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Post subject: Re: Republic of VenezuelaPosted: August 30th, 2017, 7:53 pm
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No problem. :)

Certainly the drawings available in some threads in FD forum may give You some general idea of what to expect (especially those drawings that show modern structures, though even those showing WW2 period can still give some overall knowledge)
(unfortunately many drawings no longer work)

Until 1994 Aeronavale used their own Fouga CM-175 Zephyr aircraft, which was a carrier-capable version of CM-170 Magister, but since then they indeed use help from the US Navy.

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Post subject: Re: Republic of VenezuelaPosted: August 31st, 2017, 5:30 am
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Heuhen: Munters PDF.

I picked Munters because they should be familiar to you. They are to us.

The tropical fungi attack insulators in a different fashion than in the arctic.
Of the population of composite insulators in service today, incidence of mold growth seems to affect mostly those installed in tropical locations where there is an abundance of high humidity and heat. By contrast, composite insulators in-service at locations with extremes of temperature experience this phenomenon to a much lesser extent. Interestingly, insulators along the coast also typically suffer less from mold growth, despite the high humidity levels experienced at these locations. In this regard, salt in the environment or on the surface of the insulator may have a ‘medicinal effect’ as far as preventing the problem.

The possibility of appearance of molds on their surface is not a universal problem for all different types of composite insulators available today. For example, some formulations of silicone rubber have exhibited this phenomenon while others have not. This suggests dependence on formulation details. EPDM-housed insulators have also exhibited mold growth, but not as extensively as on silicone. Fig. 1 shows examples of different types and degrees of mold growth on two different silicone insulators.
Now that example is for public power lines and is from an article published at and by on August 31, 2015, but what goes for one class set, goes for others. Radars for example. RUSSIAN radars in particular.


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Post subject: Re: Republic of VenezuelaPosted: August 31st, 2017, 2:07 pm
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Russian radars are of good build, but the material they use...

First, those links you show and text, is what we in the industry call for documents that we make to get people to believe it's worse than it is. for example those pictures are of equipment they have deliberately put under extreme condition, to force out that result. Heck I can show pictures like that too from Norway...

Classic problem in Norway and many other places, this vessel was repainted just 5 years before this picture a year later it sunk: ... nT7c4Xv0bw

want a car: ... &width=400

what about osmosis in glassfiber:

or if you park you'r boat, for some years, without maintaining it: ... 3__340.jpg

What about: ... 720477.jpg ... gsopp2.jpg ... ervice.jpg ... or=topleft

we have the same problem, trust me, it's not special in the tropic region, we go from extreme cold weather that destroy everything to hot and extreme wet, for example where I live, is among the wettest places in the world, we haven't had summer this year, one of the city here in Norway had just sat new record, with rain 300 days this year and we have only had 20 days with sun.... so yeah, biscuit.

When it come down to metal, it's all about what type of paint we use.

For example: the Norwegian frigate, when we received them from Spain, we had to repaint them, due to the paint could handle the climate we have in North, they started to rust and mold almost immediately they hit Norwegian water. But that is our problem, we did not specify that in the builder contract. But we did specify that the frigate must survive with minimum 300 tons of ice on deck!

all the other mold I see on that picture, come down to people haven't done their work, in maintaining and it haven't been given the proper treatment. I see that to often here at work, since I am an professional wood worker with documents, here at work we quit often bill the customer for not have given there furniture or stairs the proper treatment. a chair will not survive 40 years+ if no-one maintain it. leather for example should always be oiled every X-years. now on one of the picture there is an backrest for an chair, that is not leather, it fake leather, and it have obviously not been waxed, if it had, that mold have never happened.

But we all know how military work, they buy something new, they use it until it's destroyed, with minimum maintenance.... then trow it away.

heck we have the same problem in Norway, we have tanks, aircrafts ships that have to go into very long and expensive maintenance, due to people haven't maintained it at all

Colosseum, yes I know. you can move all this shit.... I'm done with him, he doesn't understand that it's the same problem in the entire problem. And that when you order a new equipment like a tank... you specified in the documents that it need to be protected against certain things.

Why are I bothered anyway...?

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Post subject: Re: Republic of VenezuelaPosted: September 3rd, 2017, 2:20 pm
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This is the new Air Force sheet based on the new Orbat:

Venezuelan Air Force (Orbat Jurisdiction)

[ img ]


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Post subject: Re: Republic of VenezuelaPosted: April 26th, 2019, 8:52 pm
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KIKE92 wrote: *
Richelieu Class Aircraft Carrier
[ img ]
I love the look of the richelieu, may i use it and edit it ?
You will be credited for your work

3rd Anternian Armored Cavalry

Whatever happens, protect the fatherland .

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