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Post subject: Allow Me to Introduce MyselfPosted: December 17th, 2017, 7:06 pm
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Hi, long time follower, first time poster (member)...

Three things about myself:

Thing 1: Jane's is my favorite book.

Thing 2: I collect 1/1250 ship models (120 of them...I may have a problem)

Thing 3: Military history really interests me, especially alternate history.

My favorite Shipbucket drawings are the Konrad Adenauer CVS (Shiplover & MConrads) and the CC-2 Constellation, 1941 refit (ALVAMA & Midnightnovs & Syzmo).

I have an idea for an AU "Kriegsmarine '46" guided missile cruiser -- Raketenkreuzer Deutschland (Lutzow). (Actually, I have an idea for the whole story)
If anyone is interested please PM me.

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