» Style Rules and Standards

The following is a quick guide on how to adhere to the Shipbucket style rules and standards. Please note that this is taken verbatim from the thread on the forum!

1. The Scale

All shipbucket drawings are set at 2 pixels to 1 foot scale. This means that 1 pixel compares to approximately 0.15 meters. When you start drawing, scale your reference images to this scale at once. Be precise.

Missiles and gun barrels can be a bit out of scale in order to emphasize their smaller characteristics, but they should always be roughly in the same scale.

2. Lines

Shipbucket drawings are made of different lines which make the silhouette of a ship. All lines should be one (1) pixel thick regardless of color. Remember the One Pixel Corners rule:

Notice how the correctly-drawn curve has a much smoother appearance? Do not shrug off this rule, as we will hound you about fixing it.

3. Colours

There are two primary colors for defining a ship: black and dark grey. Black is used for all outer lines and sharp, angled breaks in the structure. Dark grey is used for all breaks, bends, and smooth angled breaks.

I call this stage of drawing "defining" the ship.

The next stage involves coloring the ship. Coloring should follow the real life color schemes as much as possible, but rules still apply. Use two hues of the same color to color your ships: a darker hue for the hull and any outwardly-sloping hull surfaces, and a lighter hue for the superstructure, weapons, and systems.

You should also begin shading at this stage. See the example below for clarification:

So, now that it's shaded correctly and colored, you're left with this:

Looks a bit bland, doesn't it? Now's the time to start adding details, such as the guns, missile launchers, radars, other electronics, railings, pipes, smaller details, and other equipment. Scrutinize every reference image you can find. Add every detail you see.

Once you've done that, you end up with the completed drawing:

Looking good. Drawing credits: Colosseum and Hood

4. Weapons, Radars, and Their Associated Systems

The idea behind shipbucket is to have a uniform style; there's no need to redraw a certain type of gun if it has already been drawn. Feel free to copy/paste from the equipment sheets if the weapon already exists.

If your ship is in a different color than the systems you copy/paste, make sure to recolor them to correspond to your ship's color scheme.

Do not overlook this step, as we will not fix it for you if you make this mistake.

5. Background and Templates

The background of all shipbucket drawings is blank white (#FFFFFF or RGB 255,255,255). Be mindful that you leave no light-gray pixel "haze" when transferring from reference images, etc. If your drawing is unserviceable because of pixel errors, we will not upload it.

All shipbucket drawings are posted to the site in "templates". These templates give the name of the ship as well as its author. Please use the dedicated templates for this. All current templates have clear instructions on how to place your ship into the right one, so make sure to follow these directions before you post your images.

Again, do not overlook this step.

6. Crediting

All shipbucket images have the artist(s)' name shown in parentheses below the ship's class name. Always place your name on the drawings you post. You can use your real name, or an alias if you so choose... just make sure that the name you're using is not already being used by someone else. As expected, your alias must not be vulgar, racist, or otherwise rude or else we will not upload your drawings.

If you use someone else's drawing as a base for your own, add your name behind the original artist's name. Never remove the original artist's name. If we catch you doing this, your drawings will be deleted and you will be banned permanently from the shipbucket forum.

If you use a considerable amount of "blocks" or sections of someone else's drawings which are not in the "Things that help drawing" chart database, place their name ahead of yours in the credits.

7. Image Format and Posting

If you want your drawing uploaded, it must be in the proper format. The allowed formats are .GIF and .PNG.

Do not save in .JPG format as it causes pixel artifacts that we will not fix for you. .BMP and .TIFF formats are too large for the Photobucket account to accept.

This applies to all external images you post in the forum as well.