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Post subject: Hello, Introduction AsraeliaPosted: March 21st, 2018, 2:52 pm
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Hi Community of Shipbucket I am brand new to shipbucket, (maybe been lurking for awhile), I am generally new at the forum world as well. I am also in the NS community, but i have only recently discovered it through friend. Before That my Role playing and Alternate Universe and design started when i was back in school in grade 7 (don't worry i am not even over 30) when i made a friend interested in military and that sort of stuff, and that is where it began. My first design i did was of a tank based of the Stug 4
(my inspiration was the Game of Company of Heroes, which had just got) which was done on paper. Since then i have create a country of my own to compete with my friend, but since the end of school my RP and so fourth has been on the decline, till i have found NS which has brought it up a bit. But i have lost my edge and lots of my knowledge due to lack of use, which is why i am here, am hoping you guys could help refine and better my designs, and i hope i can give back too.
My favorite subjects/topics would be.
Modern Aircraft
Modern Warships
and South African arm industry.
This what i would reckon i am best at.
My WW2 ships are a bit lacking, sorry guys just not my thing hopefully i can get better at it.
My favorite class of ship i would have to say is A Sa'ar 4 Corvette, because South Africa has a few of them and they look real aggressive, and its a compact system which is still effective at its job.
I like effective and efficiency when it comes to this things.
In terms of Naval design, I like to design modern Corvettes and Frigates, I just like the challenge of getting a capable package under 2000 tons.
I am also a South African fan, As i am South African.

Here is my first some what Complete design on the PC
[ img ]

It is a totally fictional design of my own. It is a Lorraine Class Mini Corvette. She has a displacement of 600 tons and is just 60 meters long.
As you can see i need to work on styling and drawing the sensors.
You can also see my clearly insane train of thought when i put a vertical launch system on a 600 ton Corvette.
I am a sailor and do dingy sailing in real world and influence my designs a lot, and kind of explains the nuttyness a bit.

Thank you for readying and I hope can add to your Community. If i do anything wrong please inform me, i am to forums still don't know how things work really, and I am form a 3rd world country somewhat internet communities are still kind of witchcarft down here.

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Post subject: Re: Hello, Introduction AsraeliaPosted: March 21st, 2018, 6:49 pm
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Hello and welcome! Looks we have another South African on the forum ;)

Modern warships aren't really my area of interest, but there are plenty of other members here that can give you some good critique. At most I can recommend you use one of the Shipbucket templates for your drawing. Also you should add the name of the ship as well as the credits for yourself or any other authors - if you took any parts from their drawings.

[ img ] Next on my work list : White Coast class assault carrier

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