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Post subject: Norway's coastal steamer museum (upgrade)Posted: August 22nd, 2021, 4:57 pm
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Hurtigruten museum (coastal steamer museum) got an upgrade for coastal steamer: MS Finmarken.

[b(Note: BIG PICTURE!)[/b]

How she looked like in the old days:

MS Finmarken was stored on land, like this: ... m=DownFill

But she was corroding(rust) away, so it was decided to build a building around here, This building can move up to 8cm in wind, and they use tubes in the construction instead of the classic H/T-beams due to it's flexibility and strength. ... %20(3).jpg ... %20(1).jpg ... %20bat.jpg

the coffee on MS Finmarken (1956): ... 24x675.jpg ... 70690&.jpg

Example on other things that can be seen at the museum, interior of MS Finmarken predecessor, Steam ship DS Finmarken, 1912 interior: ... torvik.jpg

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