS Dade, Floss (DD-?) (Tucker/Caldwell Class?)
USS Asa Grigsby, Joseph Reed (DD-?) (Wickes/Clemson Class?)
USS Blake (DD-?) (Sampson Class): refitted with 27,500hp Westinghouse turbines, 35kts, extant 1945
Wickes Class
USS Cyprus, John P. Ashton, Alert (DD-?): 1918; Alert name clash patrol boat SP-511
USS Whittier (DD-?): becomes HMS Ballantrae 1940
USS Moulton (DMS-21, ex-DD-?): minesweeper conversion 1940-42, pennant clash Gleaves Class USS Rodman conversion
USS Caine (DMS-22, ex-DD-?): 1918, minesweeper conversion 1940-42, pennant clash Gleaves Class USS Emmons conversion [also see Gleaves Class entry]
USS Frobisher, Jones (DMS-? ex-DD-?): minesweeper conversion 1940-42
Clemson Class
USS Daniel Mars (DD-202): becomes HMS Thornton 1940; pennant of cancelled ship in class
USS Kennedy (DD-306): real ship not stricken 1931, extant 1942
USS Henry Prescott (DD-?): becomes HMS Bedford 1940
USS Truxton (DD-?): APD conversion 1942
USS Dee (DD-?): extant 1943
Farragut Class
USS Theodore Knight (DD-?): launched 1931; 1 year earlier than real ships in class
USS Howell, George Black (DD-?)
Porter Class
USS Sloan (DD-?)
Mahan Class
USS Keeling (DD-?): 1938; commissioned 3 years later than rest of class
Bagley Class
USS Canon (DD-?)
Somers Class
USS Kenyon (DD-?)
Sims Class
USS Carson, Rountree (DD-?)
Benson Class
USS Lawrence, John Paul Jones (DD-?): Lawrence name clash Clemson Class DD-250
Gleaves Class
USS Henry Prescott (DD-451): 1940; pennant clash Fletcher Class USS Chevalier
USS Caine (DMS-18): see Clemson Class entry above
USS Atwood, Oaks (DD-?)
Bristol Class
USS Ettinger, Falk (DD-?)
Fletcher Class
USS Percival (DD-452): 1942; pennant widely out of sequence from cancelled 1945 experimental DD [see 1945-2020 section]
USS Weston L. Foxx (DD-523): pennant in cancelled DD-523-525 block
USS Livingston, Poe, John M. Welch, Thompson (DD-?): Livingston name clash 1943 Crater Class AP-163
Gearing Class
USS Hagan (DD-350): pennant clash Farragut Class USS Hull
USS Reynolds Ryan (DD-768): [see 1945-2025 section]
USS Duarte (DD-901): pennant of unnamed cancelled ship
USS Matthew (DD-?)
Allen M. Sumner Class
USS Eugene Ebersole (DD-722): 1944; pennant clash USS Barton [see 1945-2025 section]
USS Harte, Stanfield (DD-?): 1944
Buckley Class
USS Haynes (DE-181): 1943; pennant clash Cannon Class USS Straub
USS Kornblatt, Reuben Davis (DE-?): 1943
Cannon Class
USS Sturman (DE-166): pennant clash USS Barron
USS Percival (DE-766): pennant clash cancelled Gearing Class USS Lansdale
USS Idaho (DE-?): name clash New Mexico Class BB-42
Edsall Class
USS John J. Stevens (DE-?): [see 1945-2025 section]
Unidentified Classes
USS Plymouth, Colodia, Farragut (DD-?): 1917; Farragut name clash Clemson Class DD-300
USS Monroe (DD-211): pennant clash Clemson Class USS Alden
USS John P. Ashton, O'Leary, Boon, Warren, Hilliard, Donahue, Monadnock (DD-?) (probably Wickes or Clemson Class): Monadnock name clash Amphitrite Class monitor (BM-3) decommissioned 1919
USS Cassidy (DD-?): 1930s
USS John J. Rimmer, Dennison, Smedley (DD-?): 1935-42
USS Stacy Wright (DD-?): possibly WW1 type extant 1937
USS Mohican, Bundy (DD-?) (probably Sims or Benham Class) 1939, Bundy becomes HMS Meadowood 1940, later Soviet Cherkassov
USS Grayson, John Berryton (DD-?) (probably Benson or Bristol Class): launched 1942
USS Reuben Davis, Reuben Grant (DD-?)
USS Lancaster (DD-?): 1943
USS Carbisdale (DD-?) (probably Fletcher or Gearing Class): 1944
USS Mayhew (APD-?) (probably Buckley or Rudderow Class): high speed transport conversion, 1944
Fictional Classes
USS Henry (DD-?): 1-2x 3in, ?x TT, 1x searchlight, three funnels, 1914; possibly older design
USS Lamson (DD-?): 5x1 3in, TT?, coal-firing, 28kts, 1910s
USS Ericsson, O’Brien (DD-?): 4x1 5in, ?x TT, 1917
USS Townsend (DD-?): 2x3 5in, ?x2 40mm, 0.5in & 0.3in MGs, DCs, 35kts, 1930s
USS Catalano, Kattus, Ballinger, Levy, Spann, Berst, Ridgeley, Read (DD-341 to DD-349): very similar to real Farragut Class but with 4x3 21in TT; 1932-35; DD-348 & DD-349 pennant clashes last six Clemson Class & Farragut Class USS Farragut & Dewey
USS Josephus Daniels (DE-?): 360ft long, 2x 4.5in, ?x 40mm, 0.5in MGs, ?x 21in TT, 220 crew , 1942

Patrol Gunboat
USS Hibiscus (PC-1647): pennant of cancelled vessel

USS Dewey (SS-?): 1917; name doesn’t fit submarines
L-200 (SS-?) (L Class): 1917-18; name far out of sequence
USS Monitor (SS-?) (ex-U91): captured 1918
S-53, S-55, S-56, S-57 (SS-?) (S Class Group IV), 1922; pennants imply 7 extra subs
USS Sea Tiger (SS-?) (S Class?): 1918, extant 1941
USS Bonita (SS-165) (Barracuda Class): possibly real ship or modified version
USS Niobe (V-10, later SS-?) (Narwhal Class?): 371ft long, 2x1 6in
USS D-1 (SS-?) (Narwhal Class?): 2x guns, ?x TT, 1937
USS Sabertooth (SS-?) (Tambor Class): 1939-40
USS Corsair (SS-?) (Mackerel Class): 1943; name clash Tench Class SS-435
Gato Class
USS Candlefish (SS-284): pennant clash USS Tullibee
USS Bluefin (SS-348): pennant clash USS Cusk [see 1945-2025 section]
USS Sandtiger, Thunderfish, Mako, Seahawk, Greyfish, Dartfish (SS-?)
Balao Class
USS Stingray (SS-161): name clash S Class S-50 [see 1945-2025 section]
USS Tiger Shark (SS-306): 1945; pennant clash USS Tang
USS Whitefish (SS-432): cancelled sub completed 1945 [see 1945-2025 section]
USS Wolffish (SS-434): cancelled sub completed 1944
USS Sea Stallion (SS-477): 1943, pennant clash Tench Class USS Conger [see Part V section as Griffin]
USS Starfish, Walrus, Eel, Nerka (SS-?): Nerka name clash cancelled SS-380
Tench Class
USS Remora (SS-487): real sub completed 1 year sooner, 1944
Unidentified Classes
USS Minnow (SS-?): 1930s
USS Sea Tiger (SS-393): 1940; pennant clash 1944 Balao Class USS Queenfish
USS Shark, Bacalao (SS-?): 1940
USS Grayfin, Scissortail, Dragonfish, USS Hatchet Fish, Sea Chub, Sea Owl, Sea Trout, Copperfin, Newt, Hagfish, Squid, Mullet, Seaviper, Mako, Mudskipper, Redhorse, Warmouth, Sea Bass (SS-?) (probably Gato/Balao Class): 1941-45
Fictional Classes
USS Adder, Moccasin, Plunger, Shark, Narwhale, Garfish: 1905
USS Pollard, Farnum, Benson, Hastings, Spitfire: 1x TT, 1909-10
USS Sea Lion: 1x TT, 1910, sold to China same year
AL-14 (S-1 Holland Class): 1909-14
White Shark: submersible torpedo boat, 70ft long, 1x TT, 1x ‘submarine gun’ (uses steam propellant), 2x 1,500hp electric motors, 1x propeller, 21-26kts (surf), 17kts (sub), 7 crew, 1912
USS Sea Serpent (K-9): 1x 3in (fwd), ?x TT, 1941; unusual non-S pennant
USS Mako, Eelfish (SS-?): 312 x 16ft, 2x1 5.25in, 1x2 20mm, ?x 0.5in Browning (Eelfish additional 1x4 & 1x2 40mm) 10x 21in TT (6 bow & 4x stern), 4x 1,600hp diesels, 1942
USS Barracuda (SS-?) (Pike Class): 300ft long, ?x TT, 10,000 mile range, 1943; name clash Barracuda Class (SS-163)
USS S-114 (SS-114?): 342 x 28ft, 20kts surf/6kts sub, 2x1 3in, 2x 40mm, 6x 21in TT (24x torps), radar, 1944
USS Squallfish (SS-?): 350ft long, 6x 21in TT (bow) + ?x 21in TT (stern), 100 crew [see 1945-2020 section]

USS Dean, Blue Jay (Raven/Auk/Admirable Class?): 1941-45; Blue Jay name clash coastal MMS (AMC-23)

USS Punishment, Mississippi (BM-?): river monitors, 1x2 6in, ?x MGs, 1915
USS Ironsides (BM-?): 3x2 12in, 10x1 5in, 4x1 3in, 1x aircraft, 1926

USS Hudson: 1909
USS Sudbury: 200ft long, 2x1 5-6in, 1910
USS Waverley, Firefly: 1910
USS Mindoro: 2x1 3in, 1911
USS Seneca: gunboat, former Presidential yacht with schooner rig, submarine tender by 1914
Prince: Q-ship, 6x1 concealed beam guns, 1918
USS Bayfield: 1930s
USS San Pablo: Chinese Yangtze gunboat, 1x 3pdr, 1x 1pdr, 6x MGs, captured from Spain 1898 & extant 1926
USS Duarte: gunboat, captured from Spain 1898 & extant 1926

Small Craft
USS S.P.888: submarine chaser, 1917; pennant doesn’t fit real SC-series

Amphibious Warfare
Haskell Class
USS Belinda (APA-22): pennant does not fit sequence
Unnamed (APA-240): pennant clash cancelled USS Harnett
USS Peacock, Latimore (APA-?)
24x LSM AA picket ship conversions for invasion of Japan, 4x4 1x2 40mm, 1945
LST-1826: 1943

USS Exeter: training ship, 1917
USS Pluto (AD-?): destroyer tender, 1944
USS Cornucopia (AS-?): submarine tender
USS Bustard (ASR-9) (Chanticleer Class): submarine rescue ship; pennant clash USS Florikan
USS SV-126: supply boat, 180ft long, 1944
USS Ponca: tug, 1x 3in
USS Echo, Kiwi (IX-?): ex-New Zealand schooners, 1x 0.5in Browning, 1943

US Coast Guard Cutters
USCGC Marblehead: 1919
USCGC Northern Light: 2x1 5in, 2x1 3in, 6x1 20mm, 1942
USCGC Arluk: impressed trawler, 1x 3in, ?x 20mm, 15-20kts, 1942

Transferred HMS Graph (ex-U570) (Type VII C): 1942

Hood's Worklist
Interwar RN Capital Ships
Never-Were British Aircraft

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Part III: Fictional Warships 1945-2020 Nations A-I

Notes: all ships are fictional names or real ships with fictional modifications or histories. Ships associated with a specific real class are assumed to be additional ships and listed in broadly chronological order. The specific class and detailed descriptions are determined by textual descriptions and/or visual representations. Name and pennant clashes with real ships are identified. Ships lacking any description are assumed to be of unknown design and named fictional classes are highlighted. For larger nations, real, unidentified and fictional classes are listed separately for clarity. Dates indicate the specific year when the ship is noted or the broad era the design lies within. For more details on fictional aircraft, please see Appendix I. For more details on fictional weapons, please see Appendix II. For more details on fictional electronic systems and radars, please see Appendix III.

Al Joumhouria (Pr.877 Kilo Class): 1988
Sidi Fradj (T-?) (Pr.254 T-43 Class): minesweeper

Bahia Blanca (ex-IJN Zuikaku): aircraft carrier, A-4 Skyhawk airgroup, extant 1982

HMAS Scourge, Lockyer (Daring Class?)
HMAS Gona: destroyer, 1983
HMAS Ipswich (fictional Newcastle Class), light littoral assault trimaran, 400 tons, 80 x 21.2 x 3.2m, 1x 25mm 4x1 12.7mm 1x NH-90, 3x MTU 20V4000 diesels, 26kts, 4,500nm at 12kts, 35 crew plus 87 troops, 2021
HMAS Magpie: minesweeper, 1960s
HMAS Ambush, Defiance (Attack Class)
HMAS Hammersley (PTF-202), Kingston (PTF-205) (Fremantle Class): 2 of 5 cancelled boats, 1982
HMAS Hammersley (ACPB- 82), Wivenhoe, Redcliffe (ACPB-?) (Armidale Class): LACPB-82 pennant is new lead vessel
HMAS Jervis Bay, Moreton Bay (fictional Jervis Bay Class): troop-carrying catamaran, 2021
HMAS Forde, Augustine, Ellis (SSG-?) (Collins Class): submarines
HMAS Havoc (SSG-?) (fictional Woomera Class): 8,500 tonnes, 95m x 12m x 12m, 8x 21in TT, 12x VLS, AIP system, 20kts surf/25kts sub, 12,000km range, 300m diving depth, 40 crew, 2021
HMAS Killarney, Naturaliste (A-?) (Leeuwin Class): survey ships

Unnamed: patrol boat, 1x 12.7mm, used by RN as HMS Tonka Toy, 1997

HMCS Manitoba: cruiser, built for Arctic duty, 2011; name clash unbuilt Canada Class SSN
HMCS Winnipeg: destroyer, extant 1979
HMCS Picton (FFH-?) (Halifax Class)
HMCS Guardian: replenishment ship, Sea Sparrow SAMs, 1980
Fictional AP1-88/400 Mk.2 Class: hovercraft, 70 tons, 1x 25mm M242 or 30mm Bushmaster II or 35mm Bushmaster III (fwd casemate), 2x 0.5in Browning HMGs & 2x Javelin ATGW (turret), 2x 40mm Mk.19 grenade launchers, 2x 7.62mm MGs, 9 crew & 34 troops, 1996
Fictional SRN.6 Mk.2 Class: hovercraft, 9.5 tons, 1x 25mm M242 & 1x 7.62mm MG (turret), 2x M40 RCL (bow), 2x 0.5in Browning HMGs, 6 crew + 8 troops, 1996

San Miguel: frigate, 1981

Aircraft Carriers
Liaoning Class
Zhenyuan (ex-Mao Zedong, ex- Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, ex-Varyag) (Pr.1143.5 Class): transferred from Iran, 1996
Rising Sun (ex-Varyag) (Pr.1143.5 Class): different refit, 1x VLS (SSMs), 80x Harriers, 2000
Shenyang: modified design, 2014
Tianjin, Guangzhou: modified design, J-20 fighters, 2020s
Fictional Classes
Chairman Mao: 4x nuclear reactors, 30kts, circa 1970-2000
Nanching: 2007

Cruisers & Destroyers
Wen Jiabao (ex-Moskva, ex-Slava) (Pr.1164 Slava Class): sold to China by 2014
Wu Bei (ex-Moskva, ex-Slava) (Pr.1164 Slava Class): sold to China by 2014
Jinan (105) (Type 051 Luda Class): real ship refitted with 1x2 fictional HQ-91 SAM (aft) and ‘Rice Screen’ 3-D radar, 1994
Kaifeng (109), Dailan (110) (Type 051D Luda Class): real ship refitted with 1x2 fictional HQ-91 SAM (aft) and ‘Rice Screen’ 3-D radar, 1994
Zunyi (134) (Type 051D Luda Class): real ship refitted with 1x SAM launcher (aft) either 1x2 HQ-61, 1x8 HQ-7 or 1x2 fictional HQ-91 and ‘Sea Eagle’ radar, 1994
Feylin (Type 051/EF4 Luda Class): refitted with 1x2 fictional HQ-91 SAM (aft) & DRBR-51 guidance radar, 1994
Huangshi, Yinchuan, Zhangyhum (Type 051/ EF4 Luda Class): refitted with 1x2 fictional HQ-91 SAM (aft), 1994
Xiamen (Type 051/ EF4 Luda Class): refitted with 1x2 HQ-61 SAM (aft), 1994
Zhangzhou (Type 051/EF4 Luda Class): unmodified, 1994
Chengdo (116) (Type 052 Luhu Class): 2000; pennant clash Type 051C Shijiazhuang
Fictional Classes
Beijing Class: BCGN, 2007
Zhanjiang: DDG/CG, ?x guns (100mm+), ?x SSM/SLCM/SAMs (including HQ-7), ?x TTs, 3x helicopters
Hong Lung +1 unnamed (EF5 Class): DDG, 5,000 tons, 132m long, 4m draught, 1x 100mm, 6x FL-7 SSMs, 2x fictional FL-9 SSMs, 2x1 fictional HQ-91 SAMs (30x missiles per launcher) 4x1 & 2x2 37mm, 1x Phalanx copy CIWS, 1x Z-9 helicopter, 35kts, 1994

Frigates & Corvettes
Yingkou, Wenshan, Manning, Yaan, Baoji (Type 037 Hainan Class): 1994
Unidentified Classes
Yingtan (Type 53K Jiangdong or Type 053H2G Jiangwei I Class?): 1x HQ-61 SAM, 1994
Jiujiang, Change De: 1994
Fictional Classes
3x unnamed: ASW vessels of fishing craft design, 280-312 x 8ft, 1x 100mm, 4x2 13mm HMGs, 2xDCT (‘deep’ DC), sonar & VDS, 20kts, 1967

Fast Attack Craft
Xingyi, Chagda (Type 021 Huangfeng Class): 2x2 30mm (mounted side-by-side), ? x FL-7 SSMs, 6x C-801 SSMs, ‘Square Tie’ radar upgraded with Inverse Synthetic Apature Radar (ISAR) capability, 1994
Fuzhou, Chukou (Type 024 Hegu Class): 1994

Red Dragon (Pr.667B Delta I Class): Soviet transfer, 1988
Long March (Type 092 Xia Class)
Fictional Classes
Xia III (Type 094 Class): improved Type 092 with trans-Pacific range SLBMs, 2000; real Type 094 is Jin Class
Red Dawn: 12x fictional Julang-3 (JL-3) SLBMs, 1999-2010
Soft Wind:?x SLBM, 1999-2010
Mao Zedong, Wu Ch’I (Tzu Class): ?x SLBM, 1999-2010
Sun Tzu +2 unnamed (Sun Wukong Class): experimental stealthy disc-hull with internal propeller shafts and Anechoic coating & DAADY (Dynamic Anti-noise/Acoustic Decoupling System) noise cancellation, 11.3 x 3.96m, ?x TT, ?x SLBM (modified Julang SLBMs), 10 crew, 1999-2010

Chung (Pr.705 Alfa Class): Soviet/Russian transfer, extant 1997
Mao (Pr.971U Akula II Class): new build, 1997
H-240, H-250 (Pr.971 Akula Class): Russian transfers, 2014
Fictional Classes
Admiral Po, Chairman Mao: 2000
Jungwei: 2002
Destiny (Song Class): 15-22kt (sub), 68 crew, 2004; real Song Class is SSK
Shanxi (Type 093 Class): one of first four built, 2005; real Type 093 is Song Class SSK
Yangtze (Type 093B Class): 2016
Nung Yahtsu (Julang Class): 2007

Unnamed (Pr.941B Tango Class): Soviet/Russian transfer, 1999
Lin San Liu +3 (Pr.877 Kilo class): Soviet/Russian transfers
Guizhou (Pr.636 Improved Kilo Class): 2005
Guangzhou (Type 057K Class): 1994
Dagu (Type 722 II Class): 1994
Snow Dragon: icebreaker, 2015

Leona (Pr.1241PE Pauk Class): Soviet transfer
El Tiburon, General Abelardo Alvarez (Pr.641 Foxtrot Class): Soviet transfers
José Martí (fictional Borzoi (Akula II) Class): 40x SS-N-20 SLBMs,1?x TT (?x fictional Mark III torps), fuel-cell powerplant, 0.9m thick anechoic material, 131 crew, novel twin-hull aerofoil boomerang shape with retractable conning tower, 2003

KDM Jylland (Peder Skram Class)

Courbet (Suffren class): 1972
Jean Bart, Saint Croix (T 47 Class): 1957-58, 1970s refit with Exocet and Lynx helicopter
D'Estienne D'Vois (ex-US Brooke Class): frigate, 4x Exocet added
Fictional Classes
Montcalm: destroyer/light cruiser, 1982-83; name clash F70 Georges Leygues Class frigate
Robert Dessaix (Sartre Class): FREMM sub-class, 2010-21
Toulon: frigate/destroyer, 2013
Sirène (S647) (Daphné Class): 1968; pennant clash Daphné Class Minerve sunk 1968
Fictional Classes
L'Alouette: 1957
Valiant Class: SSN, 2000s
La Delfine Verte (Green Dolphin): UUV, 9m (29.5ft) x 2m (6.6ft), isotope decay engine with ducted waterjet, 10kts+, 1 man transport, rubberised anechoic coating, 1977-80
Experimental Submarine Observatory (ESO): nuclear-powered minisub, 6.14 x 3.05m, 1x 324mm Mk 32 Mod.14 TT, 24kts, 3 crew, 1997

Baden (Hamburg Class): 1966
Goeben (Type 122?): frigate, 1980
Brunner: FFG, 1982-83
Vorderst: FFG, 1998
Unidentified Classes
U504: 1998
Seigen: 2003
Fictional Classes
U32: 1,524 tons (surf), 183.4 x 23ft, 8x 533mm TT, AIP powerplant, 1997
U304, U305, U306, U307 (Type 212b Class): fitted with fictional Dolch SAM system, 2007-18
U906: SSN, 1993
Deutschland: SSN, ?x TT, ?x SLCM, ceramic composite hull for deep diving, 2012
Admiral von Scheer: SSN, ?x TT, 24x export Modified SS-N-19, 2x SLCM (liquid hydrogen-powered, Mach 8, nuclear warhead), ceramic composite hull, 2013
1960s Fatherland scenario
Großadmiral Raeder: aircraft carrier
Großadmiral Dönitz: SSN
U174: submarine

Great Britain
Aircraft Carriers
Audacious Class
HMS Leviathan: 1960s refit with Type 984 3-D radar, angled deck and 2x steam catapults; name clash unfinished Majestic Class carrier
Centaur Class
HMS Triton: airgroup includes Supermarine Scimitars, 1957
HMS Cerberus: 1958
HMS Furious: ?x 40mm, ?x Sea Cat SAMs, ?x Sea Harriers & Sea Kings, extant 1984
Invincible Class
HMS Indomitable: original name for HMS Ark Royal
HMS Eagle: 1987-92
HMS Integrity
CVF Class
HMS Ark Royal: modified design, 50,000 tons, 1x Sea Ceptor VLS, 3x RAM, 4x1 30mm, 46x aircraft, 3x EMALS catapults, 2012
Unidentified Classes
HMS Teaser: 1966; name doesn’t fit carriers
Fictional Classes
HMS Argus: container ship escort carrier with containerised system, Sea Harriers & Sea Kings, 28kts, 1980; name clash 1982 helicopter support ship RFA Argus
British Traveller: container ship escort carrier with containerised system, Sea Harriers & Sea Kings, 28kts 1985

Fictional Classes
HMS Sherwood: portrayed by Daring Class
HMS Loch Torridon, Loch Vennachar: guided missile cruisers, 1966; names don’t fit cruisers
HMS Troy: 1988; name doesn’t fit cruisers

HMS Bosworth (Battle Class): FADE conversion 1950s
HMS Argyll (County Class)
HMS Devon, Shropshire (County Class Batch 2)
HMS Defiant (Type 82 Class): name doesn’t fit class
HMS Winchester (Type 42 Batch 1)
HMS Chester, Devonport, Bridlington (Type 42 Batch 1/ Batch2)
HMS Amazon (fictional Type 45 Batch II Class): 1x 6.1in Vickers, 1x48 Mk 41 VLS, 2x RAM
Unidentified Classes
HMS Merganzer: destroyer or frigate, 1955
HMS Shark: 1960
HMS Makepeace: 1960s
HMS Pathfinder: 1975, name doesn’t fit destroyers
HMS Daring: 1982
Fictional Classes
HMS Scorpion: experimental destroyer, 3,000 tons, 3x2 4.5in, ?x 40mm, ?x TT, DCs, 60,000shp, 48kts; name clash Weapon Class destroyer
HMS Amirante: 35kts, 1966; name doesn’t fit destroyers
HMS Cambridge: 1x 4.5in Mk 8, ?x6 GWS-25 Sea Wolf, ?x Goalkeeper CIWS, 1981

Type 14 Blackwood Class
HMS Huntress, Aristotle
Type 15 & Type 16 Classes
HMS Troutbridge: implies additional T Class destroyer, similar name to real Type 15 HMS Troubridge
HMS Terrier: trials ship for fictional ‘Creeper’ homing torpedo; portrayed by Type 41 but more likely a Type 15 T Class destroyer frigate conversion
HMS Gazelle
Type 12 Whitby Class
HMS Dorchester, Fleetwood
Leander Class
HMS Aries, Cyclades, HMS Hero (F42), Medusa, Iphigenia, Pandora, Ganymede, Persephone, Swiftfire: last name doesn’t fit class
HMS Prometheus: Batch 3TA Exocet/Sea Wolf conversion
Type 81 Tribal Class
HMS Afghan
Type 21 Class
HMS Icarus: carries fictional Perdix (Mark VII Lynx) helicopter; name doesn’t fit class
HMS Amphiberon: 1983; unusual name
HMS Agile: extant 1992
Type 22 Broadsword Class
HMS Fox (F92) (Batch 2): 6x Exocet; name clash survey ship & pennant clash HMS Boxer
HMS Chester (Batch 2): modified hangar for 1x Sea King & 1x Lynx
Type 23 Duke Class
HMS Bedford, Chester, Devonshire, Beaufort, Chatsworth, Suffolk, Monarch, Cambridge, Wellington: 1997+
Unidentified Classes
HMS Sibford: 1958
HMS Arbalest: FFG, 1960s; name doesn’t fit frigates
HMS Snow Tiger: 1x Westland Wasp helicopter, 1978; name doesn’t fit frigates
HMS Cumberland: 1981; name clash Type 22 Batch 3 of 1989
HMS Fort Austin: 1981; name clash Fort Rosalie Class RFA supply ship (A386)
HMS Reward, Norham: 1992
Fictional Classes
HMS Ariadne: diesel powered, 35kts, fitted for ELINT, 1986
HMS Trident, Vanguard (Trident Class): 1x 127mm, 1x32 Sylver VLS (ASTER), 2x CIWS, 2x Wildcat/ 1x Merlin, trimaran hull design, 2021

Diesel Submarines
HMS Sabre (S Class): modernised and streamlined 1950s
HMS Tenby, Termagant (T Class): modernised and streamlined 1950s; Termagant name clash T Class destroyer
HMS Bluewhale (Porpoise Class)
HMS Diana (Porpoise Class?): 2,000 tons (surf), 8x 21in TT (6 fore/2 aft), 18kts (surf), 1959; name doesn’t fit class and clash with Daring Class destroyer
HMS Orcus, Orca (Oberon Class)
HMS Asteria: built for Israel by Vickers but confiscated by UK government, 31 crew, 1978

HMS Retaliate, Deterrent, Massive + 3 (George Washington Class): sold to UK, 1963-64
HMS Retribution, Ranger (Resolution Class)
HMS Valiant, Vindictive (Vanguard Class): Valiant name clash Valiant Class SSN
HMS Viscount (Vanguard Class): 1995
HMS Valkyrie (S35) (Vanguard Class): 25kts, 1,300ft diving depth, 140 crew & 350 troops, modified for troop insertion, 2032
Fictional Classes
HMS Devastation: ?x Polaris A-4, 6x TT, max diving depth 1,000ft, 1966
HMS Triton: 16x Poseidon SLBM, 1971

HMS Téméraire (S191), Phoenix (S192) (Valiant Class): 1967
HMS Vanguard (Churchill Class)
Swiftsure Class
HMS Sabre, Safari, Sultan: 1981+
HMS Saturn: modified design, 5,500 tons, 335ft long, 5x 21in TT, mast-mounted fictional Stingfish SAMs, 32kts (sub), max operating depth 1,250ft (crush depth 3,250ft), 55 crew, 1989-91
Trafalgar Class
HMS Truculent (S37), Tribune, Tenby, Turbulent, Tenacious, Tenacity: 1989-92
HMS Thermopylae: modified design, 5,000 tons, 300ft long, TT-launched Tomahawk SLCMs, 1990-2000
HMS Holy Ghost: modified design; unlikely name
Astute Class
HMS Achilles
HMS Aragorn (S130): 323 x 32ft, 40kts, 2,000ft diving depth, modified design, 2032
HMS Goliath: modified design, 2013
HMS Trafalgar (fictional Astute Batch II Class): 2020s
Unidentified Classes
HMS Euphrates: 6x 21in TT, 1968
HMS Nereid: 1980
HMS Reliant: 1981; name clash RFA Reliant (A131)
Fictional Classes
HMS Mars (S17), Hector: 1973; larger than Valiant design
HMS Proteus: 250ft long, has fictional Leopard experimental anti-sonar system, 1981
Merganser: ‘research’ submarine, 2005

Amphibious Assault Ships
HMS Belligerent (Fearless Class?)
HMS Centaur (Ocean Class)
Fictional Classes
HMS Fearless (Aden Class): 21,500 tonnes, 203.4m (667ft) x 35m (115ft) x 6.5m (21ft), 3x Phalanx, 4x1 20mm, 18x Wildcat/Merlin or 15x Chinook or 12x F-35, 4x Mk 5B LCVP, 830 troops & 40 vehicles, 285 crew & 180 FAA, Type 996 & Type 1007 and UAT ESM, 18kts, 8,000 miles range, 2021

Small Craft
HMS Syston, Plumpton (Ton Class): minesweepers
HMS Trumpton: inshore minesweeper; portrayed by Ham Class HMS Reedham
HMS Bold Adventurer (Bold Class): gas turbine-powered gunboat, identical to Bold Pathfinder
HMS Kittiwake, Plover (Bird Class): patrol boats, 1979

HMS Oakwood (A12): survey ship, 1970s
HMS Oakland (A124): survey ship/ submarine support vessel, 1981
HMS Huntress: survey ship, 1979
HMS St. Georges: trawler spy ship, 1981
RFA Tideway (Tide Class): 1963
RFA Tidepool (A76): real ship, not sold 1982 and extant 1988-89
RFA White Rover, Drumbeat (Rover Class)
RFA Fleetwave (Wave Class): extant 1974
RFA Arapaho (A131): aviation support ship converted from container ship, 5x Sea Kings, 1985; fictional name for RFA Reliant (A131)
RMAS Salminster (Sal Class): mooring/salvage vessel
MS British Venturer, British Regiment, British Commander, British Allegiance, British Commander, British Sailor: AMCs operated by RN covert operations wing BMSNC (British Mutual Steam Navigation Company), variable armament includes 4.7in guns, missiles (inc. IKARA), 21in TT, mines or 50Mt nuclear bomb, 1970-77

2x patrol boats, 1x 20mm, 1997
1x armed barge, 10x 81mm mortars, 1997
1x landing craft, 1997

INS Gefara (Majestic Class): perhaps ex-HMS Leviathan?
INS Vishnapatingham: light aircraft carrier, 2007
INS Lahore (D60) (Delhi Class): destroyer; pennant clash INS Mysore, unlikely name, Lahore is in Pakistan
INS Vidynut: frigate, 1,800 tons, 54.9m long, 1x 102mm, 6x SSM (4x medium-range & 2x long-range), 20 crew, 2010
INS Vanshali (Pr.641 Foxtrot Class): Soviet transfer
INS Nehru (Pr.636 Sindhughosh/Kilo II Class): modified with SAM system, 3x TT-launched SLCMs (nuclear-tipped Tomahawk copy), 2007

KRI Nuku, Sutanto (Pr.133.1M Parchim II Class): Russian transfers

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (ex-Varyag) (Pr.1143.5 Class): Russian transfer, 1996
Sadaf (Pr.? Class): cruiser, Russian transfer, 1996
Medina (Type 051 Luda Class): aft 130mm gun replaced with helipad, Chinese transfer, 1996
Jamaran (P331): DDG, 5,800 tons, 2010; name clash Moudge Class frigate
Abaland (Alvand Class): frigate, 1985+
Unnamed (Alvand Class): frigate, 4x Exocet, 1988-89
3x Unnamed: gunboats, 1x37mm (midships), 40kts, 2009
903 (Pr.877 Kilo Class): 1996
K-79 (Pr.651 Juliet Class): modified to fire fictional Shkval-K torps; Russian transfer, 2000-01
Ex-K-239 & K-240 (Pr.945 Sierra Class): Russian transfers, 2004
Crescent Moon (Pr.670 Charlie Class): ex-Soviet, refitted and rearmed by North Korea, nuclear tipped torpedoes, sold to Iran 2012
MV Irinda: AMC converted from Bulk Grain Carrier, 1x 105mm (concealed in fore hold), 1x nuclear-tipped HWASONG-6 (concealed in aft hold), small arms & RPGs, 20kts, stolen from Iraq and armed by Iran, 1988-89

K-630 (Pr.877 Kilo Class): ex-Soviet, crewed by mercenaries, 2002

INS Ashdod (Saar 4.5 Class?)

Hood's Worklist
Interwar RN Capital Ships
Never-Were British Aircraft

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