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Post subject: Brekgranhes-class Destroyer (Hymuth Royal Navy)Posted: January 28th, 2017, 4:30 pm
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So, I'm going to start an alternate universe project soon, likely on this forum, but I've never posted anything here before. I'm nowhere near even finishing the groundwork, but I have one drawing done, which I tried to do using the style rules and standards guide. Overall I'm just looking for some critique on the whether the ship seems viable. It does involve some magic, which has a lot of rules and will be fully explained when I post the AU, but for now just assume the main batteries are 127 mm, the larger AA guns are around 40 mm, and the smaller AA guns are 20 mm.

[ img ]

Brekgranhes - Hymuth Royal Navy Destroyer Second-class
Length - 97.66 m submerged 92 m at the waterline
Beam - 9.3 m
Draught - 2.6 m
Total weight: ~1050 tons

4x1 Hendross Y-17 anti-ship focused-mana cannons
2x2 Dradens R-9 anti-air rapid-fire mana cannons
6x1 Dradens R-4 anti-air rapid fire light mana cannons
4x2 Magvinfus 380 mm Delsos torpedoes

Armor was negligible at best, with 4 mm of treated steel around her machinery spaces, with only light armor on her main batteries (~10 mm) and open AA mounts. She could sustain an average of 6.5 127 mm shells before being knocked out.

Performance: She could only make 28 knots, which was considered adequate for her type. Her steam turbines put out 16,858 HP onto 3 direct drive shafts. 6500 nm range, again typical for a ship of her type, which was designed to operate locally.

Verdict: She was a cheap, cramped, and fragile ship with relatively powerful main armaments. Her sea-keeping qualities were good, and she was quite stable (which was needed for her guns, which did not fire a shell, instead firing a laser-like beam that traveled in a straight line until it dissipated). Her purpose was served as a front-line throw-away craft to screen the more important vessels from enemies and harass enemy forces.

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Post subject: Re: Brekgranhes-class Destroyer (Hymuth Royal Navy)Posted: January 28th, 2017, 5:19 pm
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Hard to comment about ships with magic but would suggest the funnels might be to low if the rear gun crew cant breath the fumes?

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