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the bunker parodie
Post subject: Bonjour d'alsace!Posted: October 11th, 2018, 4:05 pm
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Hello! My name is Aurelien,I live in france,I'm 18 year old and I realy like modelling(particulary the project/prototype). I'm passionate about history,politics and parodie(I put some myself in youtube).

If I make some fault,you can tell me where they are,it will improve my english.

Have good time!

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Post subject: Re: Bonjour d'alsace!Posted: November 21st, 2018, 1:49 pm
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Welcome to the forum, Aurelien! Cheers!

By the way, just in case anyone’s interested, my associate is selling a few Niche Wheels. If anyone’s interested, feel free to PM me.

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