» Misc Drawings/Gunbucket

ArmaLite AR-10.png
ArmaLite AR-15 Hello Kitty.png
ArmaLite AR-18.png
Barrett M95.png
Barrett M98B.png
Beaumont Vitaly M77_88.png
Benelli Nova Tactical.png
Beretta 92.png
Beretta Cx4 Storm.png
Beretta Model-38_42.png
Bergman-Bayard M1910_21.png
Bofors Ak 5C.png
Borchardt C-93.png
Bren Mk.IV.png
Browning HP.png
Browning M1919A4 M2 Tripod.png
Browning M1919A4.png
Browning M1919A6.png
Ceska Zbrojovka Sa. Vz.58.png
Colt 1851 Navy.png
Colt CAR-15 Commando.gif
Colt Detective Special.png
Colt M4 components.gif
Colt M4A1 1.gif
Colt M4A1 2.gif
Colt M4A1 3.gif
Colt M16 components.gif
Colt M16A2.gif
Colt M16A4 MWS.gif
Colt M16A4 SAM-R.gif
Colt M16A4.gif
Colt M1903 Pocket Hammerless.png
Colt M1911.gif
Colt M1911A1.gif
Colt XM16E1.png
DISA LAR M_62 with collapsible stock.png
DISA LAR M_62 with fixed stock.png
DISA LAR M_62 with tubular stock.png
Degtyarov DP.png
Denel PAW-20 Neopup.png
Denel Vektor CR-21 1.png
Denel Vektor CR-21 2.png
Enfield EM-2.png
Enfield L22A1.png
Enfield L64_65.png
Enfield L85A1 SUSAT.png
Enfield L85A1 SUSAT with bayonnet.png
Enfield L85A1.png
Enfield L85A2 with AG36.png
Enfield L85A2.png
Enfield L86.png
Enfield M1917 P14.png
Enfield MCEM-2.png
Enfield No.2 Mk.I.png
Enfield No.2 Mk.I 1942.png
FA MAS F1.png
FN Ballista.png
FN C1.png
FN FAL.png
FN FNS-9.png
FN Five-seveN.png
FN M249 Para with Elcan.png
FN P90.png
FN SCAR-H STD with FN40GL-H.png
FN SCAR-L STD with FN40GL-L.png
FP-45 Liberator.png
Fusil Mexico.png
GA Musang Carbine.png
GM M3 Grease Gun.png
Garand M1.png
Gewehr 43.png
Glock 17.png
Hanyang 88.png
Heckler und Koch AG36.png
Heckler und Koch G3A3.png
Heckler und Koch G11.png
Heckler und Koch MK23.png
Heckler und Koch MP5.png
Heckler und Koch MP7A1.png
Heckler und Koch P99.png
High Standard HS-10 with extended magazine.png
High Standard HS-10.png
High Standard HS-10B.png
Huot-Ross Automatic Rifle.png
Ithaka M37.png
KP M44.png
KRISS Super V.png
Kalashnikov AK-12.png
Kalashnikov AK-74 1.png
Kalashnikov AK-74 2.png
Kalashnikov AK-74 1974.png
Kalashnikov AK-74 1976.png
Kalashnikov AK-74 1989.png
Kalashnikov AK74M.png
Kalashnikov AK74N Early.png
Kalashnikov AK74N Late.png
Kalashnikov AKM 1959.png
Kalashnikov AKM 1963.png
Kalashnikov AKMB.png
Kalashnikov AKML.png
Kalashnikov AKMN.png
Kalashnikov AKMS 1959.png
Kalashnikov AKMS 1963.png
Kalashnikov AKS-74 1974.png
Kalashnikov AKS-74 1976.png
Kalashnikov AKS-74 1989.png
Kalashnikov PK.png
Kalashnikov PKM.png
Kalashnikov PKP Pecheng.png
Krag Joergensen M1897.png
Lahti M_40.png
Lanchester Mk.1.png
Lebel M1886.png
Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III.png
Lee-Enfield No.5 Mk.I.png
Luger P08 Parabellum.png
M1A1 Carbine.png
MAS Modele 1892.png
Madsen M46.png
Madsen M50.png
Martini-Henry Mk.I.gif
Mauser C96.png
Mauser Karabiner 98k 1.gif
Mauser Karabiner 98k 2.png
Mauser M98 Magnum.png
Mauser MG34.png
Mauser MG42.png
Mosin-Nagant M1891 Dragoon-Cossack.png
Mosin-Nagant M1891.png
Mosin-Nagant M1891_30.png
Mosin-Nagant M1891_59.png
Mosin-Nagant M1907.png
Mosin-Nagant M1927.png
Mosin-Nagant M1928.png
Mosin-Nagant M1938.png
Mosin-Nagant M1939.png
Mosin-Nagant M1944.gif
Nagant M1895.png
Nambu Type-14.gif
Neostead NS2000.png
Norinco QBZ-95.png
Norinco QSZ-92-9.png
Owen Mk.1-43.png
PPSh-41 with drum magazine.gif
PPSz-41 with box magazine.gif
Remington Model 8.png
SD P-80.png
SIG P210.png
SIG P230.png
SIG SG510 StGw-57.png
SIG SG550 series.png
SIG SG550 with bayonnet.png
SIG SG550.png
SIG SG551 Long Barrel.png
SIG SG551.png
SIG SG552 Commando.png
SIG SG552 Long Barrel.png
SIG SG553 Long Barrel.png
STEN Mk.II.png
SVD Dragunov.png
Schmeisser StG44.png
Short Land Pattern Musket Brown Bess.png
Smith and Wesson Model 10.png
Spandau MG08_15.png
Spencer Carbine.png
Springfield M14.gif
Springfield M1903 Mk.1.png
Springfield M1903A3.png
Springfield M1903A4 with M81 scope.png
Springfield M1903A4 with M84 scope.png
Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 carbine.gif
Steyr AUG.png
Steyr AUG with bayonnet.png
Suomi M_31.png
Thompson M1A1.png
Thompson M1928.png
Tokarev TT-33.png
Valmet M82.png
Valmet RK62-76.png
Valmet RK62.png
Valmet RK71.png
Valmet RK76.png
Valmet RK95TP.png
Walther P38.png
Walther P99.png
Webley Mk.II.png
Winchester M1 Carbine.gif
Winchester M2 Carbine.gif
Zbrojovka Brno Vz.26.png
Zbrojovka Brno ZH-29.png