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Post subject: Re: "Harrier Carrier" challenge (Sept 2019)Posted: October 27th, 2019, 3:40 pm
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Good work all!

If we continue to see vote rigging, we will find a different way to score these challenges -- most likely a closed vote among a group of 20-30 trusted community members, requiring email collection to enter.

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Post subject: Re: "Harrier Carrier" challenge (Sept 2019)Posted: October 27th, 2019, 4:20 pm
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My detailed comments:

Schlemm138, T-JPH: a real concept so certainly suitable for inclusion and showing an interesting design. The drawing feels quite 'flat', it is arguably more like an SB drawing from 10 years ago with little detailing and minimal shading. Most of the platform overhangs for example lack shading. An interesting concept but sadly let down by looking like a rushed kitbash even though the artist has obviously put time into this. With more practice the style could improve much further.

Superboy, HTMS Rattanawadee: Superboy always impresses with a clean, well-drawn ship with details but no undue clutter. This concept is borderline bonkers but actually has an air of "this could work" about it. The well drawn topview finishes this off nicely.

Krakatoa, Iowa Conversion: again more or less a real never-were proposal, at its heart the Martin-Marietta Phase II study. I remember doing a hideous kitbash of around 2006, I'm guessing part of that drawing lives on here given my name is in the credit line. Again, proof that kitbashing is hard, putting older elements onto newer ships is hard unless you put the effort in the marry the styles up. I think its a reasonable effort, just needs more detailing aft.

Blackbuck, Macha-class: a superb design, I like the SCS-inspired looks a lot. Very well drawn too and nice bespoke aircraft and P.1216 add bonus things to love about this.

heuhen, Delta class: very well drawn, a gorgeous top-view and a very plausible design that I found very inspirational for other drawings I was working on at the time. Small nitpick is the flipped Seaking with the tail rotor folded on the wrong side!

Rowdy36, Coastal Escort Carrier: a touch of the Invincible and Canberra classes in the style of this one. The island might be a little big but overall this is very well drawn and well up to Rowdy's usual high standards.

Hood, Volga Class: naturally as its my work I would say that I like it! I think a lack of a top-view to explain the layout hurt a little here. I was torn between the effort of drawing a super-detailed top-view which would have required drawing all the Soviet kit and radars in top-view as well and doing a very basic top view which felt a cop-out given other excellent top-views. One plus is a decent Yak-38 and Yak-38U for everyone to use.

MitcheLL300, Fokke CL-81: another kitbash but this time one that matches seemlessly and with an own-design V/STOL fighter to boot. Not sure it really qualifies as a 'Harrier Carrier', or would be a feasible conversion, but its an interesting concept and similar conversion studies have cropped up in the past in the real-world.

Miklania, MPF 2010: another real-world what-if. Being a real concept sketch I guess the original had few details, but the artist could have gone to town here and added some nice artistic touches to what otherwise looks quite a boring 'stealthy' box. The top-view is welcome but quite basic beyond the flight deck areas.

acelanceloet, CVGV: Ace never shy's away from an unusual concept. Again, it feels familiar from several 1970s CVS concepts based on Spruance hulls but adds a few neat touches of its own. Looks chunky and functional and well drawn. The top view looks generally very good, but like me, Ace obviously blanched at having to draw numerous radar top-views so the superstructure is just block outlines, understandably but it feels a little unfinished.

Ro-Po Max, MMSS A560: an interesting concept, reminds me a lot of the British Point-class reserve lift ships. The art is pure Ro-Po in his own style, not quite pure SB but good to look at.

wb21, Varda Class: at first glance this looked quite bare but actually has some quite good details and all the right bits of Russian kit with an interesting air wing as well. The style isn't quite Soviet, reminds me a lot of the Italian Garibaldi. Underwater hull shading is quite sparse however.

Charguizard, Kaapstad-class: a well-deserved winner, stunningly detailed and those own-design aircraft and helicopters look fantastic. The top view is sparse but shows the layout well.

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Post subject: Re: "Harrier Carrier" challenge (Sept 2019)Posted: October 27th, 2019, 4:24 pm
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Wew, finally got around to winning a challenge. Achievement unlocked y'all, w00t! I sure didn't expect it since like I said the drawing was super rushed, I had much more faith in my entry back in the fleet defence fighter, last gun cruiser and strategic bomber challenges. Nonetheless I am very grateful to the community as a whole.
That said, I am a bit dissapointed with the scoring results overall, I have my own favourite entries, I'm sure you've seen in my previous post. I'd very much like these challenges to continue, we have 13 attractive drawings here on difficult subjects and this alone is a great reward for SB.
I know the scoring system has been subject to intense debate, but we really need to keep trying different things until something sticks. If we go back to rotating judges at some point I'd be pleased to volunteer, my new job has been leaving precious little time for hobbies anyways.

Oh yeah! By the way super special mighty thanks to Schlemm for quickly teaching me how to figure out the space needed on the deck to land all the helos, if it wasn't for him I would have not figured out where to put all those markings. Thanks!

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Post subject: Re: "Harrier Carrier" challenge (Sept 2019)Posted: October 28th, 2019, 8:23 am
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Congratulations to Charguizard

I also enjoy that I managed to get up among top 3. Even if it's a drawing that I am not 100% happy with!

Vote rigging..... F*** that. I have always had the felling that there is a small "bandit" group in Shipbucket... But I don't care

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Post subject: Re: "Harrier Carrier" challenge (Sept 2019)Posted: March 30th, 2020, 5:27 pm
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Lots of imagination here

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