» The Shipbucket Team

Here's a listing of the people that have made Shipbucket possible.


Name: Martin
Position: Founder
Short Bio: I am a lawyer living in Hamburg, Germany. I have been a naval enthusiast for several years, a passion that even my short stint as conscript could not extinguish.

Favorite Warship: NFR-90 and its derivatives
Favorite Period: Dreadnought arms race and post Cold War


Name: Mischa
Position: Founder
Short Bio: I live in Amersfoort, geographical center of the Netherlands, and thus, the world. I work as a lab assistant for a cosmetics firm. Likes: Good Whiskey, Thai food, graphic novels, Sci-Fi, drawing warships. Unabashedly proud of the fact that he got the Shipbucket ball rolling before there was a shipbucket.

Favorite Warship: De Zeven Provincien (LCF Frigate)
Favorite Period: The Jurassic


Name: Antti
Position: Administrator
Short Bio: I live in Tampere and work as district heating oriented construction engineer. I have drawn warships since the year 1 I think, and shipbucket is just the current incarnation of that habit.

Favorite Warship: ?
Favorite Period: ?


Name: Ian
Position: Administrator
Short Bio: Occasional contributor located in central Texas, USA.

Favorite Warship: USN surface combatants, 1940-1945
Favorite Period: World War II Pacific Theater