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During the development of the modified design of the Eendracht Class cruiser in 1946, there was some ongoing discussion about the priorities of the armament of the vessels. would the requirement really be to fight the other cruiser class vessels of the world, or would the likely opponent for an Dutch cruiser be something else entirely?

According to an report, send in to the navy staff 20 November 1946 where it was mentioned the requirements for the main armament of the cruiser would need to have the following targets, in order of priority: 1. air targets 2. submarines 3. MTB type vessels 4. land targets 5. large surface combatants. The vessel build in real life could do all this, but the order of its capabilities might have been different then the above list.

but what if the main armament was changed to fully AA capable, ASW mortars, homing torpedo's and more sonars were to be added and the secondaries kept as powerful as originally designed? then the ship would loose some marks in 4 and 5, however she would be far more capable in point 1,2 and 3.

CL Eendracht ASW Oriented Zeven Provincien 1952.png

The above drawing is based on the Eendracht as IRL, modified as summed up above. the crew, powerplant and most of the arrangement is kept as on the real ship, but the vessel certainly is different.

while the vessel would have become somewhat less powerful overall, this cruiser might have been one powerful NATO asset in the cold war......