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Post subject: Fighting the Battle that never occurred - Texel (1918)Posted: January 7th, 2019, 7:41 am
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Famously the German High Seas Fleet mutinied when ordered to sail out and fight the RN in 1918, what if they had obeyed orders?


The video linked to above, contains the 'converged' history of several wargaming sessions that were carried out to see if an answer to this question could be supplied. Graphics are pretty basic, but the narration carries events forward well.

For anyone of an artistic bent, there are several moments in the narration (Aside of course from the final outcome...) that would provide inspiration for many stirring and/or horrific images. And it looks as if US Admiral Hugh Rodman (or possibly the Captain of the USS Texas (BB-35)) would have joined David "Damn the torpedoes..." Farragut in the famous quote arena.

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