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Post subject: New AU ideaPosted: January 30th, 2020, 9:19 am
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I believe this is not a duplicate of anyone else's efforts here. I have an idea for an AU,
but I seriously lack the skills to create any illustrations to go with it. So, I am donating
the idea for anyone to use, if they want to. Here goes: In the Middle Ages, in what is
now the UK, King Alfred the Great never earned his title, nor did he unite Britain against
the Viking/Danish invaders. He was killed in battle. Danish King Sweyn ruled over much of
England and all of Scotland. His son, Canute (Knut) who really was King of England for a
while, goes on to establish a great Danish dynasty. Historically, Canute ruled over all of
Norway, Denmark, Scotland, part of Sweden, and most of England. In this AU, his kingdom
grows under his rule, and that of his descendants - the Royal House/family of Canute's
sons (Family name Knutsson). The Kingdom, by the year 1400, consists of Denmark,
Norway, most of Northern and central Sweden, Scotland, all of England, the Eastern
part of Wales, the Eastern third of Ireland - including Dublin, plus Iceland, Greenland, and
the following parts of North America - Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island, Maine, Southern New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Actually, the
Vikings did settle in Iceland, Greenland, and Eastern Canada - hundreds of years before
any other Europeans came to the Western Hemisphere. Naturally, this Danish Kingdom
would be a great maritime empire, trading across the Atlantic and the North Sea. It's
raw materials would include copper, iron, tin, lead, coal, fish, timber, and extensive clay
deposits for pottery/chinaware, as well as all of the ingredients for making glass. It
would have extensive agriculture in grains, fruit, sheep, dairy cattle, and poultry.
And, it would have a history of shipbuilding dating back to 800 A.D. or earlier. I hope
that this is enough history - and not too farfetched, really.

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