ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not report or respond to spam posts
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Author:  Colosseum [ January 31st, 2018, 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not report or respond to spam posts

All -

Unfortunately the board gets spam posts every night by automated spambots - this is a fact of life as spambots become better at defeating CAPTCHAs. Please do not respond to obvious spam posts, and please do not use the board's "report post" function on spam. Gollevainen and I check the board daily and delete spam whenever we see it. There's no need to report the posts as it just creates extra notifications for us, and responding to the posts leaves a phantom topic in place after we delete the spambot and all its posts.

The fight against spambots is an ongoing battle and each forum software update gradually improves our resistance. We will do what we can to make the board more secure, but please make our job easier by not reporting their posts and especially not replying to them. ;)

Thanks in advance.

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