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Post subject: Anti-fouling paint questionPosted: May 27th, 2024, 1:27 am
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I am working on a reboot for Nusantara in WW2 and have question:

I am familiar with the red/rust toned anti-fouling paint used by several nations during this period (1935-1945) such as the US and UK. However, I have read that some Japanese and Italian ships used a green-tinted (and apparently very toxic) paint on their warships. In addition, I have seen a blue tint on some ships throughout the forums. Could someone please clarify this?

I apologize if this issue has been addressed previously.

Thank you!


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Post subject: Re: Anti-fouling paint questionPosted: May 27th, 2024, 6:48 am
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The color of the paint is determined by what exact substance is used to make the hull unpleasant to sealife. There is quite a wide range of colors, even among some navies. The Royal Navy in WW1 had black, dark/light grey, brown-red, red and green colors. I'm unaware of green being used by the Japanese, but the Russians, the French, the Italians nad the Austro-Hungarians used mostly green, or a teal-ish color, with France using red by the 30s and 40s. The Italians used mostly green on their large ships.

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