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Kiwi Imperialist
Post subject: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: November 30th, 2020, 12:02 pm
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[ img ]
'Special Air Service on patrol, Malaya' by an unidentified New Zealand Army photographer.

Welcome to the first official Shipbucket challenge in Soldierbucket scale! The subject of the challenge is front line infantry personnel, such as the people one might find in a rifle squad. Participants are asked to draw between 5 and 20 people belonging to the same unit. For those unfamiliar with Soldierbucket, each pixel corresponds to 15 millimetres in the real world. The scale is not new, but its popularity among the Shipbucket community has grown considerably. Base figures, some exisiting equipment, and information relating to the rules of Soldierbucket can be found in the 'Franscale Charscale Soldierbucekt Duders Style and Rules Thread'. As with all art posted on this forum, proper crediting is vital. Boots, helmets, webbing, firearms, remote weapon systems, and non-vehicle-specific items are considered parts and do not require crediting when posted in a Shipbucket template. Charguizard has released their base figures for use in the same manner. Gollevainen has done the same with one of their own. Visit the thread if you would like to use them in this challenge.

Two templates have been provided for this challenge. They are at the bottom of this post. Your submission must use one of these templates. However, the template you choose can expanded and modified as required.

Drawing Requirements
  1. Your submission should depict between 5 and 20 front line infantry personnel in the same unit at the same point in time.
  2. You may also include a vehicle that would transport these personnel in the field, but this is not necessary. It may be depicted towing one trailer.
  3. All people appearing in a submission should be depicted above the age of 18.
  4. Dogs and other small animals may be included, but humans should be the primary focus. Each animal counts as an additional person.

Challenge Rules
  1. Each participant should submit a single image.
  2. The image should be one of the two provided templates expanded and modified as required to include the participant's art.
  3. Multiple views of the same object are not permitted, but the orientation of individual objects is not restricted.
  4. All art should be in Soldierbucket scale (15 mm = 1 Pixel), and follow the same drawing and shading rules as official Shipbucket styles.
  5. A textual description accompanying each submission is permitted, but not necessary.
  6. Off-topic posts will be reported to the relevant authorities.

This challenge will run until the 29th of December, ending at 23:59 UTC-12 (International Date Line West).
A countdown timer can be found at this link.

A poll will be held after this date. Members of the Shipbucket community will have an opportunity to rate each submission. Please provide honest and meaningful scores for each entry. Responses which grant maximum scores to a select group of entries, and minimum scores to all other entries, will be deleted. Scores will be allocated in three categories, each with a scale of 1 to 10. They are as follows:
  • Drawing Quality - The overall quality of the drawing. One might consider detailing, shading, and accuracy.
  • Design Realism - How realistic is the design presented? Any accompanying text may be considered.
  • Originality - Does the submission present a new and unique subject? Have they drawn many of their own items?

[ img ]
[ img ]

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Kiwi Imperialist
Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: November 30th, 2020, 12:51 pm
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Rule Updated, Template Updated, and a Clarification
In response to some comments on Shipbucket's Discord server, I have updated Drawing Requirement 1. It once read "your submission should depict between 5 and 20 front line infantry personnel in the same unit". It now reads "your submission should depict between 5 and 20 front line infantry personnel in the same unit at the same point in time". The intention is for each participant to show a squad or similar unit, not the evolution of a unit's uniforms and equipment over time. Also, the first template has been updated. It previously included areas for rear views prohibited under Challenge Rule 3. The new version is shown below. Also, someone asked if there was a time frame for this challenge. There is none. You can draw infantry past, present, and future.

[ img ]

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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: November 30th, 2020, 4:51 pm
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Good luck to all aspiring participants, my DMs are open in here and in discord if anyone needs advice (subject to timezones and availability of course)

w o r k l i s t :
Hatsuyuki-class Escort Ships . . . <3

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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: November 30th, 2020, 4:53 pm
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apologize for allowing myself to make remarks, but it seems to me that the third category of assessments, namely for originality, is somewhat incorrect for the challenges in the alternative, since the alternative of one or another participant may be knowingly less or more deeper by intention. I think that this category of assessments needs to be replaced by another category. An example, for the compliance of the solution with the assigned tasks. Or something else.
Best regards, armyco.

"I have thousand advisers who know how build a pyramid, but have not one who can tell me whether to build it or not." - John Kennedy.

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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: December 1st, 2020, 1:46 am
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Worklist: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10379

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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: December 3rd, 2020, 6:51 am
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Rule Change and a Clarification
In response to a question on Discord, I have appended the following statement to Design Requirement 2: "It may be depicted towing one trailer." This means that you can now draw a trailer in addition to the one vehicle you were permitted. A clarification regarding Design Requirement 2 is also in order. If you include a vehicle, that vehicle does not need to carry all of the figures depicted in your drawing. It can be representative of several vehicles used by the figures.
armyco wrote: *
apologize for allowing myself to make remarks, but it seems to me that the third category of assessments, namely for originality, is somewhat incorrect for the challenges in the alternative, since the alternative of one or another participant may be knowingly less or more deeper by intention. I think that this category of assessments needs to be replaced by another category. An example, for the compliance of the solution with the assigned tasks. Or something else.
Best regards, armyco.
Thanks for the input Armyco. I will not change the score categories for now, but they have always been a little imperfect. I will definitely consider your suggestion if they are changed in the near-future.

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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: December 3rd, 2020, 7:37 pm
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War of the Ramay Succession Crisis (1985-1987)
113. Afleitan Oto Gardaz Bataljun / 113th Motor Reconnaissance Guards Battalion
Otofusilas Rasn / Motor Rifles Squadron

[ img ]

After the death of Premier Sutan in 1985, mainland Ramay was plunged into a civil war over which of the junta's many ranking officers would succeed and take control of the Popular Partisans Front and the country it controlled. Mero-Curgovina, fighting insurgency in the Ramayan southern archipelago it still controlled, used this opportunity to violate the Majkarta Ceasefire and invade. The holdout for the armadgrenadast (armoured grenadiers) heavy infantry that would not arrive from Artemia with the strike fleet until early winter 1986 saw some of the bloodiest fighting of the war. The brunt of these was endured by the light motor rifles of the 113th Motor Reconnaissance, who would earn their Guards distinction in 1987.

The light rifle squad of Mero-Curgovina in 1985 through 1991 was a fourteen man squad, split between two trucks. Though the Stanea Aurocs troop transport had the capacity for eight dismounts, suggesting a potential sixteen man team, the light rifles sacrificed one seat for a machine gun mount. This was a direct response to experience in fighting counter-insurgency in southern Ramay, in which troop transports were frequently ambushed before the infantry they carried could dismount. The Aurocs depicted has been uparmoured with rifle-resistant steel plates on the window and in the bed, allowing the crew and dismounts some manner of security. The crew have sprayed their transport with the slogan HACMAHTEIG (arrogant) as a statement of cockiness. The machine gunner's position is marked with a series of kills, denoting a long service life before the Succession Crisis as a counter-insurgency vehicle.

The fourteen man squad is split into two seven man teams, known as gropaz (groups). These groups contain a leader, a grenadier, a machine gunner, three riflemen, and an AT rifleman each. The squad is transported by two truck drivers. The breakdown of each man's rank and role is as follows:

1. SQUAD LEADER x1 - Sarjanht - OR6
The squad leader is equipped with a M/71 7.62mm machine carbine and is tasked with leading his team as team leader and the squad as squad leader.

2. TEAM LEADER x1 - Vistsarjanht - OR5
The team leader is equipped with a M/71 7.62mm machine carbine and is tasked with leading his team as team leader, and replacing the squad leader in the event they are wounded.

3. GRENADIER x2 - Capar - OR4
The grenadier is equipped with an M/71 7.62mm machine carbine and a GW M/83 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher. The grenadier is tasked with bombarding positions as directed by his team leader, and replacing the team leader in the event they are wounded. The grenadier wears a flak vest.

4. MACHINE GUNNER x2 - Drauht Eistasseis - OR2
The machine gunner is equipped with an M/60 7.92mm squad automatic weapon. The machine gunner is tasked with fire support as directed by his team leader. Due to the frequency machine gunners are targeted by grenades, they wear a flak vest.

5. RIFLEMAN x6 - Private - OR1
The rifleman is equipped with an M/71 7.62mm machine carbine. One rifleman acts as the vehicle machine gunner. Riflemen would receive flak vests should a garrison quartermaster find spares. Riflemen often carried spare belts for machine gunners or were equipped as extra AT riflemen.

6. AT RIFLEMAN x2 - Private - OR1
The AT rifleman is equipped with an M/71 7.62 machine carbine and an Ombrusd 90mm HEAT rocket launcher. The AT rifleman is tasked with fire support as directed by his team leader, and the engagement of enemy armour. All riflemen are trained to the AT rifleman role, with a squad being capable of taking eight Ombrusd launchers to equip each rifleman as an AT rifleman should the situation require it. This was seldom done due to the lack of enemy armour in the southern archipelago.

7. DRIVER x2 - Drauht Eistasseis - OR2
The driver is equipped with an M/82 9mm machine pistol. The driver is tasked with transporting the squad to the front, but does not fight with them unless a rifleman is manning his vehicle's machine gun.

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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: December 9th, 2020, 4:26 am
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591st Alliance Airmobile Infantry Company "Sefan's Raiders"
Founded in 18AFE by the mysterious smuggler queen known only as Captain Sefan, the 591st is an independent infantry company aligned with the Rebel Alliance. The unit operates primarily as a "rent-a-rebel" unit, dispatching to battlefields across the galaxy to provide troops for local rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Operating from the heavily-modified CR90 corvette Apostle, which had hangar bays replace the central section to accommodate numerous smaller ships, including U-wing starfighter-transports and X-wing space superiority fighters. The company fought with distinction wherever it went, and participated in key battles during the Galactic Civil War. Notably, it was present to help finish the evacuation of Yavin IV, its transports and hangars vital to ensuring that no rebels or supplies were left behind. The unit also participated at the Battle of Endor, which saw the destruction of the second Death Star. 591st troops were critical to chaos on the moon's surface, and its starfighters recorded many kills. After the war, Sefan would formally disband her unit, though a large number of those under her command would stay with her as civilian employees. Though short-lived, the 591st would leave its mark, and its challenge coins can be found in the small parts of the galaxy.

[ img ]

1st Platoon, Besh Squad
- 1st Lieutenant Korena Dalos & 2nd Lieutenant Meeka Dalos: Twin sisters born to Ord Mantellian farmers. Korena, older by a few minutes, is highly protective of her sister. When Meeka wanted to join a partisan cell, Korena instead convinced her to join an Alliance outfit. The two had flown cropdusters for their parents, and found easy work flying with the 591st when they came to Ord Mantell. They fly regularly with Besh Squad and have found a tight-knit bond.
- Sergeant Reis Hann: One of the last Alderaani, something in him broke when the news of his homeworld's destruction reached him. Before that day, he was described as a good soldier. Now, his anger is taken out on every Imperial soldier and bureaucrat he can get his hands on. It's unconfirmed, but he is reported to collect the dogtags of the Stormtroopers and Imperial Army soldiers he kills. Sefan's interrogator.
- Corporal Vree Asuchi: Pantorans are known to have an obsession with orderliness, and Asuchi is a paragon of this trait. Not a single thread of his hair is out of place, his uniform is crisp, and his rifle clean. If there is a written procedure, it is followed to the letter.
- Private Zayv Visz: Spiritual, relaxed, wise. These are the things said about Besh Squad's Mirialan rifleman. Though he keeps tidy, his laid-back attitude grates on Cpl. Asuchi, much to Zayv's amusement. Is a firm believer in the force as a guiding spirit and views the jedi as charlatans who tricked the citizens of the galaxy who believed that their wisdom gave them superpowers.
- Private Shiri Freykaa: A Twi'lek ex-slave liberated from an Imperial Governor's residence on Ord Mantell, she jumped at the opportunity to settle the score. Though her armor doesn't fit, she's of the firm opinion that it's better than a dancer's costume.
- Specialist Mor Bined: Besalisk are known for their, four arms large stature and immense strength, and Besh Squad takes advantage of these traits. Hefting two Z6 rotary blasters into battle, Mor brings more firepower to a fight than anyone else in the 591st. That firepower gives him the confidence to laugh in the face of opposition.

"What are they gonna do, fire me?" - Nate "Tic-Tac" McNally, 2016 (Fired 2019)

All my newer stuff is signed as czslworldtour.

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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: December 16th, 2020, 12:39 am
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99th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Thule", SS-Sonderabteilung Rot:

While the advanced Da'at Yichud-derived technology had once allowed the German war machine to expand at an astounding rate, access of other vaults had allowed the Allies to develop their own war machines to stabilize the war before it was lost. Great airships carry American troops and supplies to Airstrip One, Machine Men had accomplished what 100,000 lost lives could not and successfully broken the Atlantic Wall, tesla technology allows armies around the world to shoot down rockets and bombers by the thousands. With war once again on Germany's doorstep, every available option was examined for the war effort which included widespread deployment of General Wilhelm Strasse's war machines of the SS Special Projects Division.

Under the guise of the fictional 99th SS Panzergrenadier Division, the SS Special Projects Division was first deployed in a forward combat role in late 1946 in an attempt to once again tip the scales against the Allied Powers. Although classified as a full division, the formation never possessed more than a brigade strength and was specifically intended for special operations rather than conventional peer combat. The SS Special Projects Division instead formed dozens of small, independent units such as SS-Sonderabteilung Rot which operate throughout northern France to sow chaos among the Allied front-lines.

The typical combat uniform of the SS Special Projects Division reflects its recent assignments, with several differences between it and a typical Waffen-SS uniform. While the overall cut remains identical, most notable changes are the red tunic collar and NSDAP armband that betray its origins as an auxiliary division. The iconic black Schutzstaffel uniform additionally remains in use with the SS Special Projects Division, where it had been abandoned by other organizations by the beginning of the war. Each infantryman is issued a Sturmgewehr 46, an updated variant of the StG 44 that features an advanced recoil buffer system and general improved construction.

Every infantry unit of the SS Special Projects division is organized around a supersoldat, one of the most recognizable infantry products of General Strasse's desire to combine man and machine. After subjected to chemical therapy, their bodies are surgically enhanced with cybernetics and encased in heavy steel armor. To purify the human subject's killer instinct, the brain is degenerated into a more feral and primitive state, making them erratic and extremely violent. Although their use has spread throughout the European front-lines, supersoldaten assignment remains limited to the SS Special Projects and now-defunct SS Paranormal Divisions. The exact origin of supersoldaten remains a closely-guarded secret, although Allied intelligence suggests captured POWs and penal unit assignees as primary suspects.

Also attached to Sonderabteilung Rot is a Panzerhund - a super-efficient war machine encased in titanium steel armor and fitted with bone-crushing metal jaws that can cut through the thickest of body armor. Matured from the earliest prototypes encountered by OSS operatives and US Airborne Rangers in SS facilities near Paderborn and on the Baltic coast, the Panzerhund 1947 features improvements to the design including a protective armored "head" and more compact generator design. Panzerhunden are typically deployed as terror weapons against infantry, with their propaganda value equally as effective as their combat record. They were first deployed against Soviet forces in the east, but have begun seeing use against the Anglo-French invasion following the 1945 Normandy landing.

[ img ]

1. SS-Sturmbannführer Stephan Frenz, a veteran of General Strasse's 1944 operation in Isenstadt.
2. SS-Scharführer Peter Brugmann. As a senior NCO, he wears protective armor (colloquially referred to as Elite Trooper Armor) that provides integrated protection against electromagnetic weaponry without use of a bulky back-mounted unit.
3. SS-Sturmann Rolf Hössler. He is seen wearing an armored cowl issued to infantry operating near energy weapons for eye protection, although these were often abandoned or lost in the field.
4. SS-Oberschütze Hans Schiller. His brother is a prominent official in Germania, whose connections had initially transferred Hans to the SS Special Projects Division to keep him away from combat.
5. SS-Oberschütze Otto Fechter, a native of Wulfburg who survived the 1946 destruction of the city.
6. SS-Sturmann Anton Rehn. The unit's marksman, equipped with a typical helmet-mounted optic sight and grey uniform. He carries a Gewehr 46, essentially a K98k modified with detachable box magazines and a 4x30mm telescopic sight.
7. SS-Sturmann Georg Brickner. As a typical "heavy trooper," he is outfitted with an armored insulated suit to protect against energy weapon discharge. He carries a prototype Partikelkanone 45, which will become the standard of all future Reich laser weaponry.
8. SS-Unterscharführer Roland Maisel. As an SS-Techniker, he is primarily responsible for the management of the unit's Panzerhund. It is not uncommon for handlers to anthropomorphize their assigned Panzerhunden and form bonds with the machines, and Maisel is known to play "fetch" with helmets and other abandoned equipment. He additionally carries the unit's radio, a 1944 Dorette model.
9. A typical Supersoldat, armed with an infantry-configured zwilling 13mm MG 131.
10. This Panzerhund was nicknamed "Heidi" by its handler.

haha wolfenstein


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Post subject: Re: Soldierbucket Infantry ChallengePosted: December 16th, 2020, 6:42 pm
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Despite being somewhat loyal members of the High Kingdom of the King of Kings in Saraste, the Evo Rajakunta (that is a border march of sort) has not forgotten its maritime traditions and heritage among the other people in the north.
Since the coastline of Evo (and Its Capital/only castle Neidonlinna is somewhat landlocked from the Inland Sea of Raivenne in the west, the Evo and Its Rajavalta (that is equivalent of a Margrave) Toivo Kultaparta has turned his eyes on
the East, towards the vast wilderness of Vaeltajainmaa and its uncharted lands of great rivers and lakes. Uiskomiehet are his special form of military units, structured around their small ships, the uiskos which usually at 40 feets long and single sail,
together with 4-6 rows of oars are nimble and efficient on small scale expeditions in both open seas, and inland lakes, yet nimble enough to navigate trough rivers and their reinforced keels allows them to not only beach on basically every shore, but also be towed
across the portages and therefore allow huge mobility among the countless miles of the Vaeltajainmaa and reap its riches in fur and game.
Usually an Uisko can take about 10-20 mens onboard, (varying on the level of comfort) and there is not much of organisation beyond simple captain & his men. In here we have presented a Uisko called "Vesilisko" commanded by Taisto Toivonpoika (Son and heir of Rajavalta Kultaparta) and thus is one of the most better manned vessels and its divided between a vanguard and a rearguard, each commanded by a junior commander from Rajakuntas standing army, while the ranks are made up from volunteers from the local peasants militia. Evo is poor and wartorn nation with little resources and opportunities thus participating in these expeditions is a intriguing opportunity for those seeking adventures beyond their home village.

[ img ]

1. Taisto Toivonpoika, in his demigod posture and presence, has earned himself a nicknames like Tulenloimu (flicker of fire), Evon Liekki (Flame of Evo) and thus has deep gratitude and alliangment for the Kahti, God of Fire, which is also portrayed in his magnificent
sail, sowed by no-one less than the Seamstress of the Aravala in the mystic Island of women and the flaming eyes of the god idol has often been enough to strike fear into the very souls of the primitive enemies and dissedents to the rule of Evo cross the eastern wilderness.
Taisto here is portrayed carrying his fathers lamellar chest armor and epilorikon padded jacket. His helmet is of the modell worn by the guards of the King of Kings in far southern lands. Taisto is armed with his sword and axe, both also made in south
2. Taateli, an Aarni squire of Taisto of the somewhat elvish race; he is no combatant, but the nature of his soul being conjugated to the other-world and to the Great pathway of the Deaths assures his role in side of Taisto's expeditions. He is also quite good cook.
3. Antras Onninpoika, Taisto's trusted friend and core military companion, most likely leader of Taisto's Druzhina, if he ever gets to a position to gather one. Due his family being those of quality in Evo, he is rich enough to own a a haberk and also a sword made south of Sea of Raivenne, a proof of quality, since swordsmiths are rare among the northern lands.
4. Laurakainen, An old warrior from Toivo's court, accompained in Taisto's crew mostly out of his fathers wish to monitor his sons activities. He has earned his mail hauberk and coif and sword from gratitude of service, despite being man of low lineage.
5. -12. The volunteers: Uhma Lemminpoika, Pekko Aikamiehenpoika, Pertteus Pasakoskilainen, Herkule Herkuleenpoika, Lintumieli, Korsa Aurinpoika, Kosta Aurinpoika and Lauri Pöllö
The volunteers have been given by the Rajakunta a token equipment, mere surcoat with the standards colors, a spear and a helmet, thought most of them accompanies with their own axes and väkipuukko[/] (a sort of saex) All of them (Except Herkule who has lost his own to everyone's annoyance) have also been given kite shaped shields with the Evo's white swan motif on blue surface.

Coming next for 2021/22: Project 1143 complete redux: Pr1143.4 and 1143.4.2 & Preparations for Pr.61 Remakes

Shipbucket mainsite, aka "The Archive"
Submit your drawings to the archive here
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