2K6 (2P16) Luna - Czechoslovakia

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Drawing Information:
Category:Real Designs
Classes:2K6 Luna, MAZ-200, PT-76 / BTR-50 / GM-568 and GM-578 (Gusienichnaya Mashina) / OT-62 TOPAS, ZIL-151 / ZIL-157 / BTR-152
Roles:Artillery, Heavy Equipment (Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Public Services), General Purpose and Civilian Vehicles, Artillery, General Purpose and Civilian Vehicles
Subroles:Ballistic Missile Launcher, Crane / Lifting Equipment, Trailer and Semi-trailer, Ammunition Transporter / Transloader, Tractor Unit (Prime Mover)
Date Submitted:Jan 4, 2020
Last Revised:Jan 4, 2020
Author(s): Caddaric79, PomboCZ,