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Post subject: Re: Republic of YudoniaPosted: December 2nd, 2019, 8:15 pm
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Strasse Lightweight Vehicles

Yet another Yudonian made combat vehicle, design on 2002 for combat roles during the War on Terror. Strasse, famous for their characteristic yellow supercars, presented this project to the Yudonian Central Administration of Military Fabrication (SAMJF) and sure enough, the project went through on 2003 and just a couple months later that year units were already being deployed on the middle east.

The LV4 was the first prototype to be designed and deployed, followed closely by the LV5-m which incorporated a fully closed and armored cabin, as well as improved communication devices, a snorkel (very useful in the desert), enough space for 7 people (or 6 plus a lot of equipment) and a "turret".

Later, on 2003 the Strasse LV6 was first deployed, with bigger space for cargo but reduced movement capacities, which would later be somewhat replaced by the LV2 for desert-related operations. The LV6 was then reassigned mostly for logistic operations while the Strasse LV2 did see combat in the following years.

Shown units are painted with the desert colors of the Yudonian Army.

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Republic of Yudonia
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