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Post subject: It's time for me to start working again!!Posted: May 27th, 2017, 5:54 pm
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I am starting to gather in picture and drawings of Norwegian Naval ships and are planning them. I have a list that I am going trough at the moment. the first 4 ships on this list are


S class destroyer
HNoMS Stord D300 (1943-1954) ex HMS "Success" G26
HNoMS Svenner G03 (1944-1944) ex HMS "Shark" G03

C class destroyer
HNoMS Oslo D303 (1947-1962) ex HMS "Crown" R46
HNoMS Bergen D304 (1946-1967) ex HMS "Cromwell" R35
HNoMS Trondheim D305 (1946-1961) ex "Croziers" R27
HNoMS Stavanger D306 (1946-1967) ex HMS " Crystal" R38

Hunt class Destroyer/frigate type II
HNoMS Arendal D310 -> F310 (1944-1961) ex HMS "Badsworth" L03
HNoMS Tromsø D311 -> F311 (1954-1966) ex HMS "Zetland" L59
HNoMS Haugesund D312 -> F312 (1954-1964) ex HMS "Beauforth" L14

Hunt class Destroyer/frigate type III
HNoMS Narvik D309 -> F309 (1942-1960) ex HMS "Glaisdale" L44

Any blueprint are helpful

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